Warframe coming to Nintendo Switch

That's not an Option in a LOT of Countries. Also what WiFi you mean? Like the ones at a Starbucks? You can barely send an email with those shitty connections I don't think you can play a videogame properly with low ping.
University and highschool wi fi is great for students. Malls. Business places of work. Many public places. Plus bed play for a half an hour before sleep is the best thing ever.

TV is one of the last places I want or have time to play.

Especially with performance like on PS4.

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Looks like Crossplay is coming. Tisk tisk Sony.

“Since announcing Warframe coming to the Switch, we've received an incredible amount of positive reception from both our community and Nintendo players,” says Digital Extremes Studio Manager Sheldon Carter in an email to TechRadar. “We’re exploring all options for people to play on and with the Nintendo Switch.”

While a PR representative at Digital Extremes couldn’t tell us when, exactly, that crossplay functionality might happen, they did ensure us that it was currently under investigation and said it's something the company would like to do​