XBONE LEAKS EVERYWHERE: Halo2 HD Nov2014; Halo5/Fable 2015; Crack3 2016, new SKUs...

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So this is 2014's Halo game, right?

I found it pretty damn implausible that a brand new Halo would be out this holiday when we know very little about it.

why? it's only january. there are plenty of games that could be coming this fall that we know nothing about. uncharted, cod, need for speed, etc.
I'd rather this just to have Halo 5 get another year in the oven, It still feels too soon after 4.

They do have all the unused audio from the cut ending of Halo 2 right? I swear I remember Frank O'Connor posting they'd like to do something with it some day.


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I really miss not having Halo on the XB1. Like any other delay if a year makes 5 better go for it, hopefully 2 isn't full price.


Probably for the best over a new Halo as maybe the bone can run a last gen game at 1080p60. oops my mistake (looks at Tomb Raider)


Wow that's dissapointing, the worst halo game is getting a re-release. I hate Halo 2 with a passion and now Halo 5 till next year is incredibly dissapointing.
Halo 2 in the Halo 5 engine

Oh god.

If i remember right, didn't anyone from 343i give a hint that they would like to revisit Halo 2? I think i read something about doing things differently in the campaign and maybe add in the level from the (at that time) jaw dropping E3 demo?


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Let me guess what coming after this generation, Halo 3 Anni?


Halo 5 getting delayed would not be ideal for them IMO.

Do they have any proven major titles for Fall 2014 anymore?


Don't care about Halo 5 (after Halo 4 didn't feel like a Halo game to me).

But damn! I am def interested in a Halo 2 Anniversary version and could easily buy an Xbox One for it.


Halo 5 for this year seemed unlikely anyway. You know there's a lot of work to be done when all they have is some CGI trailer and keep quiet.


A Bone at $400 and a great HD remake of Halo 2 would totally get me.

Wonder if they would do anything to the ending?

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I've never played an early halo game and didn't like 4, is two worth looking at of this is true?

Halo 3 with GWG seemed fun.


The fact that people are willing to spend half a thousand on a remake of a 10 year old game more than any other exclusive should say something
Halo 5 getting delayed would not be ideal for them IMO.

Do they have any proven major titles for Fall 2014 anymore?

None that I can think of. Maybe they are hoping a combination of Sunset Overdrive, H2A, third party titles and some exclusive indie titles will be enough to carry them through the fall? Seems very risky if that is what they intend to do...
Personally perplexed how a remake of a game you can still play (obviously not online) can convince a person to buy a $500 console, but it's definitely a welcome addition.

If I didnt have an XB1 I would have gotten one the day this was officially announced. Halo 2's mp is my favorite of all time. They need to keep it the same just update the visuals.


Delaying halo 5 til next is probably for the best.

People have wanted Halo 2 anniversary for a while, especially the multiplayer. This gives sunset overdrive and quantum break some breathing room.

Most importantly it gives the xbox one a big title for 2015. I think many were suspecting the 2015 title to be gears of war, but that isn't happening with what we now know.


Not interested in buying H2 anni for xbox one, but I'd love to see the Mombasa E3 demo released in some form
Just in case anyone missed it...

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition
Halo 5 beta access
Halo real time show... think Forward Unto Dawn (not the Spielberg stuff)
Someone told me there was going to be an alternative fucking ending. <-- I have zero info as to whether this is legitimate or not
Halo 5 getting delayed would not be ideal for them IMO.

Do they have any proven major titles for Fall 2014 anymore?
They will be pushing CoD like crazy (along with H2 of course with H5 beta and whatnot) but if they are still at 499... I can see trouble.

No way QB is 2014 methinks.


Is it weird that as much as I think this is pretty cool, I'd rather it have been for 360 because that would mean every Halo game was available on one system?
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