SNSD and K-Pop Fanboy/Fangirl |OT|

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Gotdamn, that performance was HOT. Hyunseung puts his hands all over Hyuna. I'm not sure how they will be able to continue with that routine though, seems like it would cause some netizen outrage somewhere.
Yeah Hyunseung grabbed what he could, good on him. Pretty hot stuff, let's see how many shows they get before changing certain 'key moves'.

Tonight is the premiere of K-pop Star and the debut of BoA as judge.
What do you know. I actually research and write more efficiently when I am not banned.

^^^^^ MOGEF approved lyrics. Take it. Come on. Take it.
Hot damn, Eunjung... The first half of the IU gif reminds me of Dragon Ball, like she's about to bust out a fireball or something.

What's the accessory that Taeyeon and Haha had got as their couple item called? The bunny like thing you attach to your waist.
Hmm, the RM episode just has it translated as portable bags, but I could have sworn there was a name for it too. I know those things they threw up on stage that Taengoo was collecting, the pea plush toy things, have some name, but I can't remember that either. Hmm...
Not gonna lie Phono, that last pic...made me say dayam. I thought it was Taengoo for a second.

Soshi at some J.Estina event giving out their signatures:

And random pic of Sica I ran into, looking fantastic as usual:

요것도 예전에 잡지촬영할때 찍은거~^^노글이도 한 여성스러움 한다니까요?ㅋㅋ나의 매력에 너무 빠지진마세요~ㅎㅎ못 빠져 나갈걸용?ㅇㅅㅇ히히

This is from a magazine photoshoot a long time ago~^^ No Eul is feminine as well?keke Don’t fall too much for my charms~hehe you wouldn’t get out of it? hihi
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