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Say something positive (PS4/Xbox One)


Jan 31, 2020
PS4 best console of all time for me.
Nioh is great
Bloodborne was a masterpiece
God of War masterpiece
gran turismo sport is best racing game this gen


used to love halo
Xbox One X is an amazing piece of hardware
Forza Horizon 4 is a great racing game
BC is extremely well executed
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Feb 18, 2019
The Xbox One: has a great 4k blu-ray player in it.

Underrated feature, for sure. Was only thinking about getting a few favorites in UHD format, just to see how stuff like Die Hard looks in 4K, but didn't stop there. Even modern stuff that gets mastered in 2K looks substantially better than Blu, thanks to HDR and better compression.


Sep 3, 2018
XBOX largest library factoring in BC and it has a non-Fisher-Price controller unlike the PS. I still have a Midnight Club, Virtua Fighter, Fight Night and better Tekken releases because of BC.

PS: Best exclusives of any console ever, something the XBOX can't touch.

No way I wouldn't have both.
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Oct 1, 2018
Ps4 it has a lot of exclusive games I want to play.

Xbox makes a good door stop. But no, it has a better cooling setup.


Oct 20, 2015
Forza is a great series and the xbox one X seems like a well designed console.

Whew.... I have to sit down and have a tea now.
Haha. You like:

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Jan 13, 2018
PS4: Spiderman, God of War, Driveclub, Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn
Xbox: Forza Motorsport series, Forza Horizon series, Halo Masterchief collection, Gears series, XBOX ELITE CONTROLLER (best controller ever made)
Both great consoles and offered for me some great games and great experience, happy to own both (PS4 Pro and launch Xbox One)
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Dec 4, 2018
I really can't tell which was my primary console this gen...
I played equal amounts of exclusives on both, and third party games were also very much 50/50 split.
first the PS4 was more powerful so I played most multi plats on that (except for some which usually was down to friends playing on xbox or for most shooters because I like the Xbox controller better for shooters)
then the One X became the most powerful one so I played most multi plats on that since it launched.
but even now there are exceptions, like I play Apex on PS4 due to my teammates etc.

it's really 50/50 when looking at the whole timespan of the generation.

and I also have about equal amounts of exclusives I like on both

on the Xbox side:
•Crackdown 3 (although to be fair the Xbox version sucks... play that one on PC guys!)
•Halo 5
•Sunset Overdrive
•Sea of Thieves
•Gears 5
•Forza Horizon 2/3/4 (+ HotWheels and Lego DLCs)

on the PS4 side:
•God of War
•Ratchet & Clank
•The Last Guardian



Gold Member
Jan 31, 2018
You guys suck at this.

Sorry, only positive stuff...okay...imagine what you guys could do if you just gave a little more effort :messenger_beaming:

Playstation isn't even an anomaly anymore. The 100 million+ sold can't even be called a feat anymore because Sony has done it time and time again. This is thanks to Sony's tsunami of exclusives, lack of fear for innovation in VR and PSNow as well as attention to detail that is unmatched this gen. Sony has given us what we want, almost 100% of the time. They don't shy from single player, they embrace it and not only that...they flaunt it. It's paid off in dividends. They are a bit slow to meet other demands of it's fans, but this is largely overshadowed by the sheer quality of the games they offer. I won't even get into the massive 3rd party exclusive support Sony is brandishing. I wanna play fuckin Granblue Relink...guess where I'm buying it. Oh and since when can a company get a way with showing off a painfully similar logo, walk away and it's considered a mic drop moment. It like Michael Jackson walking on stage, picking his nose, rubbing the booger on his crotch...and walks off with a check for a million dollars. Nobody bats a fuckin eye because it's Michael Jackson. Nobody bats an eye, cuz it's Sony.

Xbox was able to break ground in a huge way when it stepped onto the field. They may not have pioneered online play, but in the console base, they've nearly perfected it. Though 100+ million for Playstation isn't a feat, for Xbox's 2nd console to meet the sales of the PS3 is absolutely a feat. To go toe to toe with a giant and come out the other side still standing means we HAVE to take Xbox seriously. Let's not forget this latest gen, the debacle that was the Xbox One and compareit to where we are today. If Xbox is nothing else, they are resilient. Consumer friendliness sounds like a PR term that people slap on the back of their Volkswagen Jetta to let the world know they are proud of their preferred brand. But let's face it, there is no better value than Gamepass. Microsoft goes the extra mile with accessibility options for the disabled. They push for connection with cross play and play anywhere. Xbox may not have the best exclusives, but Halo, Gears and Forza are no doubt akin to Zelda, Mario and Kirby, Kratos, Nathan and Crash in terms how how iconic to gaming the franchises are.

Git Gud...
Jan 29, 2019
Xbox: the used ones are pretty cheap
PS4: amazing games, snappy OS, focussed on its task -- gaming
Feb 17, 2020
Its almost over. Heres to a proper Bloodborne release.

60fps/1080p. Or anything higher than the rez Doom 95 released in.

Wipeout PSvite port was top. Will try the VR aspect one day.

Death Stranding. After all the crap you all defend, to treat DS like the way you do....its no wonder you feckers are willing to pay to a monthly sub to access half of the game you already paid fullprice for - The MP.

Suckers. (includes MS gamers)
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Jan 18, 2019
X-Box: Pretty awesome subscription service.
PlayStation: God has come in this Earth to deliver us from mediocre video gaming.

Yeah, hyperbole but I don't care. I love me PS.


May 26, 2017
Xbox: GamePass, controller feels sturdy and works well on PC, backwards compatibility is appreciated.

Playstation: Persona 5, Spider Man, etc. Sony had the games this time out. I like VR.
Oct 7, 2019
Xbox One (X): Being able to play Xbox 360 games enhanced (especially Red Dead Redemption, oh my God)

PS4 (Pro) : Exclusives, OS, install speeds, boot time from sleep mode,, controller, VR, everything else


Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
Jun 1, 2013
Main console is PS4.

Recore is underrated. Granted when I finally played it, it was the Definitive Edition. Still, underrated IMO.

The XBO exclusive I like and played alot of is Ori, Recore, State of Decay. Havent played Crackdown yet but I plan on soon. I'm not the traditional Xbox gamer target, lol.

I rarely finish games these days but I finished State of Decay 1. Another underrated game, series IMO.

The consoles both have pros I wish the other had.

I preordered both this gen, and I'll even go a step further and say some of the orig XBO policies werent that bad.
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Feb 18, 2019
Recore is underrated. Granted when I finally played it, it was the Definitive Edition. Still, underrated IMO.

Yes! I heard it was a disaster at launch, but DE is pretty damn good. Wish it was better optimized but gameplay-wise I've played quite a few weaker open world games this gen.
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Fox Mulder

Jul 1, 2009
Greensboro, NC
The xb1 controller is amazing. Nice weight, replaceable AA batteries, and solid construction. No dumb gimmicks no one ever uses like a speaker, touchpad, or light bar. The rumble triggers are great for Forza.

Xbox is also a better media player with a 4K Blu-ray player and MS never blocked streaming services on the Xbox like Sony did with Spectrum TV, Sling, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live.
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Sep 17, 2011
PS4 was one of my favourite launch experiences ever. I was super hyped for the system and after the disappointment I had with ps3 overall, it was a fine return to form this generation. Uncharted 4 was one of my favourite experiences this gen.

xbox one X has been a surprisingly amazing way to play older games given the enhancements. Don’t feel the need to jump into series S or X for a while. Playing multi plats on Xbox feels “right”


Gold Member
Jun 12, 2018
My fondest memory of PS4 was selling it, my desk is much more appealing now with one less box and two less cables.

Got to agree with you on that one, but I did one even better; I traded mine in for my OneX. Best move EVER.


Plays with kids toys, in the adult gaming world
Jun 10, 2008
PS4: Playroom is the best exclusive ever....live banging
Xbox One: The first game system with 4K Blu Ray....its like if the Atari Jaguar played Betamax Tapes.....oh goodie


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Sep 30, 2019
Xbox: Cuphead's art style, Ori, silent consoles, 4K bluray player

PlayStation: UC4, Spider-man, Death Stranding, TLOU 2, GoT, Granblue Fantasy Relink, Lost Soul Aside, Better UI
Jan 14, 2018
PS4- Thanks to PLaystation i have the game of my life. Gravity rush 1 and 2

Xbox. Thanks to Crackdown... the idea has been born the best game of my life... Gravity rush 1 and 2.
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Dec 22, 2019
I grew up playing 99.99% 3rd party games to this day this argument still holds its weight, started playing few exclusives on psone and mainly from the ps2 going forward , I like the whole concept of exclusive games but its kinda lacks its consistency ,they just never last forever except for just a few number of IPs , I don't like seeing big new exclusives on the way while other older exclusives being wiped out unknowingly, that's just isn't me , 3rd party games thankfully don't have this issue and all the credits goes to playstation and xbox platform for making this possible.


Nov 14, 2017
The OP explicitly asked if you have anything nice to say about the "other" console than the one of your personal preference. And some of you are such immature-baby-douche-bag-bitches you just can't bring yourselves to do it. :messenger_loudly_crying::messenger_loudly_crying::messenger_loudly_crying:

That said, I'm a big Xbox fan. I loved the early Halos and the Master Chief is my favorite gaming icon. I was part of a Halo forum/clan that is mentioned in the credits of Halo ODST (Ascendant Justice). My 15 year old son is phenomenal at Halo 5 multiplayer and plays with top pro players regularly. I've owned all 3 generations of Xbox and will likely purchase XSX for Christmas.

Playstation? I've never owned a Playstation console. My most fond PS memory is playing through a 3D Metal Gear (Metal Gear Solid?) for the original PS on my buddies' console in our college dorm circa '99. I loved it. And I miss my friend, haha. PlayStation first party games often have awesome visuals and stunning set pieces. I was YouTubing the latest GoW's boss battles just to see them and they were epic. Spider-Man looked really slick, nailing the art style and the buttery smooth athletic movement and web-slinging that I would hope for. Horizon's robots look awesome and I would love to watch them asplode on my Xbox. Horizon and Spidey are the 2 games I would probably steal, if I could, this gen. I don't know much about TLoU, but recently I saw a inventory screen or something for TLoU2 and Ellie(?) is swapping attachments on guns and it looked bonkers. Also the footage of her playing the guitar and the fact that you can select chords and "strum" (I think) with the analog is genius. That can and should be imitated.

You've got to admit that Sony's market share (including their dominance in certain markets) is very impressive in an industry as competitive as gaming. Their leadership have made many smart calls over the years and they have a ferocious fan base that adores their games. The next gen should be tons of fun.
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Apr 9, 2020
Xbox: With their games coming to PC it really is all about games now. Forza Horizon means a lot to me and fills a hole in my heart left behind by Burnout, Midnight Club, TDU, Motorstorm and NFS
PlayStation: So many games to play it's like heaven. Even not so big titles like Nioh 2 or Astro Bot are legendary imho.


Gold Member
Jan 12, 2018
Ok, here we go... Forza is the best driving game series at the moment, Xbox marketing is way better than PlayStation and Phil is way better than Jim Ryan as the face of a brand and seems like a guy you could have a beer with...


Mar 13, 2018
Playstation - Great Exclusives throughout each generation.

Love Sony for their consistency and willingness to take risks with new IPs.

Xbox - Great Hardware always except Base Xbox One and Loved all their Controllers including the Duke.

Will also add that Microsofts Backward Compatibility is exceptional.


Jan 15, 2020
I think Phill Spencer is a really competent guy and I love his attitude, especially towards this whole console war BS.
Even though PS4 has been my primary console this gen, due to masterpiece exclusive games, last gen it was 360 and I have tons of love for BOTH X-Box and Playstation.
I remember getting Gears of War 1 and being shocked crazy good it looked in motion in 2006. Just yesterday I finished Gears 5 via gamepass on PC for the first time and was blown away with the amount of detail in the environments and how well it ran on my mid-tier Radeon. The campaign was also lightyears better than Gears 4, overall an awesome game!
I'm a huge fan of XCOM and Gears Tactics in my most anticipated game in April. Talking about exclusives, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is hands down the best new game I played this year, it's amazing.
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