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The E3 2016 exhibitor/participating companies list is up

Samir Sedlar

Feb 19, 2013
Cd Projekt red has stated they intend to release the witcher 3 expansion blood and wine in the first quarter of 2016. Have they said anything about further dlc?

If not I'm really hoping for some sort of cyberpunk 2077 showing. I'd say that is one of my most anticipated games of this generation if not the most
Actually it is the first half, so probably Q2-2016 given how silent they are, and recent rumors suggested it may release in June.

Also no further DLCs/Expansions are planned, or at least they never mentioned it yet, but sure as hell they will release a Complete GOTY Edition if you ask me.

I believe they will show Cyberpunk 2077, It won't be playable, but it will have a demo and probably behind closed doors coverage, CDPR are on a roll, and I don't think they will back down.


Jun 27, 2011
Can't wait for Atlus and XSEED to show more Vita stuff than Sony.

Nintendo has a hardware reveal, so they will be the star of the show.
Sony will ignore Vita, so they will be the one I'll hate the most.

Son Of Sparda

Dec 1, 2014
Press conferences are definitely very different than "not showing up at E3." Atlus had about a million P4D demos across different media outlets at E3 2015. They've done the same in the past with their other games, too. Their games are on the E3 badge. They definitely "show up" in a big way.

Now for conferences? New Persona 5 media has definitely been Japan first until now, and I don't know if that will change. An E3 press conference segment devoted to P5? Seems unlikely.
I'm not talking about other Atlus titles tho, I'm just talking about P5. Yeah, DAN had a good showing last year (it was even in the Sony's conference) but P5 was embarrassing and that's what I'm talking about. So people really shouldn't set their expectations high in regards to P5, cause when it comes to that title, Atlus doesn't care about anywhere else but Japan.

So, while they definitely do show up to E3, them showing up usually means nothing if you are looking forward to P5. Just look at the way they handled PV#2 last year or the fact that we still haven't seen the official English version of PV#3.

I'm just gonna repeat myself one more time. When it comes to P5, rest of the world don't exist to Atlus. All that matters to them is Japan.

Soapbox Killer

Grand Nagus
Oct 30, 2015

Soon The Hype!


Unconfirmed Member
Today, March 2, 2016, nine more exhibitors were added to the list, making the total count right now 85:

  • BR-1 America
  • Logitech G
  • Next Level Racing
  • Nordic Games NA
  • Perfect World Entertainment
  • Vuzix Corporation
  • Worldwide Gaming
I guess the list is temporary then. Good to know.


Unconfirmed Member
As of today, March 16, the participating companies amount is at 98 having started at 75. Mainly small companies and institutions have been added though.