Sonic and Knuckles' new designs leaked

All right, I wasn't too upset by the Sonic design in the cardboard cutout picture, but watching that trailer, everyone looks BANANAS. Knuckles is so hilariously bulky and weird and man shaped, it just blows my mind.
Set aside the fact that they have been additionally complicated the designs, Knuckles is just straight out hideous. I'm not surprised these were designed, but how they got approved and not universally boo'd internally is beyond me.
Eh they looks alright. Tails looks cool. Sonic looks alright. whatever. Undecided about Amy. Not too bad over all. I think people just love overreacting because it makes for funny posts :p.
The game looked nice. Big worlds, seemed to have tons of fast paced action, even the side characters looked like they fit. Here is hoping. So who is Big Red Button?