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Stories of being locked out(of your house, car, whatever): post yours!

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I'm currently at work and I have a desk and all my belongings are sitting on a counter, phone included. I went downstairs to get a glass of water and came back up, tripped and ended up shutting the door. Unfortunately, the door does not open due to there not being a handle and I was seemingly stuck in the basement. I kept knocking on the door to see if my co-worker would come and let me in, but no... he was too busy watching something on Netflix with headphones on (yes, we're at work).

He did not hear me and I was stuck down there for 20 minutes before he finally realized that I never came back up.

So, what are your stories of being "locked out"? Locked out of your car, house, etc.
I want to hear your funny story!
One day when I was like 17. I went to Popeye's and locked my keys in the car and had to get my mom to drive out and bring the spare keys so I could get home.

So I get my chicken and on the way home someone rear ends me. We both pull over and get out. Luckily no one was hurt and there was no damage to either car, so we just let it be. I go to get back in my car and try to open my door. Fucking locked again. Call home again. Mom comes out again. Unlocks the door again. Drive home.

Of course when I got home the chicken was cold.


Mine isn't funny. :p

When I was 2 or 3, my parents and I lived in a coach house on my grandparents property. My parents left me with my grandparents and went out for a night out.

In the middle of the night, I got out of my grandparents house and wandered over to the coach house to look for my parents and when I couldn't get in there, I went back to my grandparents and I couldn't get back in.

Apparently my mom and dad came home at like 2ish and found me curled up on the front mat of my grandparents.

Eeeeeh. Haha.


went out to get Street fighter 4 it was snowing, i was staying at my sisters place. mind you i was walking and it was around 3 miles not so far but still. got the game, got back home didnt have the key nobody could come to open the door for me, so they called a friend and i stayed there for a couple of hours, got super sick the next day. yeah 5 hours out in the super cold day wasnt fun nor the cold that lasted 4 days.


I thought I locked myself out of my car at work once, I don't have power locks and locked the driver door with the keys inside. Thankfully my car auto unlocks the trunk, so I was able to climb through and get my keys. Unfortunately, I'm 6'2 200lbs and my car is a Chevy Spark (sub compact), so it was a tight fit.
In college, I was locked out of my dorm room after a shower. The doors were basically permanently locked and I left my key in the room. Door closes, boom, locked out.

I had to walk over to a different dorm building probably 200 yards or so away (where the emergency key office was) wearing nothing but my towel. Fortunately, it wasn't a cold day. Should have gone to class like that. Oh well, good times.


Locked my keys in the car when I went to pick up a girl for our first date. That date suddenly turned into coffee at the shop next to her place while we waited for my friend to show up.


No one was at home and they left the key in the other side of the door, so I couldn't get in. I just sat in a tree about 6ft of the ground for half hour, yeah my stories are dull.


Locked my keys in my car after losing the spare. Had to break into my car by prying the window open and using a coat hanger to try to unlock the door. This was in my apartment complex at night and I got a lot of weird looks from people driving by. Thankfully no one called the cops.
The ONE time I locked me and my wife out of our first apartment happened to be ONE HOUR before her Masters graduation ceremony.

Insanely luckily, my neighbor, who's deck shares a 6 foot wall with mine on the top floor, happened to be home and we were able to get in and grab her robes and run off to her graduation. Had he not been in we would have been hilariously fucked.
Hm... About 14 years ago I had to let the dog out and I accidentally got locked out of the house.

Luckily my parents were home, but it was like 4 in the morning so they weren't exactly happy when I started knocking on the bedroom window and woke them up.


o_O @_@ O_o
Twice now, I've left my wallet at my desk when I've come to the office to do something really quick on the weekend.

My wallet has the RFID card that lets me in to the building.

And my driver's license.

And my money.

One of those times, I had my phone charging on the desk too. Incredibly annoying.
One time I had placed something in a drawer in my bathroom and somehow it popped the drawer open. When the drawer is open, you can't open the door.

I was stuck out of my bathroom one time and my cat was stuck in there.
I think it only happened when I was eleven or so. Forgot the keys, was with my brother, think I only spend time at some neighbors until my parents came home.

When I leave the house and I know nobody is home I make sure to check my pockets a lot, so I doubt it will happen again. On the other side I do tend to forget my wallet or my entire backpack with laptop.
Once I got locked in. I was about to my leave my apartment to take an exam and the door handle fell off when I pulled it. I tried everything imaginable and could not get out. Eventually I had to basically kick the shit out of the door until it was basically broken.

In high school I once locked my keys in the car with the car on and the music blasting because I had just driven to school. Our au pair was not going to be home for a while so my car just sat in the senior parking lot with music on full volume, rattling and shit for like 5 hours.


i've been begging for over 5 years.
I was 17 and a moron. I locked my keys in my car when I went into an electronics store. It was a sweltering hot day. I went back into the electronics store and got a metal hanger they gave me from the break room. I went back outside and tried to break into my car using a coat hanger for about an hour. I was dripping with sweat and pretty pissed off that I still couldn't get into the car.

That's when my moron instinct kicked in. I looked down and saw a decent sized rock. Instead of throwing it through the window like a mere moron would I went full retard and held the rock in my hand as I broke the window. Good news I broke the window and could now get in my car, bad news I also slit my wrist. Blood is now spraying everywhere. And again instead of doing the smart thing and asking someone to call an ambulance I thought fuck it I'll take my shirt off and wrap it up.

Did that and got in the car to drive home. As I got on the main road I started feeling really light headed and noticed that blood was now seeping through my makeshift t-shirt bandage. Instead of pulling over and again asking someone to call an ambulance I made another full retard decision and tried to drive down to the fire/emt station. It was only 2 blocks away what could go wrong. I made it as far as the fire department driveway. I passed out with the car in drive and rolled through the fire department garage door.

Woke up in the hospital with several stitches on my wrist. I'm really glad I had insurance.


I have done it a few times.

But one time that sticks out in my memory is when I was 12 years old and didn't take my keys since my parents were home and I assumed I wouldn't need them. I was out with friends for a short while, ended up breaking my arm and walking home in the rain only to find the house locked with nobody home. I waited for about an hour until they came home and then went to the hospital.


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When I lived on base locked myself out of my room at like 11pm after leaving for midnight chow, luckily roommate could at least get me into the common area so I could call the dorm manager so wasnt worried figured I would be back in my room in short order. However after calling said dorm manager and hearing them in what sounded a drunken state and telling me they lived at least an hour away from base all hope was lost... Got into my room like 5+ hours later lol was boring ass time as we didnt have shit in the common area at the time.


I was going to college, and had a date with my gf before an exam. I lived in a hilly town that got a lot of snow. I lived at the top of a particularly tall hill. It was about 10 blocks up. When I backed out of my driveway, the truck started sliding down the hill sideways. It was building up speed and I could not get it under any kind of control. At the bottom of the hill was a busy one-way road, so I started to panic. Even if I somehow made it past the traffic, there was a 12' drop down to the other side of the one-way street.

I decided I had to try and ram my truck into a parking lot wall. It was a desperate attempt at stopping my runaway vehicle. I had to try something, so as not to endanger anyone's life. I gunned it towards the wall. I was in 4 wheel drive, but only started spinning. When I got to the bottom of the hill, the vehicle somehow wove between traffic and hit the curb perfectly sideways. My truck came up on 2 wheels, balanced for a second, then came back down. Luckily it was still right side up.

I was very shook up, and after a moment I drove to my gf's house for supper. As I locked the door and shut it I realized that I locked my keys in the vehicle. It was still running.


Quite a few years back I got locked out of my townhouse and had to pee so badly, so I urinated on a tree stump in my backyard.

Felt very freeing lol.


Went to Marine Land a few years back, and we were getting some cargo out of the trunk. My dad put the keys aside in the trunk for a moment to take some of the stuff out. He then shut the trunk with the keys still inside. Had to wait an hour for the professionals to show up and do their job.
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