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The Official Final Fantasy XIII TRIAL VERSION Thread


Crystal Bearer

Release: 4/16/2009
Price: 5,900 yen
Players: 1
For PlayStation 3

  • Demo will be approximately 1 hour in length.
  • The demo represents the game as it was back in December 2008. Only 50% of the battle system is in place-- a very basic system.
  • You can play as Lightning and Snow.
  • Items are locked in the demo.

Active. Time. Battle.

  • Spells are available in the demo, but they will not be during the full game in the beginning.
  • Extra attacks by party members will be automatic in the demo, but manual in the full game.
  • There are "jump points" on the field where you can jump.
  • The battle fanfare is also absent from the demo.


わざ - waza - Skill / Technique
黒魔法 - Black magic
白魔法 - White magic


(Δ) コマンド - komando - Command
たたかう - tatakau - Attack // うちあげ - uchiage - Launch
ファイア - faia - Fire // ファイガ - faiga - Firaga
ケアル - kearu - Cure


(Δ) コマンド - komando - Command
たたかう - tatakau - Attack // うちあげ - uchiage - Launch
ブリザド - burizado - Blizzard // ブリザガ - burizaga - Blizzaga
ケアル - kearu - Cure

KTallguy said:
Yea, this demo is the best fucking thing ever.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed.
The battle system is VERY fast!

But once I figured out the break system ... I was like OMG OMG.
The basic idea of the battle system is to break stronger enemies.
Then you can launch them for big damage.

The way to break enemies seems to be mainly with timing your attacks well.


Like... the boss theme is so fucking amazing.
And the battle theme of the demo has several patterns, but the one from the original trailer is in and it sounds better than ever.

The graphics are OMGOMGOMGOMG and I'm not fucking kidding.
The characters are so detailed it's almost like a fucking lie when you first see it.
They show a CG intro first, and then get you into the real meat of the gameplay, so at first I was like oh... it doesn't look as good as the CG... then the character close ups and I'm like ........ ........

And then it zooms out for battle and I'm like .......

Yea, you guys who imported are in for a treat.

The areas are linear but oh so filled with cool little triggered moments, like as your walking there will be explosions or strafing gunfire from jets or all this other shit. At first it's a bit disorienting, to be honest.

Lightning is a complete bitch and it's awesome. It's pretty hilarious because she just doesn't give a fuck about anything but her mission, and Sahz (however the fuck you spell it) is an interesting combination, he's not a tough guy, but he's not a wimp. Snow is your cocky hero-do-gooder, which is going to be a good foil for Lightning, and the Nora guys are OK, better than I thought actually. The voice acting for all of the characters is great.

I'm going to play it again now.

RevenantKioku said:
They are definitely holding back in this demo. That much is easy enough to tell. They just wanted us to get a taste of it and not that I wasn't going to buy the thing anyway, they managed to squeeze some money out of me on a bad movie. Go them!

Assuming a customization system no worse than the license board system, we have fun battles ahead. Knocking enemies up in the air and then hitting them with magic and then an attack was fun. -ga spells hitting multiple targets was nice to see. The damage of the -ga spells seemed to be less if I spammed 3 regulars at an enemy, but then again the -ga spells hit multiple enemies and tended to knock them over, which means more time for your bars to fill up and you get a new attack in.

I want to say positioning matters and it doesn't. Timing may be a more apt thing. I had Lightning interrupt an enemy that was attacking Sazh one time. I also had an enemy interrupt Snow's Launch, but he got his Blizzard and Attack to go through. I also had Snow set to attack an enemy that was standing behind another, and the enemy got in the way and my attacks whiffed.

You only controlled one character but there was a flag showing who you were controlling. Perhaps it will be like FF12 where there is a leader select? Sazh's HP was showing so he'll be a permanent (or as to say, customizable) character, whereas Snow's two buddies whose names escape my memory at the moment had ??? listed for their HP. I'm really hoping they will have a leader change option, but if not I don't see that offending me too much as long as my customization is there.

Chests only contained money. Is this telling us there will be no items? There sure is no item command in battle, but again, what are they holding from us? Mind you, I have read nothing about this game. Only watched the trailer released a bit back and played this demo.

But the main point of this demo is to tease you. There is no doubt about it.

Guess I'll watch Advent Children now.

BudokaiMR2 said:
Demo was pretty damn fun but they really go out of their way to not give you much.

Was pretty disappointed you couldn't control the other party members but it didn't take away from my enjoyment.

The battle system is really fast and flows pretty well I feel. I started to get the hang of it better at the end of Snow's part. Gonna play it a couple more times today I think.

thetrin said:
There should be a law against buying a product for the sole purpose of getting at its free pack-in. Though, if that was the case, I suppose I would be jail, along with droves of Final Fantasy fans. Prisons would even more overpopulated than they are now. Rapists and murderers would walk the streets in search of new prey, while innocent but gullible consumers would be sitting in cells, cursing the day they bought Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete.

After all, that might be the biggest reason most Japanese gamers picked up the Blu Ray release of the Final Fantasy CG movie, even if they already owned the same movie on DVD. The movie itself has new added scenes and crisper high resolution visuals, sure, but it was the inclusion of the long awaited Final Fantasy XIII demo that pushed the box set to the top of hundreds of Most Wanted Lists.

When the very first trailer for Final Fantasy XIII was revealed, it was pretty hard to figure out what exactly the battle system was, but it was obviously very stylish. The Heads Up Display has changed a little bit since then. Gone is the humorous “Blizzrad” misspelling. In fact, almost all of the English is gone. It looks like the Japanese version will have full Japanese menus as well (with Japanese games, you can never be sure; the demo itself still has English sprinkled around in random places).

Let’s get this out of the way first: the game is beautiful. The demo is absolutely gorgeous, and when you consider that much of the frame rate issues and low resolution textures found in the demo have already been fixed in recent builds of the final game, it is very hard to find things to complain about. In fact, the demo seems to look better and better as you continue to play. Each of the characters is rendered meticulously, and there seems to be little difference between the fidelity of the cut scene models and those the player uses in battle. From Snow’s beard shadow to the threads and fibers in Lightning’s clothing, the attention to detail even in this demo is mind blowing.

There have been complaints about the generic nature of the art style, and while that is a valid argument at this point in the game, there are signs that the game has its heart in the right place. It’s hard to judge atmosphere from such a small chunk of the game, so perhaps it is better to reserve judgment for the final product, especially when the game seems like it have drastic atmospheric changes throughout the game.

The very first battle seamlessly flows from the cut scene that sets it up, but don’t get chummy with the idea. Final Fantasy XIII still does screen transitions for regular battles. It’s unknown why exactly. All enemies involved in the battle are visible on the field (not just a single unit representing a group), and there does not seem to be any loading leading into battle. The transition is quick and unobtrusive, though a friend who played the demo with me said he missed the dramatic wipes and shattered glass. To each their own, I suppose.

The battle system itself is simple enough. Each character has a traditional ATB (Active Time Battle) bar that always fills over time, but segmented into three parts. Each attack, skill and magic uses between one and three bars. When issuing orders, players choose a combination of attacks that add up to 3, and then hit triangle or press the “Issue Command” button to push the combo through to the AI to perform. The player is forced to choose a target before picking skills, though, so it’s impossible to split a command string between two enemies, or even an enemy and an ally. If you intend to heal a teammate or yourself, you will have to dedicate a command string to them.

Despite all of this, the battle system is fast, flashy, and even a little intricate. Players can launch enemies into the air and combo aerial attacks, or even throw magic attacks into a group and hit everyone. Because of the inclusion of the Issue Command button, players even have the choice of using a single attack to finish off a heavily damaged foe instead of wasting the entire ATB bar, adding a level of strategy to ATB conservation and use.

There doesn’t seem to be mana dependency at all, though. In the interest of simplicity, perhaps, magic relies solely on the ATB, with each more powerful magic requiring a larger bite of the bar to use. Square Enix has stated in the past that the demo does not contain the “entire” battle system, but what that means is still a mystery. Most good games never give you everything at the beginning of the game and tend to layer the complexity on as the player gets more and more familiar with what they’ve learned, but it is unclear whether this demo is just from the beginning of the game, or if Square Enix forcibly ripped pieces of the system out for the purposes of the demo.

There probably will not be much news about Final Fantasy XIII until this winter, when the game is set to ship in Japan. For now, it is safe to say that from this slice of the full game, it looks like the next iteration in the world’s most famous RPG series is in good hands.

TheChillyAcademic said:
Ok here it is, my chilly impressions.


Starting up the demo, I was both absolutely thrilled and terrified, a dangerous cocktail to be sure. I was looking forward to playing the game (HYPE) but was also skeptical, I tried to balance my irrational cravings. As the title screen washed in, light piano music dancing melodically through the background, I immediately start the game...

Impressions: Overall

You've all seen the videos (and if you haven't you really should) so going step by step would be a waste of time. The intro is both exciting and action packed, obviously it isn't the Intro Cinema the game will use, but its serviceable. When the game switches from CG to the in game engine, the transition is beautifully seamless and, as is par for most technically impressive games this gen, there isn't a shockingly stark contrast between the two. As the scene that follows come to a close there are some frame rate hiccups, due most likely to the fact that this is an early build.

The field screen is clean and sharp, details of objects in the distance as well as the resolutions and textures up close are absolutely beautiful. Whats most shocking is the character models, all of the characters who follow and fight with you are animated gorgeously both in battle and out. Standing still and forcing Lightning into the "idle" animation is flooring. This is the first time, in any modern RPG, I have felt as if I was controlling a CG. The subtle movements of clothing and hair, the realistic blinking and pursing of lips as she impatiently sighs is spellbinding. The characterization is brought to life not only through the dialogue and plot, but through the movements and gestures of the characters themselves.

While I agree that some of the character designs are...extreme, they aren't anything new for Nomura and aren't nearly as ridiculous as some people want to believe.

Battle Time!!

Haters be damned, while there are still screen transitions, the flow isn't as ruined from field to battle as some here would have you believe.

As most have said, the battles feel like a mix between X and X-2. They have the pace of X-2, but still hold onto some of the traditions of the turn based system. That being said, for me personally they remind me greatly of the menu and battle system in Kingdom Hearts. You're only able to control one character in the demo but it serves to teach you the ups and downs of combat. Very much in the vein of say FFIV, as you choose your combat options, in this case healing or attacking, the enemy is constantly on the move. If you choose to, say attack, you are given several options, including magic and physical attacks. Lightning is given Fire and Firaga while Snow is given Blizzard and Blizzaga (might actually be Blizzara). The spells themselves are "cast" much as they were in XII, quick magic missiles. Since magic is cast so quickly and the damage so immediate, spells work almost like physical attacks, their use is generally needed, at least so far, to break the forward defense of an enemy before they can be combo'd (more on that later). The demo has a spread of enemies who are much weaker to magic then others but these enemies are more likely to interrupt your action so they need to be used intelligently.

In battle you are given three "slots" to perform anywhere from 1 to 3 attacks per "turn". Some attacks, like a standard physical strike or single target magic spell, only take one slot while others, such as Fiagra, take all three. This is also the case for healing through magic, you can stack anywhere from one to three cure spells to be used on a single target. Before both attacking and healing you must designate a particular target, though going back through the menu and choosing a different one is done so quickly its nearly instantaneous. Healing and/or using items works almost identical to how it has in FF's since the very beginning, though again in this case you must choose a target before use. Just as it is possible to interrupt enemies attacks, they can interrupt yours and if they do so, you loose whatever chunk of the ATB gauge you had delegated for your initial attack.

The battles move along at a hell of a pace, not nearly as chaotic as X-2 but not as ridged and static as X's. Since every action, enemy and ally alike, occurs in realtime, knowing what attacks to use as well as when it is most profitable to attack is paramount. Enemies also act intelligently, one may try to rush you with a close up physical attack while another sprays you with bullets. Most battles that take place in the demo are against 2+ foes and this serves to highlight the depth and flexibility of the combo system. While consistently (meaning without taking damage or being interrupted) beating down on an enemy will net you decent gains in your bonus meter, effectively stacking your attacks into combos is where the real points are gained. While its just as easy to have both you and your allies stack physical attacks or magic, mixing up the commands allows you to combo. As opposed to, say, casting three straight Fire spells in a row you might want to physically attack an enemy, then launch them into the air and then finish them off with a fire spell before they hit the ground. Even with the limited options available in the demo there is plenty variety in combos and since you are able to issue commands to your allies, the stash of combos you have is nearly doubled. You have Snow cast Blizzaga into the central target in a group of enemies, as the enemies take damage and are blasted into the air, you command Osaka Whore to blast the target in mid air, effectively doubling the damage her physical attack deals.

The two (three) Boss Battles in the demo give a good indication of both the difficulty the final game will represent and the varied approaches that are needed to tackle certain situations. There are times when a boss opens itself up for a direct hit at its weakspot, giving you the chance to score massive damage, but at the same time, if you miss the opportunity to strike, you will be pummeled with a very powerful attack. During battle your teammates will assist you, taking commands seamlessly and healing you with items when your HP reaches critical levels.

All in all the combat is fast, furious and fun, if not initially a tad confusing. Even so, the mix of old and new gives the battle system a refreshing feeling, mirroring almost exactly the sense of urgency and quick movement the very first trailers of FFXIII displayed.


I hate to tread old ground, but again I am reminded of a mix of both Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. The Cocoon oozes a Midgar esque vibe and the music matches it. While not synth heavy, the orchestrations are sharp and biting, they aren't allowed to ebb and flow romantically. Given the setting of the demo, they couldn't be more spot on. The VA is up to the par as far as well voiced RPGs go, but since I'm one of the few people who enjoy dub jobs, this is a moot point.

An amazing demo for an equally amazing game.

Thank you for playing! Coming Winter 2009


Android18a said:
1) I've ordered the blu-ray set just for this.
2) A thread for a demo for a game thats more than a year off? Excellent!

i guarantee this thread will be 50 pages by the end of next week :lol


Tideas said:
al ot of oyu guys paid $90 for this?

No wonder the world's in a shithole with money. lol

Paid $75. I'm not proud of it, but this is one of the few exceptions I'll fork out the cash. Some are paying more for that PS3 bundle! HARDCORE!


Neo Member
Oh man! Just for a split second I was thinking that maybe I should drop 90$ for this, despite the fact that I don´t own a japanese system. I mean, are there any plans of releasing this alongside the movie when it comes state side?
Oh man I want this. I'll be holding off as I don't have the money but I want this so bad.

I've been replaying FFXII the past couple of days and forgot how much I loved that game.


Mechar said:
Oh man! Just for a second I was thinking that maybe I should drop 90$ for this, despite the fact that I don´t own a japanese system. I mean, are there any plans of releasing this alongside the movie when it comes state side?

demo is region-free


What? I have to pay $60 for a DEMO!?!?!? Fuck that. I want to play this, but charge me full price for a fucking demo? Really?!?


Mechar said:
Oh man! Just for a second I was thinking that maybe I should drop 90$ for this, despite the fact that I don´t own a japanese system. I mean, are there any plans of releasing this alongside the movie when it comes state side?
Well, the demo should be region-free, and the blu-ray should play if you're in the US. (US & JP are in the same BD region)

US version will get 'an exclusive peek' at the game, but I doubt a playable demo.


-PXG- said:
What? I have to pay $60 for a DEMO!?!?!? Fuck that. I want to play this, but charge me full price for a fucking demo? Really?!?

Hey c'mon. Tons of people bought the Halo 3 multiplayer Demo with Crackdown on the side.

Deleted member 20920

Unconfirmed Member
Tideas said:
al ot of oyu guys paid $90 for this?

No wonder the world's in a shithole with money. lol

I paid US$65 plus shipping. Not a bad deal since I didn't buy FFVII AC in the first place.Plus the demo's long.

-PXG- said:
What? I have to pay $60 for a DEMO!?!?!? Fuck that. I want to play this, but charge me full price for a fucking demo? Really?!?

Technically the demo's at 1000 yen. Since the version without the demo is priced at 4900 instead of 5900.


-PXG- said:
What? I have to pay $60 for a DEMO!?!?!? Fuck that. I want to play this, but charge me full price for a fucking demo? Really?!?
throw in some more punctuation I don't quite feel the depth of your rage
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