Special Titanfall announcement tomorrow: "Be the First to Fall into TitanFall"

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I guess they'll show off the other Titan classes?

According to their descriptions this should be the "high explosives" one

there's a Main Battle Titan armed with an XO-16 battle rifle and "defensive vortex blocker" (that Jedi-ish bullet catching power from the trailers), a Heavy Weapons Titan equipped with a 40mm cannon and an electrical smoke screen, and a High Explosives Titan armed with a launcher that fires multiple rockets.


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Hope people don't blow this out of proportion. Marketing just like to get excited. Should be good times regardless.

Still, though, new screenshot! And its one I took no less!
Adjusting expectations to "A three week countdown website will go up leading up to the unveiling of one screenshot showing how one of the other titans look."

I don't think I can possibly be disappointed.
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