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Starfield - First music from the game revealed/performed by London Symphony Orchestra


With the amount of hype and talk this game is getting you would think it’s launching in a couple of months.
in-game assets and rendered with the in-game engine, so best way to describe it is a uniquely made marketing cinematic using in-game assets. Not gameplay.
Wasn't this used, to some extent, in the teaser trailer?
edit: yeah, i think it's the theme that was in the teaser
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That soundtrack certainly seems impressive. One of the best suites I've heard in a while for a game.

I still don't feel there's much known about this game in terms of mechanics and gameplay style, and people should not hype it up until more is revealed. It could end up as anither cyberpunk situation.

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As if star wars had a baby with star trek
Yeah, clearly heard Goldsmith style arrangement in there. Production was good, can't say it seemed that strong thematically but maybe it's supposed to just set a mood given the context. I hope the entire soundtrack in the game has this recording and performance quality, but that would probably be prohibitively expensive ...


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Sounds a little like Fallout 4 main theme in the middle there. Also, not getting any kind of hopes up with this game until we can actually see some solid gameplay. Unlikely to come before E3, but that's fine as this next stretch of time is going to be kind of dumb for big releases.

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Please no ordinary orchestral music, it's boring as fuck. Give me some creative IDM/EDM
it has nothing to do with the style, orchestral music has been around for centuries and it isn't going anywhere. An orchestra is an incredible tool for a gifted composer. You probably think this track is "boring" because there is no strong thematic element to it. It's not "saying" anything to you.

Or maybe you just hate an orchestra.

Edit: Also I think Skyrim has an all time great level soundtrack, so ... plenty to be hopeful about. I know it's a different composer but it's under the same direction.
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This is basically the game I've wanted since I was a kid watching the OG Star Wars trilogy back to back multiple times in a single weekend. A new universe to explore and really dig into.

Humanity won't see galactic-scale space travel in my lifetime, possibly not ever based on how willing we all are to sabotage our own advancement in the name of controlling this insignificant rock. Games and movies are the closest I'll ever get to being an explorer out in space and I've always gravitated to them as a result.

I really hope this game is something special on the same level as Morrowind in it's day, that the team truly has been working on this as long as they've said. The small details shown in the in-game teaser at E3 was great and each new nugget they release like this piece of the soundtrack shows promise in the final game.
The theme it’s self sounds very similar to Fallout 4 (I mean obviously since it’s the same composer), but I’m still looking forward to it.


Urrrrr…no. While I’m sure the financial stability is a great asset for Bethesda, Microsofts release slate would be pretty barren next year if not for them.
My point was the overall quality of future Bethesda Games will improve thanks to Microsoft acquisition, helping them and preventing them to go down and down. It's not only the exclusivity of most of their games, it's the rising quality which will benefict the more. Nobody is gonna buy trash, we buy "quality" games, whatever they are exclusive or not. That was the message.


Ok, hype building. The Score is fantastic. Then I see the city concepts, which is amazing. Immediately realize that Beths "city" concepts in game are horrible. They are desolate towns/villages at best. Hype fading as that sparks my critiques I have about their writing and gameplay decisions in the past... I just really hope that all their love/hunger is poured into this, because they can build really beautiful/interesting worlds to "explore".
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