Sony files trademark for 'Vib Ribbon"' in Europe


Gives all the fucks
FINALLY, that E3 mention will mean something. Even if it's via PS1 Classic & it reads music off the HDD/memory card, I'll be happy.
Jack Tretton replacement redeemed (maybe)! He lost many points in my eyes talking about Vib Ribbon all the time during E3 and not even announcing it for Vita.

Edit: just searched on that site for Colony Wars....

Filing date 21/05/1999
Registration date 22/08/2000

I won't get my hopes up. The PS1 classic has been rated by various EU classification boards for years now.
Would it even *work* as a straight PS1 classic? Importing tracks would require extra code, either to reference the real system's disc drive or to import an MP3 or otherwise. And if you don't do that, you've got a vastly reduced game.
Kudos to whoever edited the Wikipedia entry for the game to reflect this news which was posted 14 minutes before the thread was created. This is how you know a game has a loyal fan base.
I got rid of my PSX ages ago but pretty sure I still have the PAL version of this. I was completely obsessed with trying every single song in this game. I can't remember which ones were best but I know Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" was one of my favourites along with "99 Luftballoons". Obvious choices, I know, but still some fun was had.

I will buy a PS4 for this.
Hopefully they don't blow a ton of money on this. I have a feeling all the recent glamouring after this niche title will not amount to much in terms of actual sales. But then again I guess a game like that doesn't take much to remaster at 1080p :)