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The Witcher 3 from above


May 27, 2013
With all due respect to the English voice actor (Doug Cockle), Jacek Rozenek IS Geralt for me and has been since the original game. Having played all three games now in Polish there's no way I could listen to someone else voice Geralt. Rozenek does a great job and his portrayal of Geralt is nuanced without being flat. You really should make the switch if it all possible.

The Polish cast deserve an award, they are outstanding and fit so well. Olgierd from Hearts of Stone is also just right.

Oh man, I tried playing it in polish for about 10 minutes and it reminded me instantly of the somewhat weird synchronization from polish television. Bad memories.

That's a shame. The game itself though uses the same lip sync tech for all versions. Personally didn't notice any issues.

Edit: oop, top of page. Back on topic I once experienced a glitch where I fell from far above with an amusing line from Geralt.



Oct 17, 2012
Amazing stuff EC. I remember when I thought White Orchard was big and overwhelming... lol

Beautiful game.


Oct 13, 2014
Funny you say the bolded. All I've heard from fans of the books is that Geralt is one of the only adaptation characters in gaming/adaptation history to be done "perfectly".

For the record, I think Geralt's voice actor is rubbish. He sounds the same in almost every game he's in and delivery is always flat like that. There are moments when Geralt is great, but they are rare.
The reason why I still play TW in my native language. We have some great VOs here (especially in Ubisoft's game).

@Topic: This is pretty awesome. Still have to finish HoS... such a wonderfull game.