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What's your favorite movie/TV scene where a main character performs surgery/wound treatment on themselves?


I rewatched Predator and No Country for Old Men back to back recently and it got me thinking about other scenes in movies where a character must fix themselves up before continuing on. What are some memorable ones for you?

This is the first one that sprang to mind for me.



The example that immediately springs to mind is Dr. House drugging himself up as much as possible in order to perform surgery on his own leg in his own bathtub at home. It was yet another attempt to fix his infarction iirc. I remember the lingering shots on the surgical tools, House's expressions, and the whole scene on top of the filter used all being incredibly unsettling.


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I'm surprised that I wasn't the one to create a thread on this idea Jennings Jennings , since I very much enjoy watching the Far Cry healing animations:

But on the topic of movie scenes involving DIY surgery, I would have to say Dredd.



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