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Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online (09/24/20 - 09/27/20)


Was... that their big show?

Maybe they're holding out to announce acquisitions during other publishers' conferences? "One last thing, let me welcome Phil Spencer to the stage..." sort of mic drop.

And to lull Sony their plan for the show was "Let's show fucking nothing" ?


Dream is dead. FUUUUUUUCK.
Going to have to spent 800 dollars (Brazil) on a plastic box just to play Persona 6 won't i? God dammit.
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That was by far the worst presentation I’ve ever seen Microsoft Japan do. Seriously they are not even trying at all. I wasn’t expecting much at all, but I still can’t believe how bad that show was. Wow.


Putting subtitles on gameplay with trashy western music has never worked for them in Japan and never will. How are they still doing this 😂


I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
Balan Wonderland and Scarlett Nexus new trailers.
Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulators Japanese features.
Xcloud coming to Japan first half of 2021 i think?

That's pretty much it.
Nothing remarkable then. Well, let's hope Square delivers now.
And to lull Sony their plan for the show was "Let's show fucking nothing" ?
I'm not making excuses either way, just seems like a whole lotta bluster these past few days with little payoff. They're either keeping cards close to their chest or this is their full hand, that's what I am getting at.


Can you imagine if these clowns actually attempted to acquire a major Japanese studio? Yeah I'll enjoy Gamepass and maybe even the Xbox S seeing as the price is right, but good lord how out of touch can you be. Truly embarrassing.


News flash, MS doesn't waste much in the way of resources on Japan because they have no real shot there with Nintendo and Sony. It would just be a waste of time and money.


It's so refreshing to watch real live communicating people instead of pre-recorded dramatic talking heads.


How come Neir Replicant is coming out on ps4 and Xbox in April 2021 but not next gen? Seems a bit of an odd decision to release it on the previous gen at that point.


Harada at home wearing a Platinum Games T-shirt.
Says, since he was at home doing the screencasting that's why he was just wearing his clothes.

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