The Sinking City - "City Generator" Tech Demo

We call this procedural modeling/generation which is pretty cool but nothing new.
Two well known titles which use this technique are Hellgate London and Minecraft.
But this way every street and road will look the same or very similar to others. Sure, buildings may have variations but what about anything else in a functional city?
Procedural map generation is nothing new. It also doesn't work very well.

The brain is extremely efficient at detecting patterns and repetitions. The more detailed and complex the building blocks are, the easier is for the brain to see through those tricks. Usually, artists must go to great lengths in order to hide repetitions with elements such as textures or prop placement. Unless they go ahead and customize the hell of those procedural streets (and then, why not build them by hand to begin with?) they will end up with kilometers of samey streets that are not worth exploring.

Games where exploration is not the point (Diablo), or those using very simple graphics and building blocks (Minecraft) can make it work, but even then the generated maps are not very interesting compared to anything made by a real person.