Spanish retailer lists Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS

EDIT Boxart is fanart and the listing has been up since December.

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Original post:

The above image is a screenshot of Spanish website Xtralife, who have just listed Majora's Mask 3D for sale--24 hours before a 3DS Nintendo Direct. There's the possibility that they're just speculating, but remember that leaks have occurred this way before--remember Donkey Kong Country Returns 3d? We could very well be seeing an official announcement tomorrow. If you click the image, the index just reloads; this could mean that while MM3D is in their system, the page isn't yet live. Suddenly, tomorrow's Nintendo Direct got a lot more interesting.
The original story is reported by Spanish website

My take: Majora's Mask has the best story, the most demonic and frightening villain and the most emotive experience of all the Zelda games. Its not the best but its a stunning experience without peer and simply hasn't been played by enough people. I'll be thrilled if this is true.
I was going to say that I haven't seen the boxart they show here anywhere, so it might actually mean something (Megaton for tomorrow?). But that Smash Bros. art looks like a custom deal, so I dunno.
I also see Super Smash Bros Brawl for 3DS. Think It's safe to say that these are just placeholders for games that have been announced coupled with wishful thinking.
Retail listings are credible if:

- They're making an educated guess based on a possible leak ("Yoshi's Land")
- A bunch of retailers add something at once
- It's something without much time until release (new hardware colors)

Otherwise it's usually just guess work.