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The (many) RPGs of 2014 - this is the year


Oct 1, 2006
We had many supposed years of the RPG before on GAF, but 2014 is about to show that sorry lot what a real year of the RPG is all about.

I only include RPGs (not MMOs or action adventures with XP) which have been confirmed for an initial (that is, no ports or re-releases) English language release in 2014. Let's start with an overview (already released games are *ed):
[B]                                                                  Battle          Dialogue      Separate Maps
           Name            Party Perspective   Coop Structure  Time    Pos.    Trees   Checks   World   Battle   Release  Platform(s)[/B]
Age of Decadence             -    Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes     Yes      Yes       -       Q2         PC          
Antharion                   Yes   Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes      ?        -        -      2014    PC,Tablets     
Apexicon                    Yes       2D        -    Linear     TB     None     Yes      -       Yes      Yes     2014       Multi         
[u]*Atelier Escha & Logy[/u]       Yes   Fixed Cam     -     Open      TB     Rows      -       -       Yes      Yes   March 11      PS3        
[u]* Blackguards[/u]               Yes   Isometric     -    Linear     TB     Hexes     ?       ?        ?        ?       Q1         PC            
Bound by Flame               -    3rd Person    -       ?     Action   Free      ?       ?        -        -       Q1        Multi      
[u]*Bravely Default[/u]            Yes   Fixed Cam     -    Linear     TB     None      -       -        ?        ?     Feb. 7       3DS       
Child of Light              Yes      Side      Yes   Linear     TB     None      -       -        ?        ?      2014       Multi
Conception II               Yes   3rd Person    -    Linear     TB    Circle?    -       -        ?       Yes    Spring    Vita,3DS
[u]* Consortium[/u]                 -    1st Person    -       ?     Action   Free     Yes      ?        -        -     Jan. 6       PC
Cosmic Star Heroine         Yes  2D Top Down    -    Linear     TB     None      ?       -       Yes       -      2014       Multi
[u]*Dark Souls II[/u]               -    3rd Person   Yes    Open    Action   Free      -       -        -        -      March      Multi
Dead State                  Yes   Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes     Yes       ?        -      March       PC
Demon Gaze                  Yes   1st Person    -       ?       TB     Rows      ?       -        -        -       Q1        Vita
Divinity: Original Sin      Yes   Isometric    Yes    Open      TB     Free     Yes     Yes       -        -     Summer       PC
Dragon Age: Inquisition     Yes   3rd Person    ?    Bioware   RTwP    Free     Yes     Yes       ?        -       Q4        Multi
Drakengard 3                Yes   3rd Person    -       ?     Action   Free      -       -        ?        -      2014        PS3
Eschalon: Book III           -    Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes     Yes      Yes       -     Feb. 14      PC
Grim Dawn                    -    Isometric    Yes    Open    Action   Free      -       -        -        -      2014        PC
Hellraid                     -    1st Person   Yes      ?     Action   Free      ?       -        ?        -      2014        PC
Legend of Grimrock 2        Yes   1st Person    -       ?       RT    Squares    ?       ?        -        -      2014        PC
Lichdom                      -    1st Person    -    Linear   Action   Free      ?       -        -        -     Summer      Multi
[u]*Lighting Returns: FF XIII[/u]   -    3rd Person    -       ?     Action   Free      -       -        ?        ?     Feb. 11    PS3,360
Lord of the Fallen           -    3rd Person    -    Linear   Action   Free      ?       -        -        -      2014       Multi
Lords of Xulima             Yes    Iso / FP     -       ?       TB     Rows     Yes      ?        ?       Yes      Q1         PC
[u]* Might & Magic X[/u]           Yes   1st Person    -     Open      TB     Rows     Yes     Yes       -        -       Q1         PC
Mount & Blade II             -    3rd Person    -     Open    Action   Free      ?       ?        ?        -      2014        PC
Mugen Souls Z               Yes   3rd Person    -       ?       TB     Free      -       -       Yes      Yes     2014        PS3
Persona Q                   Yes   1st Person    -       ?       TB       ?       -       -        ?       Yes     Q3/4        3DS
Pillars of Eternity         Yes   Isometric     -     Open     RTwP    Free     Yes     Yes      Yes       -       Q3         PC
Prisonscape                  -   2D Top Down    -    Linear     TB    Squares   Yes     Yes       -    Partially  2014        PC
Risen 3 - Titan Lords        -    3rd Person    -     Open    Action   Free     Yes      ?        -        -     August      Multi
[u]*Shadowrun: Dragonfall[/u]      Yes   Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes     Yes       -        -    February      PC
[u]*South Park: TSoT[/u]           Yes    2D Side      -       ?       TB     None     Yes      ?        ?       Yes    March 6     Multi
StarCrawlers                Yes   1st Person    -       ?       TB     None     Yes     Yes       -        -    November      PC
Sui Generis                  -    Isometric     ?     Open    Action   Free      ?       ?        -        -       May        PC
Tales of Xillia 2           Yes   Fixed Cam    Yes   Linear   Action   Free      -       -       Yes      Yes     2014        PS3
[u]* The Banner Saga[/u]           Yes   Iso / Side    -    Linear     TB    Squares    ?       ?        ?       Yes    Jan. 14      PC
The Witch and 100 Knight     -    Isometric     -     Open    Action   Free      ?       -        -        -    March 25      PS3
Trails in the Sky: SC       Yes  Iso / Fixed    -    Linear     TB     Free      ?       -        -       Yes     2014      PC,PSP
Transistor                   -    Isometric     -       ?     Action   Free      ?       -        ?        -      2014         ?
Underrail                    -    Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes      ?        -        -      2014        PC
Wasteland 2                 Yes   Isometric     -     Open      TB    Squares   Yes     Yes      Yes       -      2014        PC
[s]Witcher 3: Wild Hunt         -    3rd Person    -     Open    Action   Free     Yes      ?        -        -      2014       Multi[/s]
X                           Yes   3rd Person    ?       ?       RT     Free      -       -        -        -      2014       WiiU
Explanation of the columns: ("?" means that either the information isn't available yet or I simply don't know, if you know any of this information please post it)
  • Party: Do you control an entire party of characters?
  • Perspective: The main perspective the game is played from. ("Isometric" also counts 3D perspective projection from a traditional "isometric-like" camera perspective)
  • Coop: Does the game support cooperative play with at least 2 players?
  • Structure: Is the game more linear or open in overall structure?
  • Battles:
    - Time: How does time proceed during battles (TB = turn based; Action = real-time, action based; RT = real-time, command based; RTwP = real time with strategic pausing)
    - Positioning: How can you position your character(s) during battle? (Squares = on a square grid; Hexes = on a hexagonal grid; Free = freely in space; Row = in different rows [usually in blobbers]; None = no significant positioning [ie some JRPGs])
  • Dialogue:
    - Trees: Does the game feature dialogue trees? (something more involved than just selecting between 2 answers 5 times in the game)
    - Checks: Does the game use skill checks to gate dialogue options?
  • Separate Maps:
    - World: Is there a separate "world map" interface fro traveling to different locations?
    - Battle: Do battles take place on a separate screen from the rest of the game?
  • Release: Projected release date of the game.
  • Platform: Which platform(s) will the game be released on. (Multi = more than 2, always includes PC)

Herrre we go. I'll now go over all of those, providing some short thoughts on each. I'll not post a huge info dump, if you are interested follow the link. What makes this list better than any other? Well, it provides (when possible) one screenshot each like you will find everywhere, and one of the menus, which are the real meat of an RPG. Also, it has my personal commentary, and Durante hype points, which have been scientifically proven to be the most accurate gauge of my hype for unreleased RPGs.

Age of Decadence


Age of Decadence is a turn-based, isometric PC RPG in development since forever and is designed to be challenging. It's being made by a small indie team at Iron Tower Studios. It recently became available on Steam as an early-access game. It sits at 7/10 Durante hype points for RPGCodex cred and intransigence.



Antharion is an indie title in development at Orphic Software. I didn't know about it before someone posted it in this thread, and the graphics certainly don't look particularly enticing, but the gameplay videos show a seemingly solid turn-based RPG. The developers also promise a large, reactive open world and solid AI. In a less packed year I would be more excited about this, but as is it's only worth 3/10 Durante hype points.



A rather unique RPG in development at Actos games. In Apexicon, battles are resolved by building words from letters present on the field. Of course there are also skills and items to switch that up some, but they all seem to affect the letter board directly. I've never been a huge fan of Scrabble, so I'll leave this at 3/10 Durante hype points for innovation, but I do know some people who could go totally bonkers for a game like this.

Atelier Escha & Logy


The next Atelier game from the intrepid team at Gust (who continue to make increasingly fantastic console JRPGs while the rest of their industry crumbles). The Atelier games are JRPGs with a crafting/alchemy focus and an unusually (for the sub-genre) nonlinear story structure. Escha & Logy is notable for being the highest-rated Atelier title ever in both Famitsu and Dengeki. More importantly, it scores 9/10 Durante hype points on the back of the fact that Gust are getting better with each game.



Made by the "best German Studio", Daedalic Entertainment, Blackguards is a turn-based RPG in the "The Dark Eye" setting (an inexplicably popular German PnP RPG system/setting). They ask "What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor, but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals?". Well then. This is available on early access and got surprisingly good reviews/impressions. 7/10 Durante hype points because of good impressions and hexes.

Bound by Flame


From the people at Spiders (who brought us Mars: War Logs, which I almost bought at some point) comes this multiplatform action RPG which I know absolutely nothing about. 2/10 Durante hype points after reading the blurb on the official website.

Bravely Default


I don't know much about Square Enix' Bravely default. It's a turn-based JRPG with a job system, and many seem to consider it somewhat of a return to form for the company. And the characters don't have feet. 5/10 Durante hype points because of positive GAF impressions.

Child of Light


Part of Ubisoft's curious foray into non-AAA development, Child of Light seems to play like a side-scrolling JRPG with turn based battles. They call it "a playable poem", and it seems to be just as pretentious as that makes it sound. Could still turn out well, and if nothing else it's certainly extraordinarly beautiful. 6/10 Durante hype points because of novelty and co-op.

Conception II


Another entry in the list of games I really don't know much about, I had to watch annoying youtube let's plays to enter the information into the table for this JRPG by Spike Chunsoft. I still don't really get what's going on with the battle positioning. Anyway, it looks very moe-focused. 2/10 Durante hype points, and just since I need stuff to play on Vita.



One of the least hyped successfully crowdfunded projects I know of, Interdimensional games' debut title Consortium seems like an interesting RPG experiment. It's a first person game which takes place in a very small space (a plane basically) and focuses on depth instead of breadth (unlike most "epic" RPGs). It was just recently greenlit on Steam. I backed it, but I honestly have no idea how it will turn out. However, it gets 6/10 Durante hype points because it could be great, and because it's out very soon.

Cosmic Star Heroine


Zeboyd Games' next title which was successfully crowdfunded just a few months ago. This game seems to take primary inspiration from Chrono Trigger for its basic presentation/structure, with turn-based battles taking place directly on the exploration map. Will also feature a Suikoden-like base building mechanic. Everything sounds great to me, but since it's so far out and we haven't really seen much my hype remains at a moderate 5/10.

Dark Souls II


It's the sequel to Dark Souls by From Software. What more do you need to know? Atmospheric action RPG with a focus on exploration and player skill/caution. Also features the continuation of From's revolutionary synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer features. 10/10 Durante hype points.

Dead State


Double Bear Productions' Zombie RPG which isn't about Zombies is finally nearing its release. It's a TB isometric CRPG about managing your shelter (and the people in it) and surviving after the Zombie apocalypse. I've been watching this one for a long time, and I still think it will turn out well. 8/10 Durante hype points for Brian Mitsoda.

Demon Gaze


I actually heard about this one before, and remember the localization announcement thread, but forgot it in the initial list. Sorry about that. What I also remember is some people posting that this is actually a better dungeon crawler than it might appear. It certainly looks low budget, but I'm still somewhat curious - 4/10 Durante hype points.

Divinity: Original Sin


Divinity: Original Sin by Larian Studios is an even bigger and better game now after a successful kickstarter, and the recently released alpha is promising. It's a turn-based isometric RPG with free movement and an action point system, and billed as a spiritual successor to Ultima 7 in terms of world interactivity and structure. It also features the first integration into a story-based RPG of a coop dialogue mechanic, which is just plain neat. Easily a 10/10 on the Durante hype scale.

Dragon Age: Inquisition


Fight like a Spartan and make something awesome happen, now in a game with more than 10 months of development time. Bioware's Inquisition might even feature more than 3 unique dungeons. As you might be able to tell Dragon Age II left me somewhat skeptical. Well, at least it's RTwP in some manner, and they acknowledged 2 or 3 of the many things wrong with Dragon Age II, so it gets 3/10 Durante hype points.

Drakengard 3


I don't know all that much about the gameplay in Drakengard 3, except that it's an action RPG and you sometimes fight from a dragon. I also don't care. It's a game by many of the same people who brought us Nier, and with the same composer. That is enough to know that the story will be completely insane and to put it at 8/10 Durante hype points.

Eschalon: Book III


The final entry in the Eschalon trilogy from Basilisk games. This is one recent old-school RPG series that I completely missed. I've heard mixed reports about it, but considering how crowded 2014 is I probably won't try them now. 2/10 Durante hype points.

Grim Dawn


Grim Dawn, like Dead State, is another independent game with a long development history (at Crate Entertainment) which was stimulated by a recent crowdfunding success. It'a a Diablolike ARPG with an interesting setting and also a spiritual successor to Titan Quest (one of the best Diablo clones of all time), using the same engine. It's also available to some extent already and seems to be shaping up well. 6/10 Durante hype points for coop enemy clicking.



Techland's Hellraid appears to be an attempt to create a diablolike (with many of the staples of the genre such as co-op and loot) which playes from the first person perspective. The most exciting thing about the game to me is that the developers cite Hexen as an influence, but that's not enough to go beyond 4/10 Durante hype points (which are based mostly on the fact that co-op games get some inherent hype bonus).

Legend of Grimrock 2


This sequel to the game which reinvigorated grid-based first person dungeon blobbers looks to be much more expansive than the first game, with some solid gameplay system improvements. To my great shame I have to admit that I never finished Grimrock 1, but I'm still looking forward to this. A rock-solid 7/10 Durante hype points.



I hadn't really remembered this CryEngine title before creating this list. They bill it as a "first person spellcaster" title. While I approve of getting rid of all those characters types no one wants to play anyway (that is, non-mages), we simply don't know much about this yet. I'm also quite unconvinced by the summer 2014 release date. A skeptical 4/10 Durante hype points.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


I don't think I need to talk about this one much, even know everyone still knows the latest Final Fantasy entry. I have to admit that I'm a bit curious how Square Enix fares with the more action-y combat and supposed larger and more open area design in this one. Therefore, 4/10 Durante hype points for this Lightning dress-up simulator.


Oct 1, 2006
Lords of the Fallen


The name-dropping of Borderlands and shitty Blizzard armor design made me initially quite apprehensive about this ARPG. Together with the almost non-existence of any concrete information I'd be entirely unconvinced by the whole thing, were it not for the fact that it's being developed by Deck13, who have at least shipped a few decent titles. Still, this one has a lot to prove - 2/10 Durante hype points.

Lords of Xulima


While the title of this RPG developed by the Spaniards at Numantian games is rather generic, at least their gameplay concepts seem like a unique mix. As far as I can tell, exploration and general gameplay are isometric, while battles use a first-person perspective, and the whole thing is party based. Crowdfunded (twice) and greenlit, I'm curious if they can deliver. Sitting at an indecisive 5/10 Durante hype points.

Might & Magic X: Legacy


The second of Ubisoft's lower-budget 2014 RPG efforts, this one seems even more unlikely than the first. The last mainline might and magic game was released in 2002, and no one really expected a new entry in the series. And even if they did, not one which harkens back gameplay-wise to the Xeen games of the early 90s. This first person party-based blobber was made possible by the perseveranceof the M&M fans at Limbic Entertainment, the success of Grimrock, and the willingness of Ubisoft to finance smaller titles. The game has been in pre-release "open development" for a while now and is looking great, netting it 8/10 Durante hype points.

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord


First, let me admit that I never played any Mount & Blade game, even though I probably should have -- there are only so many hours in the day, and most of them are spent making threads about RPGs. What's interesting about Taleworld's ARPG compared to most other titles on this list is that it sits firmly on the simulation side of the simualtion/narrative RPG dichotomy, and also that its setting eschews any fantasy or science fiction magic elements. Nonetheless, it seems that this sequel will put more emphasis on a solid and varied campaign mode. If it keeps the complexity and depth I heard of in its predecessor and pairs it with a more interesting campaign I'm all there - 6/10 Durante hope points.

Mugen Souls Z


The second game for which I had to watch Youtube to fill in the table. This Compile Heart title seems to play very similarly to the latter two Neptunia games, that is turn-based battles with free character positioning. I'm not someone who dismisses IF/Compile Heart titles out of hand, but the thematic content in this one is a bit much to stomach even for me. I played Neptunia 2 and the battle system was actually rather good, but if I want more of that I'll just get Neptunia V -- no need for this. 1/10 Durante non-hype points.

Persona Q


I don't know much about this upcoming game in Atlus' most popular franchise beyond the fact that it's a Persona-themed Etrian-Odyssey-like dungeon crawler with a SD art style. Apparently you'll be able to use characters from both Persona 3 and 4 in the game. Between this year offering titles with somewhat similar basic gameplay that are much more my style (e.g. M&MX), the fact that the game is on 3DS, and my sneaking suspicion that the western branch of Atlus will once again fail to include a dual audio option, I'm expecting to give this a pass -- another 1/10.

Pillars of Eternity


The newly-named Pillars of Eternity is an RPG in the best sub-genre (isometric party-based), made by a dream-team of the best people in the industry at Obsidian (Sawyer, Avellone, Cain), using the best gameplay system for this type of game (RTwP). It will be hailed as the true spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and usher in a new glorious era of CRPGs. 11/10 Durante IGN hype points.



Prisonscape is an indie game (so indie that I can't actually find a company name for the developers!) which takes place in a prison, with the unusual twist that the player actually commited the crime. While I'm generally a bit tired of the pixel art aesthetic, this game pulls of the similarity to the SNES titles whic hinspired it rather well. More importantly, the gameplay sounds pretty involved, with lots of skills, some social interaction with other prisoners and a tactical battle system with significant positioning. We also have one of the developers here on GAF. A cautious 5/10 Durante hype points.

Risen 3 - Titan Lords


Developed by veteran studio Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver like its predecessors, Risen 3 will be another third person open world action RPG int the vein of the Gothic, and now I guess you could say Risen, series. I mostly enjoyed the first Risen, but haven't got around to playingthe second one so far - I have heard mixed impressions about it. I do plan to play it at some point though, and I hope this new entry turns out as least as well as the initial game in the series. A "not now, but maybe later" 5/10 Durante hype points.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall


After the successful release of Shadowrun Returns (the first relatively big kickstarter RPG project to be released), Harebrained Schemes return with another entry. This time around the isometric turn-based cyberpunk will allow players to save anywhere, and the main campaign is promised to be less linear than in the first title, thus eliminating two of the biggest complaints about Returns. I think they can pull it off, but after the still somewhat recent release of the first game I'm not really dying to play another, so Dragonfall gets a moderate 7/10 Durante hype points.

South Park: The Stick of Truth


This unconventional RPG from Obsidian has a rocky development history, being handed off from the corpse of THQ to Ubisoft, and delayed significantly in the process. However, the recent gameplay trailers show a promising combination of the sillyness of the setting with strong RPG mechanics and a JRPG-like battle system. And of course it's made by Obsidian. I remain intrigued at 8/10 Durante hype points.



Recently successfully kickstarted, StarCrawlers is a procedurally generated sci-fi dungeon crawler by the independent developer Juggernaut Games. Personally, I'm a huge fan of procedural generation when it comes to asset/world generation, but I don't think we are quite there yet when it comes to generating entertaining dungeon layouts/quests/narrative completely automatically in RPGs. So I'm slightly concerned on that point, but the gameplay videos they have shown so far look good, and at 6/10 Durante Hype points I'll almost certainly give this game a shot.

Sui Generis


Barely scraping by in its kickstarter, by far the most impressive aspect of Bare Mettle's Sui Generis is its engine. It supports fully physical character movement and battles, and could completely revolutionize ARPG gameplay. Based on that, and despite my uncertainty about story quality, the targeted release date or other gameplay aspects, I am hyped at 7/10 Durante hype points.

Tales of Xillia 2


I have never been a huge fan of the Tales games (even though I played and completed 4 of them), so I also don't know all that much about this one. It's obviously a JRPG with an action-based battle system, and I believe this one has one of the full 3D movement incarnations of the Tales battle system (which I prefer). Also co-op is always nice and helps put it at 4/10 Durante hype points.

The Banner Saga


Stoic caught some flak when they released a multiplayer version of their crowdfunded title before the actual game, but are now on track to rectify that. This isometric strategy RPG is remarkable for being the only crowdfunded project on this list I didn't support, and that is also indicative of my interest in it. I don't know exactly why, but for some reason this game just doesn't appeal to me. 2/10 Durante hype points.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight


Another game which I forgot about initially, but am actually familiar with. I've been following it since it was announced quite a while ago. Impressions of this action RPG from NISA from the Japanese release were mixed, but it still looks interesting and different enough in terms of premise and gameplay to be worth checking out, at around 5/10 Durante hype points.

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter


The long awaited second chapter of Falcom's Trails in the Sky is coming in 2014, thanks to Carpe Fulgur and XSeed. I played the first entry in the JRPG saga on PSP, but didn't get too far. I actually enjoyed the battle system and the pieces of story I catched, I just felt the pacing was very sluggish, and it probably wasn't helped by playing on PSP. I plan to give it another try with the PC re-release which should happen at some point before SC. In any case, so many people praising this series can't be wrong, can they? 6/10 Durante hype points.



Supergiant Games second action RPG after Bastion, this game looks to be another audio-visual treat. Sadly, I personally found Bastion to be quite boring and repetitive after the novelty of the presentation and narrative gimmick had worn off, so I can't say that I'm too hyped for this one. Nonetheless, it looks great and the setting is intriguing, so I give it 4/10 Durante hype points.



Underrail by Stygian Software is an old school turn-based isometric indie role playing game that focuses on exploration and combat. They claim inspiration from popular 90s/early 00s PC titles such as Fallout, Arcanum, Neverwinter Nights and System Shock 2. I hadn't heard about this before, but the alpha gameplay video looks quite promising (if you look beyond the graphics of course). A surprising 5/10 Durante hype points.

Wasteland 2


Wasteland 2, the first large crowdfunded RPG project, is a difficult case. While the previous track record of inXile doesn't really inspire much confidence, they organized quite a bit of talent to contribute to the game, and are reacting to fan input quite well. However, the recent "beta" is closer to an "alpha" state and still needs a lot of polish. One thing is certain: they won't make their (revised) release date. Yet, they are at least trying to do the right things, so the game sits at a positively thinking 7/10 Durante hype points.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


CD Projekt RED are reaching for the stars with the next-gen-as-fuck open-world Witcher 3. Witcher 2 is still likely the best looking RPG of all time, and #3 seems to follow in its footsteps at least in that regard. We don't really know all that much about the title's gameplay systems yet, except that it will be open world, and that Geralt can now jump and even climb. Anyway, what we've seen together with the company's track record is enough to put this at 8/10 Durante hype points -- more if it didn't feel so far off still.


Another title about which we don't really have much concrete information. We know that it's being made by Monolithsoft for the Wii U, and we know that it's open world, and we know that it has mechs. While I wasn't as enamoured with Xenoblade Chronicles as many on GAF were (the repetitive sidequests really dragged down the experience for me), I can't say that I'm not at least a bit hyped for X, especially after seeing that logo as an old Xenogears fan - let's say 7/10 Durante hype points.

(Note: Durante hype points are not a measure of [expected] objective or even subjective quality)

Well, that took a while. Remind me to never, ever do this again. If I missed any games (which fit the criteria specified up top) then let me know!

Also, this is the first time I hit the post size limit.


Oct 1, 2006
No Persona 5?
but where's fallout 4?

"I only include RPGs (not MMOs or action adventures with XP) which have been confirmed for an initial (that is, no ports or re-releases) English language release in 2014."

Im really looking forward to Bravery Default, is wasteland 2 turn based strategy?
Look at the table:
Wasteland 2               Yes   Isometric     -     Open      [B]TB    [/B]Squares   Yes     Yes      Yes       -      2014      PC

Nice thread! I reeeaaally hope we get more information on X soon.
Thanks (it took ~5 hours to make), and me too.


Jul 13, 2013
Nice job OP! Really hyped for several things on that list, like Beavely Default, Lightning Returns, Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition.


Jul 29, 2011
Drakengard 3, Child of Light and Ore Shika yadda, yadda, yadda look interesting to me. Dark Souls II and TiTS 2 will be great and Bravely Default should be good too.

No Persona 5?

Not much to write about yet. Persona Q or whatever, that should go up.


Jun 22, 2012
I haven't played a Might and Magic game since VII and really enjoyed it. How similar to that is this new one going to be; anyone know?


Mar 26, 2013
Thanks durante, 2 games never heard of them before added to my list: Sui Generis and Grim Dawn.


Jul 3, 2013
Look at the table:
Wasteland 2               Yes   Isometric     -     Open      [B]TB    [/B]Squares   Yes     Yes      Yes       -      2014      PC

My bad, the post was so epic that the table never loaded on my browser. Well it seems next year is as good a time as any to venture into wrpgs.


Feb 7, 2012
How about the Tales of Symphonia HD remake? Seems it would fit the criteria.

Nevermind you said no ports or remakes.

I do think that FF X and Symphonia make a stronger list though.


Jun 7, 2010
Damn, I have nine, maybe ten if Persona 5 comes out this year, RPGs that I am excited for. Maybe more pending if I can ever get into Dark Souls and if I give Dead State a try.

Super hyped for Witcher III (I'll replay the other two games when that time comes), South Park, and Eternity. Obsidan owns the WRPG genre.


Oct 18, 2011
The newly-named Pillars of Eternity is an RPG in the best sub-genre (isometric party-based), made by a dream-team of the best people in the industry at Obsidian (Sawyer, Avellone, Cain), using the best gameplay system for this type of game (RTwP). It will be hailed as the true spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and usher in a new glorious era of CRPGs. 11/10 Durante IGN hype points.

I give this description 10/10 Durante hype points

I like how there is a RPG for everyone, wether you are a JRPG, WRPG or AnyRPG fan. Also, it's pretty cool that the genre will have some strong games on all platforms

syko de4d

Nov 5, 2010
Great Year, i will buy:
Dark Souls II
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Pillars of Eternity
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Witcher 3

Interested in but wait for Impressions/Reviews:
Divinity: Original Sin
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Wasteland 2
Lords of the Fallen
X (if i buy a WiiU)

The rest can suprise me, will buy it if good :p


Nov 5, 2013
Hoping, even praying that child of light will be untainted by Uplay.

I'm shit out of luck, am I?


Apr 5, 2012
Awesome thread ! Dark Souls 2 , Pillars of Eternity , Witcher 3 and DA : Inquisition for me . When I'm reading the OP top to bottom , I know the hype will shoot through the roof on Pillars of Eternity .

Hmm .. Persona 5 might see a Japanese release though .


Oct 20, 2011
Fantastic list, now I don't have to bother listing & tracking all the upcoming rpgs I'm interested in since you've done it for me. Never even heard of Sui Generis before, what rock has that been hidden under? Combat looks pretty interesting at the very least.
Jun 9, 2011
I await the CRPG Renaissance with bated breath. Witcher 3 might be good too, if the combat doesn't kinda suck like Witcher 2. South Park I'm hopeful for.

Aside from that, I'm probably gonna play half of the JRPGs on this list as well.

Thanks for this thread.


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May 10, 2009
I will own most of these, but damn I want more on Vita and PS4. By far my favorite genre, and I am ready for some next gen treatments (and remote play)


Oct 27, 2013
If the crpgs deliver on their promises they will be better. I'm also looking forward to Witcher 2 and South Park more than DS2.

Witcher games are lacking in term of gameplay, the combat mechanic is just not up to par to the Souls games


Dec 6, 2008
OP you just made next year look a lot brighter!
Bravely Default can;t come soon enough!
I'm fiending for some RPG goodness.


Jan 3, 2013
I'm playing Dark Souls for the first time and while I think it's great. I'm not sure I want to go through a similar experience again...

Amazing list btw, Consortium does sound neat. Will buy it if it's not overpriced.


Dec 3, 2011
Dark Souls 2 is The King of 2014 RPG, no competition there
I loved (and still love) Dark Souls to a crazy extent, but that's quite a bold claim right there.

For a start, DS2 has yet to prove that it can live up to its predecessor.
Beside that, the competition would be fierce regardless of how good it turns out to be.


Feb 7, 2005
Surrey, BC
Going to be a great year if even half of these things ship. I already have wasteland, pillars, and dead state. For sure I will be getting the new shadowrun on day 1.

For the witcher I will need to try to get through part 2 first. The first game took me years to finish.

Consortium sounds interesting to try when it comes out, or at least look at closely.

I only include RPGs (not MMOs or action adventures with XP) which have been confirmed for an initial (that is, no ports or re-releases) English language release in 2014. Let's start with an overview:
I have always considered the souls series one of these and thought that anyone considering them a jrpg just really wanted to win a list war.