Soul Sacrifice dated in Japan for 3/7/2013, includes limited edition Vita

The Vita will only last three years, and will only sell five million units in its lifetime.

... and I will buy half of those units. Damn, that thing is DOPE.
The double pack is a good deal, but I'm also surprised at how good of a deal the console bundle is. Holy shit. /wants

Will probably buy.

looks better than the miku one at the very least.

btw: is there no monhun4 3ds special edition coming out the same day?
They haven't announced the date yet, so they will probably announce something when an official announcement is made.
Is there an estimated release date for Soul Sacrifice in the US?

I really hope this is a two-fer of being a great game and Sony promoting the hell out of it.
Ugh that Vita is ugly. I just really don't think Red works well with the hardware.

That and I'm waiting for a FF themed FF before I get my SE Vita.