The Black Culture Thread |OT17| - Thanks, Obama

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Gaffers are getting worse
Gamers. The worst humans being on th planet, without exception.
I feel like it has potential, but they need new writers and a new showrunner. And they need to watch Every Frame a Painting's video on Jackie Chan and how to shoot action. 56 cuts for a 35 second fight scene in TERRIBLE TRASH.
Nah. The show is beyond saving.

Into the bushes with it.
Getting pissed at how YouTube restricts LGBT+ vids. Even a girl just petting a cat with a LGBT+ flag drawn on notepad gets restricted.
That's fucking disgusting.
Watched the first episode of Iron Fist. It's meh. I don't really care much for the source material, but then again I didn't care for Jessica Jones' source material either so that's not an excuse. I don't really like any of these people. I mean, Danny, the dojo instructor, and crazy homeless guy are kinda alright.

Not quite the raging dumpster fire that you guys made it out to be, though.
Give it time.
Every time someone says "bacon donut", my mind always goes back to

Even though just looking at wants to give me a heart attack. I'd try it, and i don't even like bacon.
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