Victory! Rian Johnson will no longer destroy more Star Wars (Mod Edit: Confirmed False)

Dec 12, 2008
"Rumor" Also its been know for a long time he will not direct the next episode.
They’re referring to the new trilogy that he had been given the green light to write and direct. I hope it’s true. While from a directorial perspective, I think he did a fine job, some fantastic shots, but as a writer, he failed to live up to expectations.
May 20, 2007
Woulda been an awesome movie if they let the fucking plot twist happen.

Yes I am utterly convinced that kylo and Rey were meant to switch sides. The movie instantly makes so much more sense if they do.
Aug 7, 2018
Well, it's good news but yeah, it's too damn late. TLJ happened and no amount of fan edits (I would recommend The Fallen Knight if you have to watch it) can undo the stink.

Notice the difference going into episode 9. No hype, no good will. Jeez, leading up to TFA it felt like JJ had the world on his side, we were all wanting something good to happen. A few short years later and we've had 3 mediocre films and one truly awful one. Everyone hates Disney, hates EA and lets face it, things were better in the 90's with our laserdiscs of the unaltered original trilogy...
Feb 10, 2011
"as the director has chosen to focus on other projects " is this a euphemism for being kicked of the fucking project?
At any rate, good riddance, bitch. The sequels already did their damage though, I've lost interest in SJWars.
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May 30, 2013
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Woulda been an awesome movie if they let the fucking plot twist happen.

Yes I am utterly convinced that kylo and Rey were meant to switch sides. The movie instantly makes so much more sense if they do.
Thought the same thing, or at least Ray leaving with Kylo at the end. And that for me apart from the most glaring flaws was the films biggest problem that the story of Ray and Kylo build literally to nothing, status quo.

If Rian wanted to subvert my expectations he should have made Ray a Sith by the end of the movie and not by making Luke drink alien tit juice.
Sep 4, 2018
TLJ demonstrated what an RJ trilogy would be like. take away everything it ripped off from ESB and ROTJ and what are you left with? the Casino side planet? wow they got double crossed by a guy that talks like a snake? rescuing CGI animals? Holdo not telling anybody her plan, then kamikazeeing into a ship that has all our heroes on it, but it doesn't matter cos everyone is a Mary Sue now? except Leia i guess she got sucked into space, Finn and Rose must have had secret armor on or something.

the idea this guy is getting a full trilogy to work with. i mean, i kinda have to be glad we got this advanced look into his shitty writing. i know what i would be getting into with a RJ trilogy and thus can avoid it.

really you're better off watching old Ewoks and Droid cartoons.
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Feb 25, 2018
Star Wars is trash, with a near term (well maybe after another 2 or 3 shit-tier flicks) DOA, Disney just doesn't know it yet. The movies will continue to profit, but that profit will dwindle over the time to eventual franchise death, because Disney will double down on the full retard, with bad writing, poor choices of directors, shallow progressive themes/characters and continual "subverting our expectations". My nephews 18, 15 and 7 don't give a flying fk about the franchise. It does not appeal to them in any way (my nieces don't care as well, a female lead and girl power themes didn't suddenly create a interest in lightsabers and x-wings within them). Really a complete difference compared to myself and my brother in the 80s and 90s, when we consumed everything Star Wars and wanted more.
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Feb 21, 2018
Someone should check his twitter and social media. I am sure at some point he made a joke or said something that we can cause mass outrage over.

BTW just joking I am not suggesting to Doxxx the guy, please don't scrub his twitter.
Jul 9, 2008
Vancouver, BC
I know many of us here have a disdain for Disney Star Wars under Kathleen Kennedy, and I'm just as eager as the next person to ensure to see the current regime fall, but this looks to be fake news:

As much as I hate Round Headed Rian and his smug condescension towards fans, it doesn't look like we can pop the champagne just yet.
Jun 3, 2013
They've destroyed this thing enough that I was actually morbidly curious to see where RJ takes it next (not see it in theatres mind you, they can fuck themselves) I let go of any hope of it actually satisfying me in any way. I've gotten more enjoyment out of various Youtube analysis videos of the Disney abominations than I did the films themselves.
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Jul 9, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Personally, I'm very skeptical that Ruin Johnson's Star Wars movies will still get made. It could be that they just get relegated to the Disney streaming service, or it could be that just get quietly swept under the rug.

The guy seems to genuinely get off on trolling people, so as an online persona, I really despise him.
Oct 12, 2013
wow so much toxicity here from so called star wars fans, fine some didnt like the TLJ, it sure has alot problems but this childis hate is so lame, and the trilogy gonna be new story, could be great or awful but lets wait and see, i hope its great cuz i rather want good star wars than bad star wars to whine over.