StarWars Battlefront 2 looks like case of being careful what you wish for [EuroGamer]


You can't fault EA for listening to the fans, at least. When its revival of the Battlefront series came out in 2015, the main complaint was how basic it all was, and how developer DICE had watered down the epic skirmishes of Pandemic's original for a wilfully dumb shooter.

And now, with DICE taking onboard feedback and having layered on the complexity for the sequel, I find myself yearning for that simplicity. There's something to be said for a mindless shooter in an age where the genre's often obfuscated by needlessly complex systems, and for all my gripes with the original Battlefront it's still something I was happy to return to again and again until I realised I'd played some 70 hours and hit the level cap.
The problem is, in aligning Battlefront with more modern shooters - such as DICE's own Battlefield series, of course - a lot of the personality of the original has been lost, and it ends up inviting comparisons that aren't necessarily favourable. Pitted against Call of Duty, Destiny and the rest, Star Wars Battlefront 2 can feel like a sluggish, cumbersome shooter that's weighed down with all the mod cons EA believes modern players want (that and loot crates, of course, the price you have to pay for the jettisoning of the season pass and the free map updates that are part of Battlefront 2). It's all a bit of a mess, and I just wish someone had shown some restraint before hurling absolutely everything at Battlefront to see what would stick.
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I can't help but agree with this article. Battlefront II feels like a classic case of overcorrection and listening too much to the vocal minority. Now it's in a no man's land. Between being a standard run of the mill shooter like Battlefield and an arcade shooter like Battlefront 2015. It's hard not to be disappointed as a fan of the 2015 game.
Played the demo and was thinking to myself how uncomplicated and arcade like this game still is. Perfect for mindless PUGs.

Not sure what that critic is smoking. This isn't a complicated shooter...

Loots crates in a $60 game are fucking bullshit thou
I'm sorry, what? There's nothing complicated about BF2, at least not from what I've seen in the beta. Also...wouldn't comparing the game to Call of Duty mean it's not complex?
I thought pretty much what fans wanted were for classes to return like in the original Battlefront 2, more maps, more from the prequels, single player content, and for vehicles and ships to be part of the maps instead of warping to them... I'm not sure why they went for overly complicating the systems - did anyone want that?


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There may be a lot wrong with battlefront II, i have yet to play it, but it absolutely should NOt have been just like the first. Battlefront was a terribly dull game.
I can certainly see the gameplay changes that have been made already after a couple of brief sessions of the beta of 2 after 30+ hours of the 2015 game. Whilst I enjoyed the 2015 game in terms of how fun it was, what it was undoubtedly bereft of was content, maps, heroes, offline modes, more than just a single era, content conent content was definitely needed. Whether or not that great addition of content that 2 will have came at the cost of changing the gameplay I have no idea, but I at least enjoyed what I've played. I'm definitely going to buy the game and I'm hoping the single player campaign is fun.
Destiny is more complex than BF2. Heck even last years brilliant TF2 and the less so COD IW offered more complexity. Not sure I agree with this criticism.
They should've used the same frame as battlefront but add more of everything. The beta feels way less fun that the first game.
The complexity they're talking about isn't directly in the gameplay, it's about the collection and user of the Star cards and the like -- setting up different hand, leveling then up, rarity levels, paying for cards that will give you an advantage over other players ... I mean, for a casual player, it's way more complex than simply picking your class and playing like classic Battlefront.

It's too much for a game that just doesn't need it.


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Quoting myself from the BETA thread

DICE just can't win, going by receptions in GAF, Reddit and other places you can see people wanting to be a Battlefield re-skin, people that want it to be like the previous game, people that like how it is, etc. It's very hard to DICE to approach such mixed feedback.
Personally think people are overreacting partly because it's star wars. It's still battlefront from last year just there is more too it. I find it strange because first game got a ton of abuse on here, suddenly you would think it was great all round....
I thought Battlefront was more or less the "Splatoon for everyone else" back in 2015. I had no problems with it. It was simple, streamlined, and easy to get into. This Battlefront 2 beta left me confused for the hour or two I tried it.
It’s a mess. I don’t care for that squad system either. In general, it felt like a bad version of battlefield. I’d rather they just make a battlefield game with a Star Wars skin than continue to give us these poor battlefront games.
We asked for horrible film grain and awful chromatic aberration? Yes, no....

We asked for useless squad teamwork? Dont think so....
I wasn't a fan of the original and think II plays so much better, I will actually consider buying this game after having no interest in the first. It's still pretty mindless too lol, it's not exactly Operation Flashpoint is it. The loot box shenanigans are putting me off though.
So basically we can't win and we will be fucked by EA one way or another huh? Great...
I could just as easily say EA is fucked no matter what they do because people will never be happy. People want free maps but complain about micro transactions. It's like what do you want? Now obviously those microtransactions need to be reasonable but some people seemingly don't care. They seem that word and fly off the handle.
The game is designed in a way that anyone can play it. This game is going for mass appeal.

A lot of the people on my twitter who don't really game, but are a fan of Star Wars love the beta.
Uh. I don't agree with the part about loot crates being the price to pay for no season pass.
I do agree, even with the P2W bullshit they're pulling. Anything is better than a split userbase.

Think this beta is way more fun than the last one, if only the map were better. Starting a game and being shot by a sniper immediately is ridiculous, why the hell can you shoot from spawn to spawn on Theed?
that's what i liked about the first game. it is/was very simplistic but oh no everyone complained and wanted more. well then there you go, have fun. i won't be buying the game. maybe i'll play it when it's on EA access in a year.
It's just the beta, so it's really hard to tell how the final product will turn out. But comparing this beta to the first one, I liked that better. I don't agree that it's too complex though, its just different. But I do feel like Dice made some changes just for the sake of it because people didn't like it in the first, without putting enough thought into the changes. Essentially going from crap idea to crap idea.

The gunplay feels boring now...They also just feel like guns, not blasters. Shooting bullets, not bolts. And the reticle is too small, with little hit feedback, hard to tell if I'm hitting someone.

The classes are pointless at the moment because everyone just picks the ones that are OP. People complained that everyone ran around with the same loadout in the first game, jump packs and bacta bombs, now it's going to be no different here, just with a different loadout. They need to be balanced out better.

The music is lacking, it's too silent most of the time, this is Star Wars ffs, make use of that music. Same goes for sound design, it's garbage and weak compared to the first game.

The visuals need to be reworked, the CA, the vignette, the millions of leaves and birds, overkill.

Galaxtic assault is fucking garbage compared to Walker Assault, I thought people liked that mode? Why get rid of it?

The map is also trash, but, it's just the beta so who knows.

Spawns are crap, no squads, should have at least stuck with the buddy system.

Progression tied to loot crates, lol.

Flying is on point though, it's a huge improvement.

Yeah...This went from my most hyped game of the season to not even sure if I want to keep my pre-order. Sounds like I hate it, I don't, I'm having fun with it...But it needs work and with that in mind, I wonder if there's any point in buying it now instead of later when it will not only be cheaper, but will have been changed and patched for the better.
I think it's time for me to quit gaming given that a gaming journalist is writing about Battlefront 2 being too complex. For fucks sake... this hobby is going to the trash can.

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Article doesn’t do a great job backing up its insinuation that this BF2 beta is somehow more complex than BF 2015 or approaches the core BF series.

Yes, the new squad system is shite.
Yes, Theed is one of worst map layouts in a modern competitive shooter
Yes, it has classes in place of fully customizable load outs.

Those issues don’t really make this any more complicated than BF 2015 though. He portends to speak about Dice pushing this game further in complexity, but provides no clear evidence. But I fully agree that this beta pushed purchase confidence into the toilet.
I think it's time for me to quit gaming given that a gaming journalist is writing about Battlefront 2 being too complex. For fucks sake... this hobby is going to the trash can.
Its almost like there are different games made for different people.

Huh, who would have guessed?
Sad thing is I was really interested in new BF2 before paid loot boxes appeared. Now only willing to buy at severe discount for single player content
I didn't play the first game because it was worse then the old battlefront 2.
I would buy the new battlefront 2 if it didn't had lootboxes and if it had split screen multiplayer.
Right now I'm waiting for reviews and the players feedback, if it is good I will probably buy the game early next year.
How about not pulling the P2W bullshit AND not splitting the user base? What a novel idea.

Pick your poison. This isn't TiF2, this is Star Wars and EA KNOWS there'll be whales a plenty. So I would have been fine with lootboxes...IF they were cosmetics only, like in Overwatch.
I was pretty confused about how the perks and star card stuff worked. Granted I just picked it up and played it and I didn't dig deeper to see what each power did

It's not any more complicated than COD upgrades in a sense, but load out stuff is presented more clearly in COD
I don't get it.

Liked the first one.

Liked this beta. Seems like standard iteration stuff.

Day one
That's fine you're getting it. But what 'dont you get'?

Paid loot boxes to imbalance multiplayer on Day 1 as the 'whales' buy lots of loot boxes
Loot boxes with carrots-on-the-stick
Feedback loop built upon loot rather then rewarding you for your skill?
Loot boxes is their solution rather then pursuing loot boxes with harmless cosmetics at the very least? (My assumption is cosmetics like Overwatch would take actual effort though so forgive my ignorance here)

I could go on and on... But I've got better things to do with my day