Which member had the best exit on GAF Or: A Very Happy GAF History Lesson

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Jul 7, 2009
Shurs said:
After some girl posted about her tits for the 500th time, he pointed out that she posted about her tits for the 500th time.
You know damn well he was not simply banned for that. He was banned for being a rude prick about it.
Dec 6, 2009
Jbaird but there was a guy who posted pics of all the Mods on a thread and then added gay porn right after. Anyone one remember who it was, particularly the name of the thread this was 2 years back btw.
Jun 6, 2005
CHEEZMO™ said:
The only true answer.
Hilarious pic too.

This sounds interesting.

More info?
Hitokage has a nice summary from a thread in 2007

Hitokage said:
As somebody who had direct involvement in the Kitsune affair, let me give the main points:

- john_tv messages me on IRC that he suspects that Kitsune isn't what he claims to be.

- I dig into his IP records on the forum, and while at one time his posts did come from Japan(IIRC), they changed to those out of california yet throughout this time Kitsune maintained he was in Japan.

- I give my findings back to john_tv and IIRC a couple other mods.

- EviLore makes findings public.

- Kitsune loses capacity for rational thought.
And here's the legendary final post:

Kitsune said:
Alright, I'm sick and tired of this.

But this isn't for you, not any of the gossipy muckety muck gutterfucking cock jockeys who can't mind their own business and thrive on people's controversies when they've done nothing to deserve them.

Whoever brought this out, I'll let you have your satisfaction: whatever you tried to do, you succeeded royally at messing up my real life. Go ahead and smile or whatever it is inhuman jackasses like you do. It won't change the fact that I know exactly who I am and I don't really care if anyone else doubts it. It matters not one bit when nothing changes for the reality of me: one Japanese guy living in Japan.

That's the last thing I have to say the GA Forum.


But this.

This is for you.

I know you're reading this. I also know you can understand this. I still don't know how you got all this information, but I'll find out. I admit I don't know how someone could be so damn screwy in the head to go through all the effort you've gone through, especially over me.

But that doesn't change the fact that on top of that, I know who you are now. Yeah, go ahead and shake your head like I'm bluffing. You know in the depths of your nasty, mean little heart that I'm telling the truth.

You'll find out soon enough what the consequences are for doing what you've done to me over the past year and a half.

There's going to be no more fear, and no more harassment, at least not on my side. I'm going to live normally again no matter what you do.

I'd just like to let you know that's nothing changed in the last ten years. Oh yes. I've grown up and gone to live in the US and come back here and all that, but I'm still just as violent and cruel as you remember. If anything, I've only gotten stronger.

If you do one more thing to me...know this: no one will be able to hear you scream. And I won't make it quick.

And if you think you can use this for evidence, well you know now that what used to be your strength is now your weakness: no one will be able to track it to the real me.

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