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What does your Destiny character look like?


i'm still downloading my digital copy of the game but i plan on using a human female hunter when it's all done.

might see if i can recreate the character i made from the alpha/beta but i'm curious as to what other people have created.

let's see those faces and sweet armor!
This is him:


A meathead with lipstick, just like in the alpha. I've not started it yet, so no pics, but allow your imaginations to run wild.


A David Bowie/Mystique crossover cosplay of some kind, although that would describe quite a lot of Destiny avatars.


Crossing Eden

Hello, my name is Yves Guillemot, Vivendi S.A.'s Employee of the Month!
Haven't picked up my copy yet, does the full game have more faces and styles than the beta?
I'm using the latest Firefox but bungie.net says "The companion is fully supported by the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox." and just shows a silhouette where my Guardian should be.


Man...they really need more hairstyles. Also no facial hair =(

I like that the faces are preset since I tend to obsess over character creators that let you change every little thing on a characters face.

Anyways no pic, but my Titan went for the generic bald space marine look.
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