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Show us your gaming setup: 2015 Edition


Jun 3, 2012
OG Xbox w/ softmod and bigger hard drive, Logitech wireless controller. Boots into XBMC at startup.
I've not used my OG Xbox with XBMC in years, I'm tempted to dig it out now after seeing this photo. XBMC was amazing on that thing, before it jumped to PC.

Got no photos now (as it's almost 2am), but here's what I have:

And with my new BenQ Monitor (and a bit more mess...):

I have my Wii U sat on top of the PC. Old gen consoles have been packed away, and the Xbox One and PS4 are in another room for the family.


Jul 17, 2011
This here is my computer desk in my small boxed room

It has my White computer
A White 27 inch 1440P monitor
A White Mickey Mouse 3DS XL
A White Vita
A White iPhone 5
A White Iphone 5S
A White Iphone 6S (using this to take the pic)
A White PSP Go
K65 Keyboard
Star Wars Mouse
Star Wars Mouse Pad
Dark Souls 2 Statue
A Bose Portable Speaker
Soundstick 3
This is what the inside of my computer looked like a month ago. I have since changed it to a Sabertooth Z77 mobo, and using a H75 Water Cooler instead
Next is my Living Room
It has a White PS4
A White XBOne
A HTPC with a I5 3330 and 8gigs of ram
A One Piece imported Gold PS3
47inch LG TV

Star Falcon

Jul 14, 2012
This thread is an inspiration.

I really want to create myself one of these nice setups, but space is an issue where I live now and I am not going to be here for more than another 6 months I hope... so might just be better off holding off until later and getting by for now.


Jun 16, 2013
i apologise in advance for the crappy photo's
Paradigm monitor 9s
Paradigm center 3
Paradigm dsp3100 sub
Paradigm atom surrounds
Yamaha rx-v871
Samsung 64inch ps64e8000
Rgb led lighting to pick any color also with on/off sound module for pulsing to bass when listening to music

bit of a wider view to see the whole room


stands i built out of left over mdf to save me spending a few hundred on buying some

finished stand after first coat of paint, had to resand and prime to stop the paint leaking into the wood which u can sort of see here

Rebuilding my PC ATM so won't bother posting pics right now


Nov 29, 2012
Lovely setup guys, you should be proud!

My biggest problem is space. I play games/ watch movies in my loft (attic) and it's such a tiny wee room. Maybe one day I'll have double the floor space but I'll make do for the moment.

Here she is.

Pikmin says hi.

Need to finish this collection one day!

The games.

THAT'S IT YOU WIN!! Good lord your setup is just magical


Apr 17, 2007
Home Theater area couch view -- 70-inch Sony on the wall in a 7.1 set-up.

Zoom up a notch -- SVS PB-2000 sub on the side.

Zoom on the TV and three front in-wall Klipsch speakers.

Zoom on the rack -- 83-inches holds 5 consoles, UPS, router, and future Steambox/ Alienware Alpha.

Comfy couch and too many controls along the wall. Having trouble finding an end table that my wife will approve.

Horrible shot of the ceiling -- painter did a great job getting the four ceiling speakers to match the dark chocolate walls.

Bar area -- currently just an extra X360 and 48-inch LCD, but planning to convert to wireless keyboard and mouse on the bar feeding a 4K monitor. Onkyo soundbar w/ wireless sub in the bar corner.

Family room upstairs -- 60-inch on the mantle and four MTX ceiling speakers.

Currently just an extra PS4 and XB1 for dual console co-op. A duplicate SVS PB-2000 sub.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Comfy couch v2, with bonus laundry.

Online shopping and GAF machine. holding steady w/ GTX 570 until Steambox will hopefully allow me to convert to lighter laptop setup, perhaps at the bar.



Jun 16, 2013
After seeing all these wall mounted TVs it kinda makes me wish I owned a house instead of rented. Looks a lot cleaner


Feb 4, 2009
very nice setup - how much was that giant lamp ?

I think a projector setup would work very nicely for your space :]
There's one in the background that hits the wall above the TV. I don't really use it much for games, though. Impossible to get it dark enough during the day because of that huge triangular window.

The lamp was probably about £250 ish? Far cheaper than the real deal.


Feb 20, 2014
Online shopping and GAF machine. holding steady w/ GTX 570 until Steambox will hopefully allow me to convert to lighter laptop setup, perhaps at the bar.

Golly, how many consoles was that in total?

What is the red pillow's function when using the GAF machine? It is for standing on?

Paradigm monitor 9s
Paradigm center 3
Paradigm dsp3100 sub
Paradigm atom surrounds
Yamaha rx-v871
Samsung 64inch ps64e8000
Rgb led lighting to pick any color also with on/off sound module for pulsing to bass when listening to music

Rebuilding my PC ATM so won't bother posting pics right now
Very neat setup! So symmetrical...


Jun 19, 2009

Welcome to the annual NeoGAF Show us your Gaming Setup thread. Here we post pictures of your gaming setup, from the large collections to the small collections, from the big family rooms to the small room setups, doesn't matter what, show us what you got! After you've posted what you got, make sure to give feedback to other's setup so we can collectively get cooler and better setups.

My Gaming Setup

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I don't think I'd play many games what with that view from the patio. May I ask what city you live in?


Oct 13, 2014
Many great setups in here already, thanks for sharing.

Sony HW40ES projector
114" screen
Triangle galaxy 2 5.1 setup with Yamaha rx v775 receiver.

Pleased with setup I got 3 months ago when we got a house. The Sony is a fantastic gaming projector as well as great for movies. Can post pictures later tonight when home again.

Need to get some black velvet in the ceiling by projector though to maximize performance. Also want to fit my Dreamcast in there somehow. :)

OT: how to make images expandable?


Jun 6, 2012
I recently bought a projector (BenQ W1080) and an a/v receiver (Denon AVR-X1100). Mostly for watching movies but after I tried playing games with this setup I don't want to go back to my 37" tv.
Everything is still work in progress, that's why it looks a little bit messy. :)

The image quality is quite good imo and the colours look much better than what the pictures suggest.

What you see here is only the part of my games and movies collection, which I plan to play/watch at the moment. I keep most of it in another room.

The WiiU is mine and the PS4 is my brother's. I currently play GTA V on it and I'm having a blast.

Sry for the low quality images.


May 25, 2014
Man, some of those setups are absolutely stunning. Do you guys hire people to come up with the designs or do you just have a knack for this stuff?


Neo Member
Apr 11, 2012
Lake of Constance, Germany
Sooo.. Since 1 year now I have my own Apartment(it's my first) and I think, it's ok. what do you mean?

Philips TV 47"
Laptop: Lenovo Y510P
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Intel i7 4700MQ 2.40 GHz
  • Geforce GT755M
  • 256GB SSD
  • 15" 1920*1080
BenQ 24" Monitor
Roccat ISKU
Razer Abyssus
iPad Mini LTE 16GB 1.Generation
PS Vita (love it!)
Galaxy Note 4 (i think the best smartphone 2014 (and 2015 ;) ))


May 27, 2014
Toronto Canada
Damn these posts are making me jealous beyond belief. Almost didn't want to share mine since it's pretty low key in comparison.

AudioEngine A5+
46" led LCD 120hz
Wii U
3DS XL (charging beside the left channel)
MBP (on the footstool)

I like to keep it super simple. No receiver, no surround and no 3D. Games are all put into a binder to the left of the TV. I find this is easiest for me so I can safely store the cases away. I have a sitting room/guest room behind this where I have a 32" LCD and my PS3 for guests and when I want to play the occasional PS+ game. Most of the gaming I do these days happens on 3DS although as you can see I was quite taken with Mordor PS4 and decided to make it my first Platinum. Oh, and excuse the pooch in the corner of the shot, he's sleeping.



Jul 31, 2013
Still working on it but this is currently my gaming setup

NES is the only console not hooked up and it will be replaced by a PS4 whenever I get one.
Genesis is hooked up with a scart to component adapter. Will eventually get scart cables for the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast as well.

This is my PC setup

Gamcube is a hollowed out shell that currently functions as a USB hub but I plan to also add some storage to it eventually. Orange power light glows when plugged into computer

And Yes I know my cord management is a TERRIBLE MESS
But until everything is 100% complete I'm not going to fix it as things will move around.
I still need to get a new computer desk as well as add lights to the gaming set up.
Updated my Living Room pic after cleaning up some and to get a better angle (the original pic was actually from early December.) Planning on adding lights to the squares/rectangles that hold the consoles as well as replacing the black bookshelves with white ones and getting display cabinets so it's not all congested in front of the games.


Mar 24, 2013
This thread is subbed! I'm currently purchasing various pieces to build me a new PC rig, and buy new stuff for my entertainment set up. I hope to be finished by later this year. I will post pics then.


Apr 7, 2014
Evans, Colorado
My stand finally came in, even though it was slightly damaged, even though it wasn't enough to really make me want to drive 50 miles and the fact that I can't even fit the box or lift it into the vehicle we have at our house.

Good thing Best Buy is going to refund me half of it.


Drawers contain controllers and headsets on the right, games and anything I couldn't fit in the humongous right hand drawer on the left.

Xbone, Wii U, and TV power bricks around the back, with plenty of huge space open for air flow...

Not pictured is my PC which I recently upgraded with a 980 and an amazing G602 mouse made my Logitech. SO GOOD.

This is all in my 12x12 room so...it's cozy lol but it's also my man cave.

TV is a KDL50700B which is basically a stripped down 850B/800B. ISF picture calibrated.

Gonna go and buy some cable management stuff later to clean it up a little more but it's pretty much fine.


Jun 16, 2013
Originally Posted by MrWilson2912

Paradigm monitor 9s
Paradigm center 3
Paradigm dsp3100 sub
Paradigm atom surrounds
Yamaha rx-v871
Samsung 64inch ps64e8000
Rgb led lighting to pick any color also with on/off sound module for pulsing to bass when listening to music

Very neat setup! So symmetrical...
Lol yeah, not sure if you meant that as a good or bad thing :p ideally I'd love a projector and a screen to come down in front of the TV but you have to work with what you got and renting sort of prevents too much even in regards to painting walls
RavenholmDX – the new arrangement looks great!

Hi Everybody - I'm a long, long time lurker and year after year this has been one of my favorite threads. So many awesome set-ups!

Some of my earliest memories are connected to video games. My father brought home the original Magnavox Odyssey (complete with the translucent plastic overlays) when I was 4 years old. We all thought it was amazing, but honestly it didn't get much use after the first week or so. We later moved on to the Atari 2600 (when it still went by the name Atari VCS) and we ultimately scored the love of my gaming life, the ColecoVision, and then a bit later the Adam computer expansion module. That pretty much ended phase one of my personal relationship with video games. I still vividly recall how exciting it was when the NES hit store shelves and at the time, it seemed to pick up where ColecoVision left off. My brother picked up one - - - - and later a Sega Genesis, which I played around with a bit, but my contact with video games pretty much ended there until 2009 when we picked up a PS3 slim for my wife and I, with the primary intention of using it as our blu-ray player.

I've been collecting physical DVDs and Blu-Rays since the formats were introduced and slowly but surely, I got sucked back in to gaming too..

About a year or so ago, I made a short video showing how I've squeezed 6000+ Discs into my apartment with the intent of helping hopeless collector types like myself who may be facing storage issues.

It's a little shaky & the audio could be louder, so apologies...

Big 6000+ DVD & Blu-ray Collection Storage Solution - YouTube

I also took a some photos...

Fortunately, my wife and I have a large living room in our apartment, so it doubles as our home theater.
The back wall is where we keep all of our discs. Films are always on disc, but we've been going more and more digital with our game collection (to save on space!).

In the front of the room, we use a splitter to feed the consoles to both the projector (optoma hd3300) and the television. The screen is painted on the wall and measures nearly 150”.

Even though the room is bright, when the shades are pulled down, we can get it very dark and get great color and contrast. This picture was taken during the afternoon.

Under the TV we have a European PS3 slim (for Region B for Blu-Rays), a U.S. PS4 (for Region A for Blu-Rays), a Wii U, Playstation TV and an additional Blu-Ray player used primarily for other DVD regions and old field sequential 3D DVDs that require an interlaced signal.

The trays to the left hold Buzz controllers, Wii controllers and various cables.

The trays to the right are for additional 3D glasses..

We're just console gamers, but at the computer desk (to the right of the projection screen), we have a 3DS XL (with a grip) and a second O.G. OLED Vita.

DVDs that don't come in traditional cases go on the shelving units mounted on the wall in the back of the room.

We can't easily reach the top shelf, so boxes on the very top are empty and for display only. I primarily collect older films and 3D discs.

Here are some games on one of our three large spinning towers. These towers are the largest capacity I've been able to find. In the middle you can see all three of the fat 3DS steelbook cases. I LOVE them. They are so ridiculous!

Each tower has a capacity of 756 DVDs, but since blu-rays in the USA come in thinner cases, you can get 34 BRDs per shelf. With 7 shelves per side (when spaced equally), that comes to a capacity of 952 blu-rays.

The towers are represented as holding more (1056 Blu-rays),so technically you could stack a few in on their sides, etc - but it will look a bit awkward. Results will be different with thicker PS3 cases, UK BRD cases, etc.

Here's a detail of the center shelving with some Arrow Video Blus, Cinerama movies,
and a couple of Charlton Heston epics.

Center shelves and some 3D Blu-rays.

This cart fits nicely under the center shelves.

More 3D discs and some EC slipcased box sets on the bookshelf to the right.

DVDS that originally came in cases have their cases removed,
are inserted in vinyl sleeves, and are filed in these drawers.

I had the drawers custom made for DVDs, but this would work for large game disc collections too. We use divider cards to organize by genre, star or director.

Here are some DVDs in the vinyl sleeves.

...and some Blu-Rays in the vinyl sleeves too.

I talk a bit about how I arrived at this storage system in the video link up at the top. It will also give you a better look at the discs and a quick overview of the room..