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Titanfall reach 7 million unique players. [Updated]


Neo Member
Jul 21, 2011
I love titanfall. The best mechanics in any shooter, at least on console. Though I confess I enjoy being on foot more than being in my titan. Hopefully there will be separate, smaller maps in the sequel for pilot on pilot action. (Or just higher player counts)


Sep 9, 2014
I enjoyed Titanfall, which is saying something considering I don't normally play shooters. It challenged the CoD mould and attempted new things. It's an excellent start to a new IP and I think it can only do better, especially if they use the right engine and tech next time.


Nov 10, 2013
Titanfall might be my GOY believe it or not, I played that game more than anything (and still play it). I'm hoping that the holidays brings an influx of new players.


May 8, 2007
I can't wait for Titanfall 2.

I unfortunately had to uninstall it as I was getting low on space and 50gigs is a lot to hold onto for a game I wasn't playing as much. But I really really liked the game. Most fun fast action multiplayer game I've had since the early quakes.


Jan 28, 2014
Maybe Pilot Hunter should be 8v8, but all of the other modes would be severely impacted by increasing player counts. Killing AI units is useful for points, but more importantly for reducing titan wait-time. They're used as a trade-off: Do I focus on the mission of the game-mode, or do I stay passive for a couple of seconds to reduce my titan time by 30. Does my team need me to speed up my titan (since theirs are ready), or should I focus on capturing/holding this point?

There is a clear game mechanic for having the AI in the game that would be completely broken if they were all replaced by (fractionally) players.

I get why they're there, it still doesn't make it any more entertaining.

It's just not my cup of tea. If it were smaller maps, no AI, and purely pvp, then I'd enjoy the game. Whatever re-sizing needs to be done to allow for good titan movement plus pilot movement, do whatever needs to be done, but the AI are killing the game for me.


Aug 16, 2009
Went back and played some titan fall on pc today saw roughly 1.5k players online. Its a shame a lot of these patches came so late because the game feels so much better then launch. This still despite the rocky start is probably my favorite shooter of the year. The horde mode is super fun and the black market really fleshes out the game quite a bit. I think it was really cool that respawn stuck with it and fixed a lot of the issues with the game.

Its much faster getting into games now and there's team auto balance now. It just goes to show how bare bones the launch was.

Probably my only pet peeve about the games that I played today is that it seems like the rare burn cards that let you call a titan the instant you start the match are being used a lot more often. Not really a fan of that because it really throws off the early game if your team doesn't use one. The team that used those burn cards pretty much always won since it snowballed so hard. It seems way more powerful than the other rare burn cards.

Really looking forward to titanfall 2.


Apr 2, 2013
Bought this on 360 for $5 and played over an hour of it last night and had a blast! I love how chaotic it gets!