Would the Lex Luthor in comics have...SPOILERS

Kidnapped Superman's mother? I just cant imagine it. It goes against everything we know about his character. I think this was my biggest issue with BvS and it totally ruined Luthor for me.

Lex in the comics regards himself as a genius...as someone superior to Superman. Sure he has no regard for human life and isnt above using dirty tricks. But...kidnapping an old helpless woman to use as leverage against Superman? There is no version of Luthor that i know of with any self-respect that would do something so beneath him. Thats something a B-level throw away villain would do, not the greatest criminal genius who ever lived.
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1980s Superman Movie spoilers:

Why would Lois Lane be okay, but mom would be off limits? Is there something about the character in the comics that I'm not aware of?
Kidnapping Lois to get Supermans attention or draw him out is one thing....it's not the same as "do what I say Superman or I keeel your mom/girlfriend muahaha"-level stuff which is what Luthor did in Batman vs Superman.
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