Why did you buy an Xbox this gen?

The games going to PC has never bothered me, never been much of a PC gamer myself, didn't hinder my experiences of the likes of KOTOR, Mass Effect or Gears one bit in previous generations so I don't see why it should now.
It’s mostly something that Sony fanboys think is a deficiency. On the contrary, since Xbox doesn’t sell in Earern Europe and Asia where PC is arguably king in many territories, it opens up selling their games there. It helps keep Multiplayer healthy with a bigger user base, and most importantly, the vast majority of console gamers have zero interest in spending $1000 on a PC and hundreds more maintaining its performance every few years. They want s box they can stick under thr TV that just works. Thr only real downside is losing the chance to re-earn achievements like you could with GFWL.

I have an X, I have a VR capable PC. I have a PS4. Thr latter gathers dust because the exclusives don’t interest me for the most part (Yakuza, Spider Man, maybe Detroit current exceptions),I hate the controller, PSN sucks, and the OS is blah. My friends are on Xbox, and while very few of the exclusives (in thr adult world, exclusive means “not on the competition”) thrill me there either, the only thing that really pisses me off is the indies who promise the Xbox version is mere days behind PS4 and a year later they’re cancelled or just vanish (Night Trap, strike Vector, looking at you). The reasons for thr parity clause couldn’t be clearer. SV took tens of thousands in promotional favors from MS, being featured at their booths on top of free dev kits and support and never delivered because the game didn’t sell on PS4. Parity clause enforcement roulette have made them finish it, but because the public has declared getting return on investment in tiny fly by nights the work of Satan, they’ve backed off on that. Porting between these systems isn’t thst hard kids.
What do you want me to explain? I find it hard to understand why people buy xboxes when all their games (and exclusives) are on PC and all the multipats are on PS4, along with great exclusives of their own. The xbox controllers work on PC too.

I understand why people bought xbox 360s back then. There were many great games only on the 360 and some multiplats ran better there, RDR being the prime example.
I sitll don't understand why it's hard to comprehend that gaming on a PC isn't the preferred method by many.
This question is somewhat ignorant. Why would you buy a Switch, or Ps4 or gaming P.C.? Simple answer is cause you wanted too.

Every time I hear xbox games are on P.C. so why would you buy an Xbox, I cringe. I haven't had a P.C. in like 5 years, and when I did it certainly wasn't built to play videogames. Having a gaming console in My opinion is just easier. Don't have to worry about requirements blah blah and blah. Turn the t.v on and grab the controller and play.

I chose xbox because that's where I played a bulk of my gaming last generation and I like the Microsoft eco-system and games.

I owned 4 ps2 games 3 of them were Dragon ball Z games and FFX. Owned maybe 5 ps3 games, Uncharted 3, Last of Us, Castlevania Lord of Shadows, GT:5 and Deus Ex Human Revolution. Yet I have about 60 xbox 360 games and maybe 60 Xbox One games if we're counting downloadable games.

At the end of the day it's all about preference.
Bought one for Halo 5 and Gears 4, and because a bunch of my coworkers are on Xbox.
Halo and Gears didn't end up keeping my attention like I thought it would but I ended up liking the xbox more than the ps4 due to being quieter (my ps4 was semi-loud) and because of Back Compatibility (I play old games just as much as I play new ones).
Because I’m addicted to halo, love the controller, love Xbox live, love BC, am patiently waiting for a new Viva Piñata, and have never really been into Japanese developed games outside of Nintendo.
I buy every console each gen and I'm a fan of MS IPs, although this might be the first time I skip one in the Switch.

I bought a Xbox One because :
- I hate exclusive games. On Xbox it's easier to chose the games I buy, because there are less of them.
- I don't know how to start a PC and I'd be scared if I had the best version of games
- I wanted to pay more and get less
- Kinect
Keep fighting the good fight 👍
The PS2 is highly revered by many, "the king" and all that stuff. I spent a lot more time on Xbox, GameCube and Dreamcast tbh. Different tastes and preferences.

I don't mind games going to PC, don't feel undervalued or anything. Only thing I would like MS to try is to put the sequel factory stuff on hold for a little while with most of their studios and make new IP. Would love to see it at some point.
For exclusives like Halo 3 (MCC), Halo 5, Crackdown 3
what's taking them so long?
, and Scalebound ;( . Sold it a while after because of the exclusives drought and bought PS4 games.
Speaking of Forza. I'll be picking up Horizon 3. I've heard great things about it. The patch also comes out on January 15. 4K 🤤
yeah got forza 3 begging to be played on 4k.
fyi the 4k version on pc runs like hot garbage,

so this will be the best version
- I don't have a gaming PC and a decent one would cost me more than what I paid for an Xbox.

- Most of my friends play on Xbox.

- I like Halo and it isn't on PC yet.

- I am already invested in the Xbox ecosystem so why switch if the differences were so small?

All this being said I typically buy all 3 consoles but I may be skipping Sony and MS the next go around and building a PC. I don't really play most mainstream games anymore though. I may be able to just have whatever Nintendo puts out and be content. My time is so limited nowadays it works out.
I'm a console only gamer and the xbox had the games I wanted to play. I play mostly shooters, sports, and racing games. Sports are kind of a draw between PS/Xbox as almost all are multiplatform. However, the lineup of racing and shooter games is far better with the Xbox IMO.
-Xbox has the best controller.
-I play mostly online games - xbl is the best online service.
-All my friends are on xbox - having multiple friends with up to date gaming PCs is a pipedream. PC communities either die fast or are next to non existent for most games I play anyways.
-Halo is still the best competitive online shooter by miles.
-Backwards compatibility is amazing - being able to use the discs for games I bought years ago only now they look and run better.
-Everyone talks about Sony's supposed amazing exclusives but they are all single player games which I am not interested in. Ill take Halo's multiplayer over any of them. I own a PS4 for Bloodborne, FFXII, Assault Suit Leynos, and wild Guns. Thats it. Those are all pretty much one and done games. Multiplayer is where I game these days and it aint with Playstation's second rate controller or online service.
Cause I don't want to fiddle with settings and prefer larger online communities.

I have a decent PC too (i7-870 and a GTX 970 4GB) that can run most games decently at 1080p.
Kinda seeing a trend here.

People are lazy and would prefer to opt for an inferior experience even if they own a much superior box.
Sorry, but gaming doesn't need to be the thing that your life revolves around for most people. It's not "lazy" to not put as much time, research, and energy into buying the highest end experience.

If I play games to relax, why stress myself out finding the absolute best setup? Xbox works fine, millions of people have tons of fun with them, and missing out on a few titles or some higher framerates isn't really gonna bum them out that much. Comfort, familiarity, and ease are huge selling points. Many brands in many markets build themselves around that concept. Why is that so hard to get?
I needed a console for PvP shooters. I chose an XB1 because...

1. I had a 360 account/profile that was 10 years old and I wanted to keep that history going with my new games.

2. I like the XBL environment. I've never taken a Playstation online, but I heard it wasnt great (during the PS3 era, at least).

3. I watched a Gears of War 4 review on youtube, remembered how fun Gears 3 was and went and bought my XB1.
The simple answer is Xbox Live. The best way to experience Xbox Live is on an Xbox. Some (maybe most) of the experience is on Windows but it doesn't feel the same. From Achievements, to the unified account experience (purchase history), social tools, and even the community including friends (even though it has its flaws) - I think it is a great.

To the games argument. My backlog is ridiculous. I have never turned on my Xbox and gone - welp...guess there is nothing to play.

The reason I chose Xbox 360 to PlayStation 3 is a long and complex story that goes back to 1990. I'll leave that for some other time.
My group of friends and I played together for years on 360, and we carried over to the Xbox One. Most of the multiplayer franchises we played last gen carried over to Xbox One on this gen.

If anything, I only own a PS4 for exclusives, but do the majority of my gaming on Xbox One.
Xbox Live
MS games like Gears, Forza, Halo
Other than OGX1, always best console for 3rd party games.
Controller is best in gaming
As an American, I support American companies when possible.
Sony is a garbage company and have had too many issues with their products and received the worst customer service.
I'm not interested in PC gaming. Been there, done that, not tinkering constantly just to play a game.
For the same reason I have an Android phone and tablet. Accessing content on one of those devices does not mean I can't enjoy it on the other. Same goes with Xbox Play Anywhere. I really like having the ability to play games at home on my XB1X and pick up where I left off on my laptop when traveling. I wish Sony allowed that.

Other reasons I prefer Xbox - a better controller IMO, a better network and bad experiences with the PlayStation online community. I have only turned on my PS4 for four games this year. Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport (which I deleted after seeing how little content there was.)

Sony doesn't make many games that interest me and when they do the PlayStation userbase tends to piss all over those games. Sony doesn't give me any reason to buy third party games on their console either.

Now I have a question. In this day and age our digital media is carried with us. We can watch movies, listen to music or read a book at home and when we leave we can resume our media exactly where we left off. Why shouldn't we be able to do the same with our video games?
Ok, I've read all the replies so far (btw i'm the OP), and it seems it all boils down to the following reasons, ranked from most frequent to less frequent:

Reasons to prefer it over PC:
  • Don't want to tinker with PC configurations + easier/faster interface (put game > play)
  • Xbox Live is a better service + friends are already there + online games live longer on Xbox Live
  • Some have their whole Rock Band songs there

Reasons to prefer it over PS4:
  • The controller is better
  • Forza, Gears, Halo
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Don't like japanese games and/or sony exclusives

Seems plausible now, specially the "not wanting to tinker with pc configurations".

As an American, I support American companies when possible.
I can completely relate to this (all my pc monitors are made in my country). Weirdly enough, that's the main reason why it didn't sell in Japan.
Every game on the Xbox is on PC.

Playstation 4 has all the third-party games that are on the xbox and has its own exclusives.

If you bought an Xbox console, why did you buy it and how much do you use it? This sounds like a typical console war thread but i'm honestly curious.
If you were curious, you should not have started with that line....

When I got the X1 day one, Play anywhere was not a thing. I got it because of Halo, Forza, Gears, and I liked the ecosystem.
I have a 4K capable PC and an Xbox One X but I prefer to play on Xbox One X.

I hate fiddling with graphics settings on PC.
I like Xbox Live and Achievements and physical copies if i ever want to sell them later.
The backwards compatibility library is great.

Not interested in messing with the Windows Store.

You load a game on a console and it works. 4K, HDR, no worries it all works like it should. With PC I always end up with problems and have to figure things out to get them to work.

I like PC for VR, MMO's, emulation, mods, pc exclusives, and even for replaying games at a later date that I've already been content with on consoles.

I just don't like trying to stay on the cutting edge with PC gaming and prefer a console to force a standard to be optimized for.

To really ruffle your feathers,
I prefer RTS on console. ;)


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Every game on the Xbox is on PC.
I'm guessing you are talking about Play Anywhere games on Xbox/PC. What you have to understand is that you buy once and play of both platforms. If you only have a PC you will still get an Xbox One copy of that game. If you never get an Xbox your copy of that game will still be there on XB Live waiting for you. You can pick an XB S for $189 for an extra room or even a relative and share those Play Anywhere games with them. Only fanboys try to spin XB games on PC as a negative. You're not paying for another copy. As a matter of fact you would get more value out of the game by have it on XB and a PC.
Because I own a 4K TV and was extremely disappointed with the PS4 Pro. Not only is it missing features and performance, but it also had that annoying black screen flashing issue that was never fixed. Plus, PS exlusives have been consistently uninteresting to me.
i got it to tide me over before I built my current gaming PC.

I bought GoW4 and Forza horizon 3 in the online store so I could play them on PC later.

Also forza 6, cos thats the only way to play it.

Now I have my gaming PC my xbone s is literally just a media center.

Looking back I should have got a ps4 pro
Mainly the exclusives. Halo, Forza Horizon, Gears and the others were enough for me to keep it. BC is nice but overall, I still prefer using the PS4.
I like Ryse and I wouldn't wipe my arse with a DS4. Pretty solid reasons to me.
So you suffered through the first couple years with one of the worst OSs on a major platform because of the exclusivity of Ryse, which most here would probably say is the thing they would wipe their ass with, and a controller which wasn't as good as it should have been (poor bumpers, overly loose sticks until the S revision)?

I'm sorry but I just can't understand anyone buying the Xbone near launch unless you are a Forza fanatic...now, when TF launched and there were hella deals to be had because the console was getting schlacked...that was a DECENT time to jump in.
Family gifted me an Xbox One before Microsoft announced the Play Anywhere program, and Sunset Overdrive never got ported to PC.

Then I traded that in a few weeks ago to get an Xbox One S during Black Friday. Mainly because the price difference was nothing, and I wanted a 4k Blu-ray player for my new Sony x900e TV.

Why the PS4 Pro doesn't play 4k Blu-rays is beyond me though.

So 4k Blu-rays, Sunset Overdrive and some very appreciated backwards compatibility with 360 and og Xbox games are the only reasons I have an Xbox now.
Cause sony is a shitty company that will fuck you over every chance they get. Just look at all the BS they pulled since the 4theplayers con job. My assumptions were right about them this gen they have been a shitty anti consumer company since riding on launch hype. Also they didnt have shit for exclusives for several years after launch and nothing worth playing at launch.

No Ea access
No self digital return system
No user name chanfe system
No gamepass

Also sony fans are insufferable idiots no way Id want to play with them online.
Family gifted me an Xbox One before Microsoft announced the Play Anywhere program, and Sunset Overdrive never got ported to PC.

Then I traded that in a few weeks ago to get an Xbox One S during Black Friday. Mainly because the price difference was nothing, and I wanted a 4k Blu-ray player for my new Sony x900e TV.

Why the PS4 Pro doesn't play 4k Blu-rays is beyond me though.

So 4k Blu-rays, Sunset Overdrive and some very appreciated backwards compatibility with 360 and og Xbox games are the only reasons I have an Xbox now.
Because let's be honest, 4K home media is a niche of a niche of a niche. And I say this as a Blu-ray enthusiast
I buy all consoles because I like gaming consoles. But the Xbox has seen the least gaming this gen compared to Wii u, PS4 and Switch.


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I bought it cause all my lame filthy casual dudebro friends have one, and they keep begging me to play with them. Also Scalebound was a thing...

After about 6 weeks with that piece of garbage Scalebound was cancelled, so I sold the console. Picked up PS4 a couple months later and couldn't be happier...
I bought a Xbox One because :
- I hate exclusive games. On Xbox it's easier to chose the games I buy, because there are less of them.
- I don't know how to start a PC and I'd be scared if I had the best version of games
- I wanted to pay more and get less
- Kinect

Douche bag pc master race #2