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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Lock-On Power!


Mar 27, 2014
Houston, TX
I'm playing S&K now and I've realized that the biggest bummer about these more open Sonic games is the time limit. I like to explore the stages and I hate being rushed to get to the finish line, so I used Game Genie for infinite time. Sorry not sorry


Apr 29, 2013
Los Angeles
Asking again since it might have been missed.

For the Wii Virtual Console releases I could not connect Sonic 2/3 to Sonic and Knuckles. At least not in the US versions. However I specifically remember this being doable with the PAL versions. Was this ever changed for the US versions or did I miss something?


I just figured it out! I never once played my VC Sonic 3 or Knuckles because I couldn't figure out how to lock them together! All you do is press - on the Sonic and Knuckles title screen to lock them onto the older titles!


Sega doesn't support the Wii U VC right? I hope I can take all my Wii VC titles and send them over to NX some day and not have to worry about the Wii mode.