Rumour: PS4 Slim leaked ?


my hard graphic balls
Product placement on the box looks weird.
It would be incredible if it was true, it looks about as thick as a Blu-ray player.
I'll just hijack this thread to post pictures of the real new Dualshock 4 revision I found yesterday. It was leaked by ANATEL (brazilian's FCC)

This is the CUH-ZCT2U.

PS4 logo placement is horrible, the blue waves are not behind the console, making the white space too large... = fake.

I could make a better one in 5 minutes.
Oh please don't release a 500gb slim, thats just taking the piss.
500 was borderline ok when the PS4 launched, now it's as useful as one of those 16gb PS3s that can't play the most success game of last gen.
I really hope that this is fake, because it does... not look good. Why release a slim version when Neo comes out in.. what, a month or two?

I mean, the OG PS4 is already pretty damn sleek and slim itself
Seeing almost all Playstation Packaging is at least 75% since the PS4 release, that is way too much white.
And where is the LED that lead the console to be instantaneoulsy recognized ?
Kinda looks real to me, the lighting on the second image is consistent with the room's lightning.
Age system is consistent as well with that of a bare PS4 model, UK rating and all.

If it's fake then it's well done...
A gaffer 3D printed a fake NX controller. Everything can happen.

That said, I'll wait for September 7 for anything. I already planned on getting a PS4, just a matter of when... And I'm not, in a hurry.