Wii U Virtual Console - News and Releases

THIS IS OLD. Look at your actual eShop on your Wii U to see real list.

North America


If you have already bought a VC game before on the Wii, you will get a discount. NES games will instead cost $1.00 and SNES games will cost $1.50.
To achieve this new price, you must have already done a Wii to Wii U VC transfer.
Once done, the eShop will actively show you the new price as well as the words "Discount" shown in the listing as well, even before you go to buy it again.

Are the original Wii VC games playable on the Wii U?
Yes. In Wii Mode, all previous Wii VC games are available within Wii Mode after you do the system transfer.

If I already have a Wii VC game and do the upgrade, will it delete it from the Wii mode side?
No. It will continue to be there in Wii mode, even if you buy it again on the Wii U side.

Will Wii VC saves carry over?
No. Saves do not make it over. You will be starting from scratch.

Why isn't XYZ on the upcoming list? I know it's coming.
Even if we know a VC title is coming, I won't add it to the list unless it's upcoming within a few weeks or we know a specific release date.

The banners are all thanks to Alistair Roo!

Japan List
So four games that were part of the Famicom 30th Anniversary promotion, three games that were part of the 3DS Ambassador program, two games that were rereleased as 3D Classics, and Super Mario World.

Whoever is handling the Virtual Console should be fired immediately. The Wii had a better launch lineup than this. :/
All of that should come out on the first day. They've got to stop with this trickle down nonsense with the VC. Hell its basically a mirror of the 3DS VC.
"Here's a sneak peak at some of the games we'll be launching on the service! We'll be announcing the full launch lineup after a countdown!"

Three Days Later

"The launch lineup is exactly what was in the sneak peak. That's it."
Aaaaaaaaand three of those have been $0.30 before, one is $0.30 now, Excitebike was free on 3DS for a limited time, and two of those given away on 3DS for Ambassadors. So Super Mario World remains for me...
I would have thought they would have gone beastmode with Wii U doing what it is since this is something fairly in their control and all, but I guess they still don't feel the heat or something