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What games made you buy a console?


I purchased a handful of consoles on release, but most were after the fact, usually spurred by a specific game coming out. I would have purchased these consoles anyway, but launch games aren't known for being the best (BOTW aside), so I often times wait.

For me, these games would be:

Super Mario Sunshine - GameCube
Metal Gear Solid 2 - PS2
Halo - Xbox
Metal Gear Solid 4 - PS3
Bloodborne - PS4
Breath of the Wild - Switch
Demon's Souls - PS5

Honorable mention to Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch for getting me to finally build a "real" gaming PC.

All of these games are still some of my top games of all time (Sunshine is further down, but I loved and still love it despite it's divisive reception.)

What are yours?
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Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Mario 64 (N64)
Mario Kart Advance (GBA)
Metroid Prime (NGC)
Mario Kart DS (NDS)
Mario Kart 7 (N3DS)
Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) - did you know I'm a huge fan of Mario Kart?
Zelda Breath of the Wild (Switch)
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Not one. Albeit some made me upgrade my PC, the latest of which were The Witcher III and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Single games usually don't sell me on consoles, as much as the overall lineup.

Edit: actually, I kind of lied. I did buy a PS2 bundle for the original Japanese launch of Final Fantasy XI, but I already had a PS2 (you needed the Japanese console with the HDD to play FFXI, so I had to buy an extra). So not sure if that counts.
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Metal Gear 4 for the PS3....you could not find that anywhere else, and you STILL can't...I even imported a rumble PS3 controller from Hong Kong because at the time, the PS3 only came with a non-rumble controller..Xboxs due to the Halos


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Ape Escape/Metal Gear Solid 1 - PS1
Metal Gear Solid 2 - PS2
Halo - Xbox
Metal Gear Solid 4 - PS3
Horizon: Zero Dawn - PS4 (I played on a friends but I bought my own PS4 Pro before I finished it and restarted it)
Super Mario Odyssey - Switch (We bought a Wii U to play BotW on launch but if it had only been on Switch I would've gotten a Switch just to play it in March)

I bought a PS5 at launch for first time since PS2, but not for any game, I just had the chance and knew it would be scarce so best to lock it in now since I couldn't wait for "PS5 Pro" this time.

I didn't get PS4 at launch because I was playing a lot of PC games around 2013, I was still deep into Diablo 3 and I played that most days. PS3 I just couldn't afford it because I was a skint student, got it when MGS 4 came out at massively reduced cost (compared to 599 meme).

Fuck, MGS was really selling consoles for Sony back in the day, if MGS 5 was only on console I would've gotten a PS4 in 2015 probably.

edit - Ohhh and I got a Japanese PSP in January 2015 as well, only paid £10 over eventual UK launch price including delivery and (insanely large amount of) tax. I played Ridge Race PSP first but again that was more buying it because I could, I was going a games software development course at Uni so we got a bit too excited about it and I ordered one while drunk on vodka that cost £7 for 70cl :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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Zelda Breath Of The Wild, haven’t touched my Switch since beating that game, got them both on launch day.


Ps3- Kingdom Hearts franchise and ps2 / ps1 BC
Psp- just GTA and ps2 graphics on the go
Ps4 - uh the future and FF Xv KH 3
Ps5 - the future of gaming



Plays on Xbox Purr-ies X
NES - The Legend of Zelda
SNES - Nothing in particular just mainly to play general JRPGs back in the days when I liked them
Xbox 360 - No game in particular I just always thought the Xbox seemed really cool as hell, and I was tired of MMOs and PC gaming
Xbox One - Assassin's Creed Unity - Too bad the game sucked, and I never finished it
PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn - loved it, and UC4 - hated it
Xbox Series X - Hellblade 2, Fable, Halo and Gears
Switch - Anticipation of BotW2


Metal Gear 4 for the PS3....you could not find that anywhere else, and you STILL can't...I even imported a rumble PS3 controller from Hong Kong because at the time, the PS3 only came with a non-rumble controller..Xboxs due to the Halos
Metroid Dread got me to buy my OLED switch. Tales of Vesperia got me to buy an x360.
At the rate Nintendo are going Prime 4 will take as long as Dread to come out


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None. I've never based a console purchase on a single game.

Wasn't there was a game you wanted to play first though, even if you didn't purchase it just for that game? Ie the game that broke the camels back, I'd say that counts as the game that made you buy it.


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360 - gta 4. I would buy anyway for gears and burnout paradise
ps4 - Bloodborne box
ps5 - Demons Souls


Super Smash for every Nintendo console they were on

Killer Instinct (2013) for the Xbox One

Xbox One X for Red Dead Redemption 2


Jim Ryan Fanclub's #1 Member
NES - The Legend of Zelda
SNES - Nothing in particular
PS2: Tekken tag tournament, Bully, Haunting ground
Xbox DOA 3,
Gamecube: Resident evil 4
N64: Mario 64
Xbox 360 - Eternal sonata
PS3: Resonance of fate, F.E.A.R 2, Dead Space , Siren
PS4 - Metal gear solid The Phantom Pain
PS VITA: Gravity rush :messenger_heart:
Switch - Zelda BotW2
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I generally don't buy a system for 1 game. For example I bought a PS5 notndue to any game coming out just the fact I'd buy one eventually so may as well get one anyway, currently mainly playing PS4 games on it

The only thing I can think of maybe a Gameboy for Pokemon
Wasn't there was a game you wanted to play first though, even if you didn't purchase it just for that game? Ie the game that broke the camels back, I'd say that counts as the game that made you buy it.
Not really to be honest. The last few times I've bought consoles (PS4 and PS5) have been day one and on both many of the games I was playing at launch were cross gen.


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I used to play pretty much anything I could get my hands on from Atari VCS through the consoles of the 80's. I didn't need a particular game to make me save and buy a console.

I bought the PS1 after falling in love playing Ridge Racer and Tekken in a Sears. Bought a PlayStation every generation since. I bought the OG Xbox for Jedi Outcast. Fell in love with it after that and JSRF and I've bought an Xbox every generation since as well. Bought Dreamcast for Soul Calibur and Crazy Taxi. It had that Sega arcade feel, too. It died too soon.

I bought an N64 because Nintendo but I sold it because it wasn't as fun to me as PlayStation.I bought GameCube because it was $99. I bought Wii because it was the thing to do. Wii U because I'm an idiot. Switch because Mario Kart online absolutely kicks ass. Switch OLED because that screen is finally good and I can see it undocked.


I did it once... bought a PS2 for Gran Turismo 3. But I was stupid and bought the console on hire purchase with ridiculous interest rate but at the time felt like I was paying nothing. Not my proudest moment. Loved the game though.


SNES - Street Fighter II
Playstation 1 - Die Hard (with Lightgun)
Xbox - Halo
Xbox 360 - Gears of War
Playstation 4 - Powered by TVTVTV thanks Don!
Playstation 5 - Horizon Forbidden West/ God of War 2
Xbox Series X - Halo/ Forza Horizon


Holy fuck nuts, was that announced for PS3?!??? Thats insane.
No, but FF XV aka Ff versus XIII was announced in 2005 and released mid cycle for ps4. You can argue it’s the same thing with KH except they on,y officially announced it a generation after KH 2.
Xbox 360- Resident Evil 5
Wii U- Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, ZombiU
PC- The Evil Within
Switch- Bayonetta 3
PS4- NieR Automata, Gravity Rush 2


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PS1 - Gran Turismo
Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi & Shenmue
Gamecube - Mario sunshine and Wind waker
PS2 - GTA 3
Xbox360 - Gears of War
PS3 - No a game but to use it as a bluray player

Xb1, PS4, Switch - i got them on launch regardless of games, just to continue console gaming.


Mattel Intellivision : Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
PSX : Ridge Racer and Tekken
Sega Saturn : Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Rally
N64 : Mario 64 and Goldeneye 007
PS2 : It was a day one regardless of Games :D
Sega Dreamcast : Shenmue
XBox : Halo
GameCube : STAR WARS Rogue Leader : Rogue Squadron II
XBox 360 : Gears of War
PS3 : Uncharted
PS4 : Killzone Shadow Fall
XBox One X : Forza Horizon 4
Switch : Super Mario Odyssey
XBox Series X : Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Flight Simulator.


Master System - Sonic
Mega Drive - Sonic
N64 - Diddy Kong Racing
Game Cube - Star Fox Assault
Xbox 360 - Left 4 Dead
PS4 - Bloodborne


Founder of western console warring.
I bought a PS4 for Halo 5
I bought a Xbox One for God of War
I even bought a Nintendo Switch to play A Link Between Worlds

Consoles fucking suck, none of them read the games so I returned them. I just stuck to PC where the games actually work (most of the time).

I know your joking here, but I welcome the day different platforms dont require specific hardware. If we thinking its pretty rediculous. Its like needing specific hardware for netflix, disney+ etc etc


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Wii U Breath of the Wild, the game showcases the wii u gamepad, again I feel like Zelda games are system sellers.


Gargoyle's Quest - Game Boy
Sin & Punishment Star Successor - Wii
Gears of War (among many others) - Xbox One
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Pretty much bought a 360 after I saw Bioshock. Of course there was much more, but that game made me really look at it.


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There's been a few over the years but the one that's stands out to me and by far the most intresting was...

I was a Wii then Xbox 360 adopter but for years I never got a PS3. As far as I was concerned especially in the UK it was an over priced failure, blu-ray didn't appeal to me and all the multiplatform titles played better on the 360 and everyone knew it.

Then something intresting happened SEGA released trailer for there new game Valkyria Chronicles. As an older gamer I remembered a title from years ago called "Hogs of War" which I loved back on the day, this future release reminded me heavily of it. This was from the trailers an anime game but with a unique watercolour ascetic. Waited until launch day and picked up a second hand PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles, didn't regret it, I got a few PS3 exclusives afterwards like infamous, uncharted, etc and came to appreciate the Sony first part exclusives over the years. Still bought multiplat on the 360 though due to its superior performance and graphics for those, but a real stand out moment for me for a game not many people would buy an entire console for.
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Oblivion made me buy the 360 even though Killzone 2 almost convinced me otherwise. Good thing it did since I was foolish enough to think Killzone was going to replace Halo at the time. Funny how Resistance:FOM went under the radar mostly and ended up being a million times better then Killzone.
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GameCube - Resident Evil Remake
Xbox 360 - Final Fantasy XI
Xbox One - Ori / Cuphead
Switch - Breath of the Wild

I've owned almost every console since the Atari 2600, but those are the only times I can remember needing a specific reason to buy a console.
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