War Thunder |OT| Tanks, Planes And Automobiles

1.63 preliminaries:

New tracks:
ZSU 23-4 “Shilka”
M163 "Vulcan”
M56 “Scorpion”
FV438 “Swingfire”
A1E1 “Independent”
8.8 cm FlaK.37 Sfl.
Leopard A1A1
FlakPz I “Gepard”
RakjPz 2 HOT

New wings:
Brigand B1
Hudson MkV
P1Y1 mod11
J1N1 mod.11

New maps:

New details:
Tier V tanks get proper zooming on sights
Better tracers
Animations of killed crewmen in open vehicles

Lots of fixes/corrections of DM and FM
Has there been any news on the PSVR support? Did that get benched for the time being?
Nothing official, but not canceled as well. Our PC friends mentioned somewhere in the forums that there's been about 1.5 months between Oculus Rift release and WT support for it (even though the claimed to have devkits), so we should have some news before Christmas... or not.
Two pieces of news today, and the second one is BIG

First, another banzaimachine

...that is actually American

Second... Second...


Most of them won't be 100% historically accurate, but all will have the historically accurate field of view and all the needed instruments.

OMFG. Really, OMFG.

Also incoming:
- better bomb management (simultaneous drop, manual bay opening, etc.
- better x-ray view with details about each piece of the vehicle,
- removal of arcade bomber sights in RB and SB.
Fresh Q&A with BVV_d, chief tank designer, rough translation.

Ammo belt selection bug?
Of course we know about it, who doesn't? Fix is on the way.

With cockpits for every plane now, do you plan to add tanks interior to SB as well?
No. We don't plan to add more than we have now: driver, gunner and commander's view.

Reverse for swimming tanks?

Manual reload without wasting a shot?
Not planned.

Remote detonator for AA guns?
Maybe for medium caliber ones.

Historical sight grids?
Yes, though they are not a priority.

Yes, they are a priority for ships, planned for tanks as well.

Improvements for solid shells?
Yes, we're planning to improve secondary fragments algorythms.

Overheating for AA guns?

Type 87 Japanese SPAAG?
It's too modern, right now we're looking into its' prototype, simpler but with the same armament.

US T30 and T34, USSR IS-7?
We plan to add T30 and T34 as regular tanks. IS-7 won't be neither regular nor premium. Might be a reward for some event.

MD-8 shell for Su-76M?
Will be added.

USSR T-55?
In the nearest update, hopefully.

Dynamic defense
No promises here. We're investigating it, if we find enough data for all the countries (prototypes included) - we'll think about it.