The NEW NeoGAF Tinychat: Mischief. Mayhem. Party Pig Dance Parties.

DeathNote said:
yo dawg, you should have a irc chatroom that talks about this thread, that talks about your tiny chat, where you talk. community forum please.
If you don't like it, don't enter the thread. It's a simple concept. If it was moved to the community forum, then the exposure to get people in the tinychat would be practically nothing.

Really, I can't imagine that this thread being in off-topic disrupts your GAF broswing. It's not even that big thread. Usually threads that start in off-topic get moved because they've grown too large, we're nowhere near that.


Vied for a tag related to cocks, so here it is.
Good lord, sounds like i missed a whole load of fun. Damn you American time.