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[UPDATE: IT'S A BUG (for now)] Apparently, Ubisoft is experimenting with pop-up ads in the middle of video games now


Pokémon Parentage Conspiracy Theorist
I’m not gonna mince words. I pay for the device to play games. I then pay again for internet to download and play many of them. Then I pay again to purchase the games. I do not under any circumstances intend to be paying 3 times to see a fucking ad. I don’t want them anywhere in there. If you put a store tab in the game and I intentionally click the store you can have featured items, fine. But even there I do not want some fucking pop up. Paying money means no ads. Paying money to look at ads is the dumbest thing I can think of and I am astonished that my parents generation did it. Free shit is where ads go. It’s a hard line with me. Hard enough that I consider dropping Xbox after they thought it was cute to have a full screen ad when I started the console. I didn’t buy it to be a fucking ad box. I bought it to play games.
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