Sega of Japan wants to know which game you wish to see revived

Jun 1, 2014
UK, sometimes France
Yes, thank you, y'all Sakura Taisen fans.

Time to dash out some unrealistic hopes & dreams here.

what I expect:
lol nothing

what I have some bare minimum hopes for:
Port/remaster of mainline ST series to current gen
Localisation of above games

Hopes & dreams lol:
Localisation of ST1/2/3/4
Remaster/port of ST1 (PS2)/3/4/5 to current-gen
Remake of ST2 in the same level of ~Atsuki Chishio ni~ (ST1 PS2)

Hopes & dreams hahahaha:
Localisation of ST1/2/3/4
Grounds-up remake of the original quadrilogy (ST1-4)
Enhancement of presentation & gameplay closer in-line to VC1 which was an evolution of ST's gameplay framework in the first place (e.g. 1:1 recreation of the entire theatre, you can actually walk from place-to-place as Ohgami, etc)
Improvements to story and character arcs borrowing from superior elements that has been expanded in the manga/anime/OVAs.

Hopes & dreams AHAHAHAHAHA :
All of the above + V as well.
A wholly new chapter in the Sakura Taisen universe with significant investment in pretty much everything. A next-gen Sakura Taisen with new, fresh cast of characters who could carve their own mark for a new future in the franchise, improved gameplay that evolves the mechanics of the VC-franchise, and the VN style storytelling and character moments improved to be more dynamic.


I feel a lot better and also a bit sad after typing all that.
Necrobump because I hope that this poster is happy now.
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Jun 6, 2004
I'm not sure SEGA realizes how much potential there is by investing into making a proper Streets of Rage or Skies of Arcadia revival.
Streets of Rage could be awesome if they make it AWESOME.

What I envision is something between RE6 melee and Dead Rising. So you keep that medium pace instead of going full DMC/Bayonetta, and you have a balance between regular strikes and semi-cinematic harder contextual strikes. I feel this could best be managed by a rage meter that refills pretty quickly over time but is used pretty quickly, so it is often available but not unlimited. The rage would let you do something cool like say if you picked up a pipe, if you were out you'd just attack like normal, or you hold the rage button as you go at an enemy and it makes you charge at them (camera goes to close over the shoulder view) and deal a really crushing hit with it.

This would generate a self-directed flow for the use of your might. You could finish beating one enemy normally and then run over to hit the next guy in the stomach hard enough to start a good combo, or you could use your rage to do a suplex finish on the current enemy and just walk over to the next to fight them normally. It would make a nice rhythm of brawling while not feeling too automated like Arkham systems, but rather creative by your own choices. It would also allow a sense of limits on your strength that could, at times, perhaps be removed for a short time to make you feel like you're really raging out.

You would also have a hype meter used for super attacks that builds by a combination of beating guys up and shit-talking, which would have a dedicated button. Just like the rage attacks, the shit-talking would be fully contextual so it is surprising/funny/hype, playing off the situation/what happened/method of beating they're using/making fun of enemy's outfit (Sleeping Dogs showed these varieties can be done), but if all you do is spam it then your character doesn't have anything to talk from so they default to lamer lines that start to repeat and it doesn't build hype, and even degrades hype if all you do is keep trying to be clever off nothing.

I feel we have the technology to do heavily contextual gameplay like this now, and it would be for the best. There are too many games that improve graphics but it's just mindless smack smack smack like your character is an infinite-energy fighting robot. With real combat people feel the intensity of the moment, need more reserved moments, talk shit offensively or defensively, etc. You need ways to include this without bullshit like a stamina meter that often doesn't sync with the player's feelings and just limits them. That's why stuff like perfect dodge and parry chains (not automated, sorry Arkham) are so loved, because they give the player the ability to synchronize with the action in a dynamic way.
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Jan 26, 2018
Streets of Rage could be awesome if they make it AWESOME.
I kinda envisiona new Streets of Rage like a Yakuza game. It's the only way to take the series seriously, deliver a high-longevity game and engage a new traction to this series without relying too much on nostalgia
Jan 16, 2014
I kinda envisiona new Streets of Rage like a Yakuza game. It's the only way to take the series seriously, deliver a high-longevity game and engage a new traction to this series without relying too much on nostalgia
No no no. Streets of Rage Mania. Thats the way to go. Dont change it. Just the same, but better.
Dec 6, 2017
They're rereleasing Shenmue 1 & 2.
They're making Shenmue 3.
They've made a million Yakuza games.
They've remade Yakuza 1 & 2.
Sonic Mania scratched that retro Sonic itch.

...All that's left if for them to do is release PSO2 in the west or make a brand new PSO. ...And release the damn thing in the west!
Jul 27, 2009
please excuse my bad english
We really need a new shining force and with old school jrpg designs, not modern jpop characters
I'd kill for a modern shining force. Just use the old shining force design pattern. Interesting and likeable characters, grounded story, cool battles with a not too complex strategy system, upgrading your weapons, exploring the world etc. Is it that hard sega? Shining Force 2, to me is still the pinnacle of sRPGs .

Also seeing Panzer Dragoon that low is a bit disheartening to be honest and I've never even heart of "sakura wars".
Jan 7, 2018
Lots of them. Kid Chameleon, Vectorman, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe, Ristar, Psycho Fox, Panzer Dragoon, Nights, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racer, Daytona USA, Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Billy Hatcher, Samba De Amigo, House Of The Dead, Space Channel 5, etc.

Nintendo and Sega are the worst at letting franchises die.
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