Which color was the most iconic for the Game Boy Color?

Solid Purple in my opinion.
Was there a regional difference in the default colours? As in, did Japan favour teal more, America favour Atomic Purple etc.?
I think solid purple (grape) was the official color worldwide, atomic purple is more popular here in america though. What was the most popular in Europe?
What Nintendo defined as the basic color was the solid purple one, in general the purple, clear purple and green in that order were the ones that one saw around the most at the times.
The transparent Atomic Purple Game Boy is the first thing that comes to my mind, and I never even owned that one lol. I had an OG green brick and Pokémon Silver model.
Yeah I had solid purple and always wished I had atomic instead 😭😭😭 oh well, when you're that age you'll take whatever your parents give you!
Atomic purple is the one I had because it was the first version and the only color for a while.

I wish I still had it. I don’t know what happened to it or our first generation Advance.
If you had the transparent model you were the coolest kid in your school/street. So yeah I had the neon green one :) I eventually got the Pikachu model and gave out free Pokemon/master balls with my gameshark so I became the cool kid for a little while.
Damn, this thread has me wanting to feel a Gameboy color and play hours of Pokemon Silver and Links Awakening.

Donkey Kong 94' was an incredible Gameboy title as well.

I had a lime green Gameboy color if I remember correctly.
It launched in the five colours in the 'COLOR' branding, but Purple was the main one of that era for Nintendo branding, and this continued to the GBA and GameCube too unfortunately.

Also well done OP, Game Boy is always two words. So many people write it incorrectly as one word for some reason.