Wii U Speculation thread IV: Photoshop rumors and image memes

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I think losing IR controls would be a deal breaker for a lot of the Wii userbase. I'd say that nintenod might mandate it as a control method.

I know I won't be getting it unless every FPS uses IR pointing. No way I'm going back to the bad old days.
mandating anything is a mistake

Anyway it'll probably be easy enough to implement so I don't think a lot of devs will ignore it. Alls I know is there is ZERO chance of the uPad sharing the spotlight. Meaning it will not be equal or have greater focus on the wiiU, it will be below the pad.


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How about Wii U Speculation Thread V: The Final Battle?

I suppose Reggie's face could also be worked onto the Guy Fawkes mask that V wore in V for Vendetta, though what would be the tag line? And today also, there are 31 days before E3 (it actually starts on the 3rd of June, though the expo halls open first on the 5th of June). Gonna be a nice month.
We should definitely hold onto this for thread VIII.

Isn't the final month… not May?
Well, this is the final month without solid information :p

So.. any chances we'll be seeing something about Smash bros on this E3?
Unlikely. Sakurai needs to set up everything right now. Project Sora is a very small team and he'll need more teams/studios to create a 3DS and a Wii U version
Well, I'm sort of getting at "final month before E3", but if you want to hold onto it for "final month before November", I can understand that.
Ohh. No, I was thinking June as being the final month. Granted, it's a rather short month, but it's definitely out of the reach of Thread V unless GAF crashes every day this month. ;)

But yeah, I forgot about the whole "number of days before conference" thing equaling a month.
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VIII - Speculation Goes To Hell: The Final Thread.
IX - E3 Vs. Speculation
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80 000 posts so far with only like four actual news. These threads should be preserved for future generations to teach them about the art of speculation.
V - The Final Speculation
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Sorry, but reading your first entry immediately made me think of this.

As long as we don't end up singing "Row Row Row Your Boat"...

Or maybe go for a King's Quest motif. "Abscence (of Announcements) Makes the Heart Go Ponder"?
Well, since we're in the Final Thousand Stretch, here are some updated statistics on the Current Generation of Wii U Speculation Thread. It's definitely been an improvement over previous gens in performance, though each generation's improvement seems to be less and less.

As you can see, very early on in the generation, performance was poor, but posters quickly optimized their activities and have brought this thread to unparalleled levels of speed. There was only really one edge case where Thread The Third defeated Thread IV -- that'd be April 25th, and you can feel free to speculate why that happened.

For what it's worth, we have about 530 posts so far for today. We're running strong for the day, but we were kinda killed a bit by a longish server downtime. At the current rate, we should be done by tomorrow, on day twenty-three.

…I still have no idea why I'm doing this, but I am enjoying it immensely. :D

Wii U Speculation Thread V:V daerhT noitalucepS U iiW
Your title lacks point symmetry!

Wii U Speculation Thread V : ʌ pɐǝɹɥʇ uoıʇɐןnɔǝds n ııʍ
Because I'm bored, I present:

The Big Wii U Multiplatform List

I've said before that Wii U, based on the apparent November timeframe of its launch, should be getting not just extremely late ports, but a version of every HD multiplatform title scheduled for Q4 of this year or later. It's evident that that's not actually going to happen, but the percentage of such titles that are/aren't confirmed for Wii U as of E3 will be fairly telling as to how third-party support is turning out.

With that in mind, here's a list of where things currently stand. I'll plan on updating this on June 5 and doing a numerical breakdown based on the full Wii U software list provided by Nintendo to press. Titles in bold are confirmed; titles that have been unambiguously denied are struck out.

Resident Evil 6 (sorta-denied, but wording left a bit of wiggle room)
Epic Mickey 2 (denied by Spector, albeit with implausible excuse)
NBA 2K13
007 Legends (unofficially confirmed by Shiggy)
Skylanders Giants
Bioshock Infinite (very unlikely, based on Ken Levine's comments last summer)
MoH: Warfighter
Assassin's Creed III
Aliens: Colonial Marines
CoD: BOII (very strongly implied in Treyarch interview)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (very unlikely due to redundancy, unless this has merged with Tekken Wii Successor)
Crysis 3 (denied by Crytek)
Tomb Raider (denied by Core)
South Park: The Game
Metro: Last Light
Rainbow Six: Patriots
Rayman Legends
Hitman Absolution
DmC: Devil May Cry
Lost Planet 3
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (strongly hinted at in multiple Sumo interviews)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
Metal Gear Rising (very unlikely, due to KojiPro's apparent exclusive-only stance on Wii U)
Project Ogre (very unlikely based on Kojima comments, but seemingly far enough off that there's a slim chance he'd change his mind on porting)
Grand Theft Auto V
Star Trek
Killer is Dead (Grasshopper doesn't have dev kits)

I have a feeling I'm missing a few, though.

Current count: 5 confirmed, 4 denied, 4 unlikely, 2 likely, 14 uncertain, 29 total.
I think losing IR controls would be a deal breaker for a lot of the Wii userbase. I'd say that nintenod might mandate it as a control method.

I know I won't be getting it unless every FPS uses IR pointing. No way I'm going back to the bad old days.
I'm already ambivalent at the touch screen controller idea (which appears to be a shambolic, ill focused, GCN controller redux) but if Wii U were to lose IR pointer functionality that would be the end of console gaming for me.


I like this trackball functionality which really does improve targetting and aiming. ie offers a significant, incremental leap foward within existing controller design (although the tech is nothing new).

IBM East Fishkill/ Fab 5 is sampling 32NM now, with planned high volume production this Fall. This is the same location the CPU is being manufactured at. The timeline matches up, plus it's a joint global foundries (AMD spin off) venture. So yes, it's possible.

Like I said though, best to keep your expectations in check and count on 40nm and something maybe half that.
I see
thanks for clarifying that.
I didn't know about this high volume production tho
good to know about it.

And don't worry, 40nm is my bet, something smaller would be a great thing but I'm not holding my breath...
With Nintendo you never know :p
I probably will avoid all shooters who don't give me an IR aiming option. Analog aiming can suck a fat one.
I would most likely take this stance in the end. I'm a lot better now with dual analog controls but I greatly prefer pointer or mouse controls. If Wii U FPS don't have the option then I'll just stick to the PC versions. I keep hoping they'll include a set in the box though just so developers (some who do have a dislike for motion controls) don't have an excuse not to include the option. If it's in the box it's a control scheme open to everyone without an additional purchase. Adding an option for classic controller (bought separately) is okay but I can easily see excuses being made for not adding pointer controls.
Wii U Speculation Thread V: GAF's Last Moments of Sanity.
My sanity is long gone *jumps in triangles while yodeling dubstep titanic backwards*

I had a little idea what WiiU could feature. Nothing groundbreaking but neat nontheless.

Nintendo (and third parties) could offer game guides in the eShop. You could have it displayed on the uPad while the game is running on the TV.

It could show screens to a solution. Imagine having a difficult boss to deal with. It could display hints. When you still dont get it, it could show you a video on how to defeat the boss.

Or it could show you how to jump your way through an insane Mario Universe level. Also via video.

But i don´t want a feature where the game is played automatically. If they just show you in a video then you can learn how to do it yourself.

The ultimate form of a game guide.


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The E3 Meeting Application went online just today: http://www.e3meetingapp.com/

Since I won't be attending this year, I cannot access the service to see the list of attendees. Not that it matters much anyway, but it would be nice to know who will be managing Nintendo's booths. I assume it will be Kit Ellis as usual. What kind of information could be found through this application I don't know, but anyone that will attend could perhaps give a quick rundown of what is listed for Nintendo.
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