Total War: TROY |OT| Free for all (24h, Epic Games Store)


I wonder why they released a new full price game for free on the same day they launched a war against Apple... :lollipop_smirking:


You know, there's something about Total War battles.. 15 years ago when RTW came out it was surely the height of battle realism.. but seeing the same wedges and blocks of troops marching resolutely around throughout history is starting to look a taddd arcadey
Battles are broken, I'm playing on hard the moral of my army goes to shit in seconds

Gonna try to use "KAM's Mods - Troy Edition" for hope that this helps.
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Battles are broken, I'm playing on hard the moral of my army goes to shit in seconds

Gonna try to use "KAM's Mods - Troy Edition" for hope that this helps.
Or just play it on Normal without Mods.
Played it all of yesterday. Fun game. I prefer the smaller scale compared to the absolute fuckfest thats warhammer 2.

I still worry for medieval 3 though. The latest obsession with hero units has me thinking joan of arc will swinging a halberd around like lu bu from dynasty warriors.



They seem happy with the result:

A Total War Saga: Troy's free launch on the Epic Games Store is a huge success - the game has been claimed by 7.5m players in just 24 hours.

This limited-time free giveaway on the Epic Game Store for Creative Assembly's strategy game exceeded the developer's expectations.

"We were optimistic but we couldn't have predicted this level of excitement," Rob Bartholomew, chief product officer said.

"It's been incredible to work with Epic on giving this brand new release away for free. Now we get to welcome so many strategy players - new and old - to experience this incredible Saga. We're very happy."
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This is my favourite since Medieval 2 :messenger_hushed:

The campaign is well paced, full of colourful characters and amusing mechanics and events. The resource system should have been done earlier. It completely changed the way I play. I'm not sure if barter is broken but I'm having a lot of fun tweaking numbers and making deals. I spent more time in the diplomacy screen in three days than in the last 10 years of Total War.

The battles feel fresh again. I was BTFO really bad at first. Situational combat bonuses are more important than ever. The units are surprisingly fast, responsive and versatile. You can't use the default meat grinder tactics of previous historical games and you can't rely on cavalry and artillery. The battle maps are better than anything before and for the first time the AI is sort of competent. It doesn't take baits and it responds well to troop movements. Using religion and agents to mess with the AI before battles is basically obligatory now.

For the first time ever, mounting a siege doesn't feel like a waste of time. There's no artillery or complex machinery - just some dudes with ladders and shitty battering rams. Walls are a big fucking deal - the guys manning them are deadly, the towers are equipped with MG 42s and then you have a vicious city map to navigate. On the other hand, now it only takes a couple of turns until the defenders start getting hungry or are forced out.

Marketing did a bad job - this is Bronze Age Total War whose main campaign sticks to the characters and general beats of the Epic Cycle.




I grabbed it but warhammer 2 has spoiled total war. None of the other games ever come close.
I agree with this, i still love three kingdoms though, especially because i think Sieges are better and diplomacy as well, i can't wait to see these things implemented in Warhammer 3.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.

You can get the Amazons DLC for free if you sign up on their site and link your EGS account.
Going to be hard to fork out 70 quid for PS5 games when Epic are giving away so many freebies on PC.

Add Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 to dat cart as well.
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It's out on Steam with a new fantasy expansion and a new historical mode which is free for all players. Region-free Steam keys are available on other stores with larger discounts.
Egyptian gods were added to the southern skies. If the relaunch doesn't bomb we might get another expansion...

I did my part - bought it on Fanatical and started a historical campaign (the characters and Homeric quests are intact in this mode).
Unfortunately, the graphics are fucked. Chromatic aberration was added in the new patch and there is no toggle.
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