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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection


Nov 23, 2013
How can you even tell SoR3 sound is broken? The whole soundtrack sounds like David Lynch recorded robots fucking.
Bwahahhh that’s perfect.
Got even worse if you turn ON the filters.

After Sonic Mania/Sonic CD port I really wish SEGA leave Taxman (Christian Whitehead) to do all Sonic collection from now.
I would love whitehead et. al. be given the keys to a collection with proper CRT filters and widescreen support.
Then please let them do SM2.

But I'm also tired of Sega re-releasing that era of games. Astro City Mini was a nice change of pace and I hope they release some Model 2 and Model 2 games...
SEGA has such a wonderful racing game history. I wish they’d release a $60 SEGA arcade racing collection. At some point licensing might hurt but honestly I’d work Pro Bono to help make that happen.
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Jun 1, 2014
This collection was lacking in display options, had some lag, Space Harrier was unplayable.

A good game selection never makes it for unsatisfactory gaming conditions. Especially when the original console and my CRT are sitting there, next to my modern consoles.

I prefer buying M2 SEGA AGES ports one by one, these ports or collections have all the additions and options we deserve nowadays.
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