Square Enix is seeking fan feedback on how to improve Babylon’s Fall (vcg)



Square Enix is seeking feedback from fans on how it can improve Babylon’s Fall, beginning with the game’s graphics.

The publisher, which co-developed the live service title with PlatinumGames, has launched a survey to help it understand how it can deliver “a better game experience” for players of the third-person action RPG.

The multiple-choice survey asks players to indicate their level of satisfaction with various visual aspects of the game including playable and non-playable character and equipment design, its “oil painting style” graphics and its maps.

The survey must be completed by March 18 at 10.59am PT / 1.59pm ET / 5:59pm GMT.

Babylon’s Fall was released on March 3 to highly critical reviews. It currently holds scores of 42 (PS5) and 37 (PC) on review aggregation site Metacritic, based on 28 and seven reviews respectively.

“In the future, Babylon’s Fall will almost certainly be frequently used as an example of how not to launch a live service game,” opens VGC’s review of the game.

“Not only does it fail at the most basic elements, such as a visual style that’s incredibly unappealing, or a mission structure that is somehow both dreadfully short and tedious, but the game also tries desperately to establish itself as a live game, filling your screen with as many opportunities to micro-transact as it can, despite the fact it actually costs $60 to purchase.”
Square Enix has said it plans to support Babylon’s Fall with new game modes, ongoing story content, and additional weapons at no extra cost.


I haven't played the game so I can't say much, but what I still know for sure is that releasing something at a price more expensive than the usual AAA price (70€ instead of 60€ on steam) AND with in-game purchases like if it was a F2P game is already bad enough.
Make it a complete full price game or make it a F2P game, but not the worst of both.
Square-Enix is seeking fan feedback? Wouldn't you need fans for that?


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How i hate when devs ask players what kind of a game they want, it seems like they're creatively bankrupt and/or scared to present their own original work as it is. What kind of a game would you like and we make it for you?
It's never the developers that do this, it's always on the production/publishing side, cause 'money talks'.
Is really SquareEnix really this clueless?? They learned nothing from the Avengers disaster??

Considering how they are doubling down on live service, it seems like they are trying to get feedback not to improve the gameplay, but to find ways to monetize the customers.


This game looks so bad, I fail to see how this even can be improved. Perhaps make it free to play, remove the weapon silhouettes.


Hey, it was really important that they cram this game’s release somewhere in between Horizon: Forbidden West, Elden Ring, FF Stranger of Paradise, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderworld.
I know right? Feb and March are insanely packed with high quality games that if you're game isn't really good it is lost in this tidal wave of titles


Game launched in a packed month plus the price is too high given the presentation. If Square wants to save this game, they either make it F2P or reduced the price to $20 or less.


The whole survey was literally about the visual presentation and the graphics. Like they think they have a hit on their hands if they bump up the resolution and add some non-brown backgrounds.

Man, talk about being unable to see the forest for the trees.
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Feedback is life.

I don't think Babylons Fall is salvageable but it's a good sign that they're pursuing feedback rather than keeping their head in the sand.
I guess but man, this game looked like a flop from a mile away. Everything looked awful. There is no way they are just now learning that their game sucks.


My feedback was you can have your art style or players but not both. It doesn’t look like an oil painting it looks like a jumbled mess and it’s the only reason my 2 friends won’t pick it up to play with me.
How about letting players who paid $60 play the game. I didn't pay for it, i rented. I cant even get to the game. It kicks me out to the title screen with a server error. I would be pissed if i paid $60 for this broken game I can't play.

I would offer refunds. The game is unplayable.


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My feedback was you can have your art style or players but not both. It doesn’t look like an oil painting it looks like a jumbled mess and it’s the only reason my 2 friends won’t pick it up to play with me.
You are not their friend, if you're trying to get two friends to buy a bad game.

I can imagine they are being polite by saying the art style isn't for them, rather than straight up saying the game looks like garbage. XD


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I think many here have forgotten the absolutely dreadful state that Final Fantasy 14 launched in...

If SE is serious they might be able to fix this game rather than abandon it outright
I don’t think anybody is forgetting about FF XIV. The difference is that XIV was intended to be S-E’s new cash cow for FF XI players to migrate to. Whereas Babylon’s Fall is some stealth-launched disaster that nobody had any expectations for.

Yeah they could throw a ton of money at it to basically remake it from the ground up like they did with XIV. But they won’t.


Something this bad cannot be fixed without killing it outright like FF11.

Kill it, and make another new single player like Nier Automata, that'll fix it.


Platinum normally make excellent games, yet look at the trash they put out under SE's guidance/influence.

Oh, and how can you ask for 'fan' feedback when there are none, hmm SE?


With anthem there was some good in the game. Flying was fun, combat had its moments. EA could have turned that ship around if they wanted to, it’s a shame we never got a chance to see them try.

This game however is hopeless. Close it down, eat the loss, it’s an unmitigated disaster of a product.
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Holy shit, Square enix has lost it. They're so far up their ass at management, they don't even know what makes a good game anymore. Their focus on live services, predatory mobile models and now with the president announcing they want to suck on NFT's titties, is pretty much a death kiss on the company.

Lay off Platinum on all your projects! They suck hard...

If you ask and pay Platinum games to make a turd, they'll make a turd.


Sorry but from what I've seen the game would basically need a "realm reborn" type reboot which probably doesn't make financial sense.
A couple of updates with some minor changes isn't going to give them an audience.
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