What would make Navi a success to you?


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Jan 20, 2014
Everytime AMD releases a new CPU/GPU there is always a wide range of emotions.

To some people AMD can do nothing right and if they don't offer a product with twice the performance for half the price. It's a dismal failure.

Rumors are that Navi is aiming at the mid-range 2060/2070 level performance, but will not compete with the 2080 or 2080 Ti in terms of performance/

With that in mind what would make Navi a success for you?

In my opinion everybody should be rooting for Navi to succeed as even the most diehard Nvidia fan has to acknowledge that Nvidia needs to get pushed hard enough so that GPU prices can come back down to Earth.


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Mar 6, 2007
I would consider it a success if it matched Nvidia performance and power consumption at a slightly lower price in the GTX vs. Navi matchup.
And if it was the same performance with 20% cost savings in the RTX vs. Navi matchup, to make-up for lack of ray-tracing.

But I don't think anything can make it a commercial success. It's too late...
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Dec 2, 2014
1440p @ 60 fps performance on high settings for the next 2-3 years, at more reasonable performance per watt than what they have now. Add another lucrative bundle like the current The Division +1 or 2 games and it's a winner.
Aug 3, 2014
well the only card AMD don't have competition for is the 2080 Ti. so a card that could compete with that (not that i'd buy it though since i have a 2080).

the problem with AMD cards is more than just the price and available products. they are not as efficient as nvidia cards in terms of power consumption/heat output. take the VII which is a 7nm card and can only manage to compete with the 2080 and it runs hotter/louder and uses more electricity. until AMD change the architecture (GCN) then they aren't gonna really defeat Nvidia.
Aug 3, 2014
1440p @ 60 fps performance on high settings for the next 2-3 years, at more reasonable performance per watt than what they have now. Add another lucrative bundle like the current The Division +1 or 2 games and it's a winner.
is that all you want? lol

pretty much any turing nvidia card will do 1440p 60fps without issue at that level of performance. 1440p is the new 1080p. a 1660/Ti will destroy 1440p 60fps.

also when you need to bundle games to sell your gpu then you must know deep down it sucks.
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A good solid product that doesn't cost as much as PS4 Pro + Xbox One X + 4K TV combined.
An improvement over Polaris and Vega in terms of perf/watt.
More than 10GB of VRAM (for the higher up cards) instead of going the Nvidia route (they have the same amount of VRAM for their RTX 20 series cards as they do for the GTX 10 series cards. Weak.)
Disruptive price/performance points. RTX 2070 performance for 399$. RTX 2080 performance for 499$.
Not wasting money on unneeded stuff and shoving things down our throat without giving options. (RTX DLSS)
Some (surprising) advacements in the technical or architectural area that gives us a nice performance jump.

This might sound like a long list but it actually isn't and I don't expect everything to happen. I certainly don't expect RTX 2080 Ti performance for half the price.
All I want for Navi is to release a product in the price range of my personal graphic cards budget (around 400-550€) with enough VRAM that offers price/performance at a point where we currently aren't at a power draw which should be worthy of 7nm (compared to the horrible power hungry Vega VII).

If I had to put it into exact words and numbers what I want (and something that could realistically happen even if I am optimistic about it):

- 499$-549$
- Q2 would be amazing, but highly unlikely. My bet is Q3
- 12/16GB GDDR6 VRAM
- around RTX 2080 performance
- 200W TDP

For some people this might sound like my expectations are too high, but remember the R9 290X guys (the card I am using right now). It came out at 499/549$ and was as fast as the 999$ GTX Titan and 699$ GTX 780 Ti.
The R9 290 at 399$ was faster than the 649$ GTX 780.
AMD has to act and they have to be disruptive. They can't just release another RX580-590 performance cards for 10$ cheaper. I know I know we have all been disappointed by AMD in the past. The Fury X and the RX 480 etc. all were terrible releases compared to Nvidia.
Oct 4, 2007
Expecting better than RTX 2060, but worse than RTX 2070.

Navi 10 will replace Polaris 10-based cards, so I'm expecting the top-end model (RX 680) to be around ~$250-300 and a binned version for $200-250 (RX 670).
No major architectural improvements (no raytracing etc), it's going to be GCN 6.0.
Expecting 256-bit GDDR6 bus, so 8GB @ 384-448GB/s with maybe slower/less memory (narrower bus 224/192-bit) on the binned version.
If we extrapolate Vega 20's ~40Mtransistors/mm^2 on 7nm from GF 14nm's ~25Mtransistors/mm^2 and assume similar die size to Polaris 10 (232mm^2) we land at ~9.1B transistors. RTX 2070 is 10.8B, and nVidia typically gets a bit better performance per transistor but higher clock speeds on 7nm will offset the gap slightly.
Jun 16, 2018
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