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If May leaves, do you know what legally has to happen? Do we have another election, or is she replaced by another conservative leader chosen from within the party? If it's the latter I'm scared a complete brexit hard-liner may take charge and make things worse.
She'd be replaced by another Tory, there would only be another election if they want one.

What about no prime minister, suggests Britain

BRITAIN has given its backing to a radical new plan of replacing Theresa May with nobody at all and leaving the post permanently vacant.

As plotting against the prime minister gathers strength, the country has largely agreed with the Tories that there are no suitable candidates and suggested Downing Street should be left fallow for the immediate future.

Nail artist Nikki Hollis said: “Not Boris. Not Rudd. Not Rees-Mogg or Davis or Leadsom or any of the rest, and you know what? Not Corbyn either.

“There’s no shame in admitting that the UK has absolutely no credible candidates for leadership and just calling it quits and muddling along for a bit. Hey, better no deal than a bad deal, right?

“May’s already essentially a vacancy at the top. We’d just be making it formal.”

A Downing Street spokesman said: “I could still come out here and say we want a great deal that works for everyone even without anyone actually in charge, so why not?

“And if nobody’s using her room we could turn it into a gym.”
Depressingly this has been my electoral outlook for the last five years. We have such a paucity of talent and such a bad political system that nihilism seems like the only reasonable response - every collapse, every bit of government shambles is further evidence to the public that FPTP is dead.
I blame the people not the politicians, I don't even think PR could save us anymore.
Theresa May says she's providing "calm leadership with the full support of her cabinet".

This feels a bit like a character in a horror film saying "everything's going to be alright".
I love the newspaper headlines today. May is urged to restore her authority by doing what’s she’s told by a bunch of nameless backbench MPs tell her to do and sack Boris...

Not entirely sure how that increases her authority!
Anyone catch May's stint on Lbc?

God she really is terrible, just dodge and cover the whole time.

I also learned that she visited my old school and then on twitter that it's getting a £359k budget cut. It's the only choice of schools for a lot of families in lambeth so it's really sad and angering to hear.
In other news...

The youth wing of the Labour Party, Young Labour, has today wholly abandoned the principles of internationalism which had been a major part of the party’s platform for decades, by calling for unilateral withdrawal from NATO, scrapping freedom of movement, and voting against a motion calling for a two-state solution in the Middle East.
One former Labour staffer is not best pleased:

I really don't understand these people. What the fuck is going on?!
Youth are on social media more than anyone else, maybe the Russian online propaganda machine and campaign of division is rubbing off on them too just like it's been rubbing off on the right. We've already got examples of them playing both sides on social media to stir up trouble.
Britain's missing billions: Revised figures reveal UK is £490bn poorer than previously thought

Britain is £490billion poorer than thought and no longer has any reserve of net foreign assets to help protect against any damage to the economy from Brexit.

The revision to the national accounts in the ONS’s so-called Blue Book means that the UK’s net international investment position has collapsed from a surplus of £469bn to a net deficit of £22bn - equivalent to a quarter of GDP.

The revised figures show the country owns far fewer international assets and owes far more to foreign investors than previously thought.

“Half a trillion pounds has gone missing,” said Mark Capleton, the UK rates strategist at Bank of America.

The effective write down in the value of “UK plc” could make it harder to defend sterling and the British debt markets against a run on the pound after Britain leaves the European Union.
Company profits were lower than forecast, and a large amount of supposed assets held by firms were in fact disguised forms of lending to UK households.

The revision is disturbing given that foreign direct investment into Britain has collapsed, plummeting from a net £120bn in the first half of last year to a net outflow of £25bn this year.

The apparent resilience of these flows shortly after the Brexit referendum was an illusion, since the funds had already been committed earlier.

The Bank of New York Mellon, the world’s biggest custodian of assets, said there had been a marked deterioration over recent weeks in purchases of sterling stocks and bonds by ‘real money’ players such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

Simon Derrick, the bank’s currency strategist, said: “The outflows from the UK began in mid-August. The big buyers are disappearing.”
I profess to my complete and utter lack of knowledge in all things accounting, but still, a sudden lack of several hundred billion quid sounds pretty darn scary. This is IT crowd "stand up and hop out of the window" territory for me. Yikes.

Time to whip those lazy farmers some more. How dare they neglect UK's money trees.
I profess to my complete and utter lack of knowledge in all things accounting, but still, a sudden lack of several hundred billion quid sounds pretty darn scary. This is IT crowd "stand up and hop out of the window" territory for me. Yikes.

Time to whip those lazy farmers some more. How dare they neglect UK's money trees.
Chris Grayling said in an interview that if tariffs on food from Southern Europe went up as a result of Brexit, then British farmers would just grow more in response and prices wouldn’t change. That might be why the money trees aren’t working.

That’s easily the most stupid statement from a politician since Friday.
Someone get a fucking grip. There's millions of people in this country and, whilst an awful lot of them are thick and detestable, the consequences of Brexit combined with political and financial ineptitude will probably be disastrous.

Unless we make a shit load of delicious, nutritious jam.
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