Switch at 4.7 million | ARMS: 1.18 Million, Zelda: 3.92M, Mario Kart 3.54M

That's an insane attach rate for both Zelda and MK. Would be interesting to know attach rates for Mario 64 and other high profile launch games at this point after launch.

Much better than I thought, it's a genuine hit! Great numbers for only 2 weeks of sales!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is insane too, and BOTW is mad as well. Nintendo having some great results!
So with Wii U sales for BOTW, its total is easily above 5 million right? And that numbers definitely going to go up once the holidays roll around. Also the Arms number is impressive, but deserved imo. That game is fantastic.


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Very very solid results. 10 million Switches is certainly doable in the first year.
Actually I was wondering if the 10 million prediction was made because Nintendo knows they'll get that amount of Switch made during the year or if the memory shortage might jeopardize that target.

EDIT : Great for Arms, I feel like Nintendo did good by releasing it in between MK8DX and Splatoon 2.
Dayum. How come zelda's attach rate isn't higher?
Also those numbers for mk8 are great, but el what impressed me the most are ARMS numbers.
I though it would be small bomb.
Kind of surprised about ARMS. I haven't really been following that game, and kind of assumed its appeal would have suffered similarly to other fighting games in recent years. I'm assuming Injustice 2 was the best selling fighter recently, so do we have any numbers of that game to put into context?
Insane attach rates for Zelda and Mario Kart, and a solid debut for Arms- I reckon that 2-3 million could establish it as a franchise that Nintendo will revisit at some point.