What game has the best continue-screen?

OP wins with Mortal Kombat 4. I remember the crowds gathering to watch that at the Warwick Mall 'Tilt' in 1997.

Everyone knew to let the timer run out.


The Motorcycle That Wouldn't Slow Down
The Ninja Gaiden one is fantastic.

I always loved that Capcom took the time to correctly show the reflections of the lit bulbs in the unlit ones. I'd watch the entire sequence just for that.
oh wow, never even noticed. Hooray for artistry!
The correct answer is always Ninja Gaiden.

A favorite that nobody has probably seen...Eco Fighters. Each of the 4 panels reveals as the counter ticks down. So bizarre. If you don't continue I'm pretty sure you crash into a billboard with that girl on it.

Final Fight was the first thing in my head and Ninja Gaiden was the second.

I can't really think of any that compare to those to. The continue screen is a lost art these days.