The Flash S3 |OT| It was me, Barry.


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
H.R. saved Iris. When Barry asks him to explain how, he'll just say "Drum, Barry. Drum" and then solo YYZ.
Future Barry didn't even find out who Savitar was. He's a scrub already.

Why not get Wally, Jessie, Supergirl, one-two other speedsters instead of making a time remanant?

Oh yea. Because Speedforce. Calcified Speedforce.

Meet the Robinsons was a great movie. Really underrated.
Even with those Speedsters Savitar will wreck faces. Pure, Calcified, Speed Force Faces.

His armor (Speed Force and Plot) is too good. Even if he went up against Kara he will beat her because he should have been there for the crossover and knows how to beat her (phasing).
I can't see any real satisfying conclusion to the finale.
  • The time loop is fucking whack
  • They don't have the balls to kill Iris
  • Killing another Wells somehow would be tiring, especially when it's become obvious that Tracy is a Wells replacement and not a Caitlyn replacement
  • What lesson does Barry learn? Not to be evil?
  • How has the show evolved or changed since Season 2?
Best case scenario:
  • We get a new suit in S4
  • We get Harry back
  • Barry fucks off for a bit in S4 and we have Wally
  • Someone lets poor old man Garrick out of the speedforce
  • Killer Frost is walked back as Caitlyn with powers is interesting enough
  • Jessie gets promoted to series regular
But how does Savitar give Wally powers from Flashpoint? Even the Rival? Man I feel like there's so much to explain.
The Philosopher's Stone is literally the Particle Accelerator Explosion in small form with half of it being infused with the ashes of the undead dead Speedsters which gives it Speed Force powers.
Yeah. If somehow they save her, it will diminish its impact. But if she actually is gone, then everything about this season finally makes sense.
Yeah she has to actually die for this season to have some sort of sensible conclusion. But I find it really hard to believe that Barry wouldn't just crumble as a person from all the tragedies and just lock himself in the speedforce for good.