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The state of the industry in 2021 - Are games becoming progressively shittier over time or is that perception just a symptom of getting older?


Sep 29, 2019
They’re definitely getting more and more woke by the minute, so, yes, overall the gaming industry is getting worse.


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Aug 22, 2020
Games are better now than they ever have been. Go play some old ones you loved and see how they hold up to todays standards.
Played Sonic 2 Decompiled today. Good fun that i hadn't in a while.

Guess i missed the simple on-the point fun over spectacle and subtle sales pitches for digital transactions. QOL show you the real face of these things.

Major games did degrate overtime since ps3/360... To give an personal example, I will never touch Grand Turismo ever again since they sold me the demo they called GT6.


Jul 26, 2013
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Gaming has become so broad it's like the film industry. No one watches every single movie, they either watch the biggest/most advertised movie, or they pick their genre or director and go with that. If you want to get into gaming more research game companies, game directors, music composers, etc. and explore what they are doing past and present. Do something more than buy cyberpunk because IGN says so for 18 months and then complain about what Polygon said about it, etc, etc.

So many gamers are just focused on graphics, sales, and whatever the media is ranting about it. None of that really matters when you're deep into a game. Gameplay, story, music.. who made the ones you like and how do you get more of it?

For example you could be like.. where is that famous bioware writer who did mass effect 1 and 2 now? Go read his book. Then play baldurs gate 2.. then see if you can pick out what the hell he contributed to anthem. Be interested and educated.
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Jun 11, 2020
shittier? nope ,

i think the problem is plateauing on tech , for many years it staled , and had only little injections of new thought , of control, in the box given for creation... , the next inception of gaming , would 100% be in the v.r genre , as it is a , truly next step , into possible implications , of truly , new , immersive experiences , via active grips , evoking pressure on palms , pressure pads on body for hits , sound , in a 3d space , etc , once mobility is sorted in v.r , then i think the next plateau , along with more realist visuals , and physics in a 3d game world,

..., would be external , vr rooms , akin to star trek holo deck.

if you want more game than that , go para sail off a mountain for,... *coughs* for real...

i have spoken.


Dec 6, 2020
Same with movies / shows. Everything is becoming shittier. Best way to deal with this is to not waste your time or money on it. Start a new hobby like fishing or something 😂
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Naked Lunch

Oct 17, 2011
New games are 99% fucking trash. Its well established at this point.

With all the brand new methods being invented on a nearly weekly basis to play retro game consoles on modern TV sets - including simple upscalers, to emulators, to flash carts, to brand new controllers which fixes things we never thought possible like the awful N64 controller - its plain as day how much better games of the past were in comparison to today. Its not even close. Im currently re-exploring PS1's and Saturn's libraries and the games there are ridiculously good.

So even if most new games suck - you still have 40 years worth of gaming's history to find the good stuff.


Nov 6, 2018
Don't burn yourself playing AAA games only. These games can be good but they are clearly following a rigid gameplay formula to diminish the chances the game will fail since the budgets are astronomical.

Play only AAA and you will get tired. Play AA, indies and retro along with your AAA favorites and you will get a lot of fun.


Sep 11, 2018
Interesting post the other day from someone I know.....

I worked in a small team before, and I met a guy at uni who worked at Crytek as part of a 100 people team.

The difference in workflow and who does what kind of work is gigantic.

I worked on complete quests from start to finish: coming up with characters, placing them in the towns and dungeons, writing all their dialogue, writing the quest log entries, even determining what reward you'd get in the end and which encounters you met on the way. One full quest made by one person. All quests were designed like that: someone in the team was assigned to do a quest in location X, and then he/she would come up with the whole thing from scratch. There was brainstorming with other team members, of course, but the final product of your work was all yours.

The guy I met who worked at Crytek worked as narrative designer there and what he did was mostly coordinating the team and making sure all the different writers were on the same page. The way they worked was that the exact same character would have a dozen writers who'd all just write and handful of lines for that character. Each cutscene would be written by a different guy. Nobody in the team could point to one specific character, one specific mission, one specific event etc and say "I made that", the writers and level designers there only made small parts of everything. In the end you'd have one character whose lines were written by 10 different writers and stitched together by the project manager.

Of course you're not going to end up with anything interesting when that's how games are developed. There is no creative process anymore. It's assembly line manufacturing. You make a few little parts but you will never identify with the finished product because you barely had any control over its shape. There's no creativity in a product designed by committee.

Now you know why a lot of modern open world games are filled with paint-by-the-numbers generic repeatable missions all over the place. That's the type of content such work conditions produce. You can't put a lot of creativity into your job, so you make it easy on yourself by just copypasting the same formula over and over and over again. Cool, made three "quests" today (each of them exactly conforming to the template issued by our corporate overlords), time to go home and get blackout drunk to drown out the void in my soul!
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