So when did you first hear about E3

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Probably in 1998 when I was reading my first EGM -- the Dreamcast preview issue with Sonic and an orange DC swirl in the background. It's weird how vividly I remember buying it, actually.
That was my second EGM issue!

I don't remember that being an E3 issue though - just a Dreamcast-centric issue.
Man, I don't know when I heard of E3 since it was so long ago. I probably heard it from a game manual or something, Sly maybe? Either way it was a long time.

Now I only started watching it recently and is now my favourite holiday of the year. Now I remember my brother was forcing me to watch it with him and that year was....2015, the E3 of dreams.
Which E3 did they show off Monster Hunter Tri for Wii? Was it before or the same year as Silent Hill Shattered Memories getting shown off? Because if its the same year, that year, which I feel was like 2009

I can't remember if I knew about E3 super well before that, since I did watch Xplay, but that was the first year I actively searched it out
2002 or 2003 (I clearly remember being super hyped for Wind Waker so probably 2002), there was a TV show in France on a kids channel covering the E3. That was pretty sweet.
2002 or 2003 (I clearly remember being super hyped for Wind Waker so probably 2002), there was a TV show in France on a kids channel covering the E3. That was pretty sweet.
Same, I remember fiercely debating the art style with my friends over the latest copy of Nintendo Official Magazine. That was the same E3 that had the behind closed doors Half Life 2 demo right? So 2003?
Around 1995 or so, I distinctly remember reading about the Ultra 64 being shown at some thing called E3 in a games magazine I followed back then.

I never really followed the event on my own until around the Wii's (Revolution) unveiling though, I think.
2004 reading about it, 2005 was the first one I ever watched live. It was Nintendo's, and while not the best year to jump in, sandwiched between the terrific 2004 with Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 2, Twilight Princess and more and 2006 with the Wii. It still had some the Revolution and the announcement of the Virtual Console, which was amazing at the time.
Like everything else back then I waited for EGM to report on stuff. Way before that it was the CES shows which happened twice a year for a while. As for E3 I dunno, I guess it was 95 or 96?
being European, the first trade show re: video games I heard about must have been ECTS, weirdly enough

I remember reading about it in the OG Original PlayStation Magazine and the like
Mid 2004 in a Nintendo Official Magazine. I was around 10 years old. There was a large preview of the DS and Zelda TP in the issue.

The next year or 2 I watched clips from the magazine's DVD inserts and on YouTube.

I finally started watching the conferences live in 2007.
I missed it most of the 90s, maybe all of the 90s? Knew about it in the year 2000 when the MGS2 trailer was shown though, which is still the best damn game trailer ever made.
1995 for me. And it EGM and Gamefan that promoted the tradeshow, which was a transitionary venue from the Consumer Electronics Show of the previous years. I remember 1994 in particular promoting Nintendo's forthcoming "Ultra 64" that year, along with Donkey Kong Country. The other standouts I paid attention to that year was the Sega Saturn and Clockwork Knight. I never paid any mind to the Sony Playstation though because I predicted it would wind up like the 3DO.

It's surreal thinking back to it and remembering the O.J. Simpson trial that year.
I would say late 90s. I remember reading all about it in like 1997 about latest games and tech and whatnot. It was all over EGM in the mid 90s now that I remember.

It wasn't until maybe 2000 that I started going online and eating up all the video content released (which was not a lot, and it took forever to download any footage). And as soon as streaming of the conferences was possible, I started watching each one. It's probably been 10+ years of streaming conferences at this point.

edit - I also had that "rare" E3 Pikachu card in like 1999 hahaha


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2004. I want to say it was GameSpot. All I remember was that I was blown away by the Twilight Princess reveal as a kid. Subsequently forgot it existed until 2006 when I just graduated from 5th grade, and found out that the Wii and PS3 were being revealed. At that point I tuned in through IGN.
In 1995, when they held the first E3. I was reading just about any gaming magazine I could get my hands on but I'm pretty sure it was either Gamepro or Diehard Gamefan that had the first coverage I saw. I remember thinking it seemed like a huge improvement over the scattershot Winter and Summer CES shows that the game industry had been using previously.