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Total War Warhammer 3 leaked screenshot and gameplay description


Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France
Hur hur no leak on 4Chan huhuhu. Well...

It was a battle with Kislev vs. Khorne Daemons. It was apparently part of the campaign, but the formula was a bit different than in other TW titles.
Basically, you had to go through the map with your forces and secure capture points, while being assaulted by waves upon waves of chaos. Kinda reminded me of some historical battles from other games, like Teutoburg in Rome 2, but with actual mission objectives. Battle was wild af, by the time my first units got to the last objective, I was still skirmishing near the first one.
I didn't play all of WH1&2, so not sure how these work, but the mission reminded me of Dawn of War for some reason, with the map being structured very similarly. It was more of a "siege" since each of the capture points was also part of a bigger fortress, which you could reinforce by spending supplies/points. You could also use them to buy new units mid-battle, upgrade units you already have and build shit like towers etc. They literally use words tower defence in the PR. Also, enemies were coming in waves with the clock showing you how much time you have until next attack.
In general it's supposed to be something entirely new, for boss battles in the campaign.
There wasn't a "LL" for Chaos, just a boss at the end which I think was a random bloodthirster (similar to the one from the trailer, called Exalted Greater Champion). For Kislev it was Katarina (she's literally surfing on ice she's creating like iceman from xmen and she cute). There was also lower-level lord, Vitali Slekta or sth like that - a guy riding big bear with tusks/horns. Bear Cav is op as fuck and they have a lot more type of bears in general, including big one that pukes ice.

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Jan 18, 2012
Anything that brings a reason to not auto-resolve battles in these games is a plus in my book.
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Mar 20, 2017
What do you do in battles that you know you are going to lose? Do you just retreat and try to preserve as many forces as you can?