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Story Hour: December US box art


distantmantra said:
Where is the "Only on Xbox 360" logo?

I think that the things are clear...


Diortem7 said:
Hopefully they'll have the reversible cover art like the Japanese versions.
Hahah yeah RIGHT. Nintendo of America has done nothing but prove time and again that they're completely disinterested in going the extra mile now that they're in the lead.


I may have to pick up Pikmin Wiimake
er...Wiiport didn't sound as good[/quote].

I sold my Pikmin 1 a long while back and have since regretted it. I still have Pikmin 2 and plan on picking up Pikmin 3.
bigGIRLSblouse said:
And what is this... I thought Just Cause 2 was going to be multiplatform.. Anyone have any info on why this has only on xbox 360 on the art?

Dunno, Amazon still has the PS3 version listed to launch on the same day!

I must say, the red and gold are a lovely combination on the Tenchu box.

But my interest greatly diminished when I first saw the original NA box artwork and that Ubisoft basically butchered the box's presentation.

My interest went down even further when the PSP version was announced. Though if that version never sees the light of day over here, then it technically is still a Wii-exclusive over here.

Why couldn't Ubisoft just reuse the Japanese version's name and artwork?

Then again, Shadow Assassins and Art of the Ninja don't sound better or worse than each other really. Though keeping the "4" would've been nice. Or even just calling the game Tenchu 4.

*Sigh*, what does Ubisoft have against keeping the box artwork originating from Japan intact? They did it with No More Heroes as well. :/


Tenbatsu said:
US box? Wow terrible.

No way... that Dead Rising Wii cover art is awesome.

As too is the Phantasy Star Portable cover art, actually. Makes up for all of the fail surrounding the Genesis collection.
UraMallas said:
What the hell is this? I've never even heard of it...

From the maker of Dark Sector.

It actually looks like a bit of fun. Saw it demoed a month ago at the Melbourne eGames expo.

It's an action/shooter spoof game.

Does look pretty fun.

That, was found at Amazon, through their retarded "zoom in and see one piece of this humongous box art because we're to retarded to just give you the URL to the whole thing!"

And get this: the original image I have is twice as big! flickr had to downscaled it. :/
Tenbatsu said:
US box? Wow terrible.

radjago said:
Is that Frank West?

That's actually official art from the old game. They plastered it through out the strategy guide of the 360 version, I think it's awesome. You should see the "real" versions of Brad, Jessie, Carlito, Isabella... they are crazy to look at. In a good way.

My favorite is a shot of "real" Issabella warming up to I guess you could say, a huge sniper rifle.


Gold Member
TJ Spyke said:
It's like the terrible PAL boxarts from the N64:

to be fair, the black border was an accurate representation of how PAL games looked on screen.

I actually tried to talk NOE out of the black borders in Jan 1997 once the first proofs arrived to our shock. When that failed, I asked for a special permission for Scandinavia to have the unraped art. When that failed, I cried.
Anyone else notice that in that corner, Sonic's in his Secret Rings cutscene style? As in, it looks like the cutscene will be 2D looking again, but probably this time, they'll make it look more like a book, like in classic Winnie the Pooh style perhaps?
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