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The Order 1886 Review Thread

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Oct 29, 2014
Current Metacritic: 65

JeuxVideo Magazine: 15/20

[Translated by Conduit] Gameplay : Very simple but efficient action scenes, a large amount of QTE and some poor sneaking levels.
Graphics : Top notch textures, mind blowing effects and no transition between game and cinematics. Awesome.
Sound: Really good ambiant score, good dialogs, and good feedback from the weapons.
Duration :Almost 7 hours, without running, which is a bit short (knowing that cinematics is half the duration..).
Global : A lovely object, between a movie and a game. Some can considers it half-win or half-fail, it is the way you love Videogames that will be decisive.

Gamepur: 9.5/10

This is a game where everything just comes together perfectly, the audio, characters, the story and when you reach the end you can't help but think back at the experience you just witnessed.

Gameplane: 89%

[Google Translated] Ready At Dawn provides an outstanding start to the PS4. Anyone who can start with sharp graphics, a great story, which is excellently presented and a sound that has no equal, something that should definitely strike. All those who how much content they receive calculate exactly one euro invested, however, think again about buying.

Forbes: 6.5

While I can’t recommend you spend full price, I do think it’s worth checking out at some point—either when the price drops, or as a rental, or borrowed from a friend. It’s a really gorgeous game, and I don’t at all regret my time spent playing it. I’m certainly rooting for a sequel—one that can maintain its vision of being story-driven and compelling, but that pushes even harder to be a good game. Ambition is all well and good so long as the core mechanics are sound. And they simply aren’t sound in The Order: 1886.

CraveOnline: 6/10

The Order: 1886 ends on a note that displays a full intention for there to be subsequent releases in the franchise. But in this day and age there isn’t any room for games that are costly to craft, and don’t stand out enough to be impactful. It’d be a surprise if a sequel ever saw the light of day.

4Gamers: 75/100

[Google Translated] This is undoubtedly an artistic masterpiece. More so, we believe it is the time of writing the most impressive game on any platform. That is a serious statement, but we would not say anything if we were not sure. The framerate is also very smooth with no noticeable drops and the audio is at a similar level as the graphics. This is the reason that many people look forward to this title and shall certainly not disappoint. Rather, it has fully met our expectations and even exceeded.


It's shallow fun while it lasts, but The Order feels dated before its time. Despite being the PlayStation 4's new poster child, the latest pretty face for the new generation, Ready at Dawn's truncated epic feels like a product of the year of its inception - a time when the world was in thrall to Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain, and before the prescribed dramatics of Quantic Dream turned sour with Beyond: Two Souls. The result is an earnest game, sometimes disarmingly so. There are no levelling weapons, no branching narrative decisions, no litany of unlockables - and there's absolutely no reason to return once it's all over.

IGN: 6.5/10

The basic conflict at the heart of The Order: 1886 is that considerations for a cinematic approach are prioritized above the needs of basic gameplay. Its best aspects are its stunning looks, atmosphere, and style – which are truly fantastic – and entertaining fiction. But the shallow, slow, and generic quick-time event-riddled gameplay make it feel like an experience that would've been better served by a non-interactive movie than a game. With no multiplayer, and no reason to revisit the short and stunted single-player campaign once it’s been completed, there just isn’t a lot to it.

Videogamer: 6/10

The Order is a beautiful dud. Instead of building the core mechanics and then wrapping everything else around it, instead it appears Ready at Dawn made a movie and wondered how to put a game into it. By all accounts it still hasn't worked it out.

Gamespot: 5/10

What, then, to make of The Order: 1886? It is, at best, perfectly playable, and lovely to look at and listen to. But it is also the face of mediocrity and missed opportunities. A bad game can make a case for itself. A boring one is harder to forgive.

Escapist: 3/5

The Order: 1886 is bland gameplay wrapped in admittedly gorgeous next generation graphics. It's not bad through and through, it's just disappointing.

Kotaku: No

The Order: 1886 doesn't feel like the product of someone's grand vision; it feels like the tatters of that vision have been gathered, taped together, and presented as complete. The best I can say of it is that its premise is just novel enough to feel wasted. As I played, I kept wishing for some hint of inspiration, a dash of spirit to warm me against the chilly downpour of mediocrity. I found none

Polygon: 5.5

The one area where The Order surpasses the "been there, shot that" vibe is in its presentation. There is, in my estimation, no better looking game on consoles. Victorian London is rendered in beautiful, exacting, sooty detail with just enough steampunk flourishes to make it seem otherworldly. The shift in fidelity between cutscene and gameplay is so imperceptible that it's hardly worth discerning between the two. Though hopelessly outdated from a mechanical perspective, The Order: 1886 is at least decked out in its next-generation finest.

Jimquisiton: 6.5/10

Open-world games aren't going anywhere, and I don't want them to, but The Order is proof that there's still a place for linear, cinematic gaming experiences. It may look like a modern game, but The Order is a throwback to some of the best releases from the PlayStation 2: games that didn’t need a massive world to tell a cool story. It turns out I really missed that.

EGM: 4.5/10

The Order: 1886 is a paper-thin PS4 launch title delivered 15 months behind schedule. It’s nowhere near as profound or innovative as it thinks it is—the epitome of all style and no substance.

Giant Bomb: 2/5

There are things here worth checking out, but the action feels half-cocked and you'll be finished with it in an afternoon. I won't pretend to guess at how much $60 means to you, dear reader, but I will say that The Order is a middling experience with a couple of bright flashes that only serve to remind you that this could be a more interesting game if more of its ideas were fully formed. If you're bent on seeing The Order for yourself, you should probably rent it.

GameTrailers: 8.2


Simple and entertaining is how we’d best summarize our experience with The Order 1886. It’s bound to disappoint those hyping the game's release but it’s hard to ignore its issues. It’s an aesthetically stunning game that also falls flat thanks to a dearth of content and lack of boldness.

MetroUK: 4/10

Ready at Dawn clearly object to the idea of interrupting their pretty graphics with something as trivial as gameplay, but despite their claims they don’t seem to have any real interest in storytelling either. Perhaps their programmers should have taken their obvious talents to ILM or some other visual effects company, because they clearly have no appetite for interactive entertainment.

We Got This Covered: 3/5

The Order: 1886 is a disappointing and short game that fails to live up to the hype that surrounds it. However, if you're willing to overlook its faults and sit through its abundance of lengthy cutscenes, you'll find that there's some fun to be had. It's fleeting, but it's there.

Playstation Lifestyle: 8/10

The Order: 1886 flaunts its interactive cinematic presentation, and it plays that card well. Despite this, it will continue to incite debate about overall length, being story heavy, and not allowing much freedom for the player. If these are things that bother you, then The Order was not developed for you. The decision will need to be where each player places value in their video games. This is an immersive game for people who want to sit back — or on the edge of their seat — and let themselves become engrossed in the story of a Knight in turmoil fighting against a supernatural force.


Feb 5, 2013

Shpeshal Nick

aka Collingwood
Mar 16, 2007
Semi known website. Average score.

2 unknown randoms. Good scores.

Hm. Wont make the same mistake as Ryse. I let the reviews stop me buying. I ended up loving Ryse.


Jul 30, 2013
Is the review thread just for the bigger sites or are all sites welcome?



The Order: 1886 may have a storyline that lacks in terms of its character development, but the rest of the title feels adequate in all its gameplay and story-driven elements. The characters are so intriguing, that they make me want to learn more about them, though I sadly cannot even after finishing. The mystery of The Order feels authentic and built on real-world lore, and the steadfast action throughout the course of the chapters builds quite a tension in the cinematic screen space with high resolution textures and attention paid to intricate character details. The Order: 1886 leaves me wanting a lot more partly because it is so good and partly because it feels somewhat underwhelming in its lack of character delivery.


May 16, 2012
Let's not repeat the previous thread, shall we?
Shameless GIF repost because the first review thread closed before I could get it in there.



Jul 28, 2007
ONPSX.de had a review yesterday as well which was a 7.5. It looks like they took it down though.

I saw another German review yesterday.. it looks to be removed now. but I took some screens..


it was here.. [url]http://www.onpsx.de/[/url][/QUOTE]

Yeah that's the one I meant.
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